Shabby Chic the Swedish Style

by Sannel

In the Swedish homes there is nothing allowed to get too cute, frilly or too feminine. However, a feeling of comfort is very important to the Swedes.

The Swedish shabby chic amplifies a nostalgic feeling of simpler times. A Carl Larsson era in a modern world. It's a country inspired style with provoking new touches. A design that gives a glimpse into forgotten times, long past.

Chest and angel handpainted by Sannel
Chest and angel handpainted by Sannel
Light and Open Spaces

As much as I love the design of shabby chic, there is nothing more I admire than the Swedish version of shabby chic. This version is not so much cluttered and frilly and will emphasize the light and open spaces.

Comfortable and Inviting.

In the Scandinavian homes there is nothing allowed to get too cute, frilly or too feminine. However, a feeling of comfort is very important to the Swedes, as long as it's made in an elegant and tasteful way.

The Swedes like to think of shabby chic being aesthetic and not fashionable. They have adopted this style as a relaxed way of living, that looks comfortable and inviting.

They do like to put their personal note into the design as long as it's not all vintage. The exclusive and time-worn details in the accessories gives an elegant overall effect.

They have a flair of making shabby chic more youthful, more personal and more avant-garde in a warm and airy atmosphere making it feel much like a home.

Shabby chic the Swedish style
Mix and Match of New and Old

The Scandinavians mix their shabby chic with old and modern elements such as 18th century white-painted Swedish furniture with a modern chair, a smart, strict over sized lamp or an elegant bright colored rug displayed under the coffee table. This mix and match of new and old make it so much interesting and vivid.

The interiors are still largely white and neutral colored, with accessories in pillows and table runners, ranging from washed out pastel to rich tones. Large or small mirrors with silver painted frames is a must, as well as photo frames in vintage styles.

Old chipped window frames could be transformed into an art form on the walls, as well as old wooden fruit boxes, which could be transformed into rustic book shelves.

A rustic  shelf
A rustic shelf
Colorful Pillow
Colorful Pillow
Shabby Chic White on White
Shabby Chic White on White
Tea Dye
Tea Dye

What's so great about this style, is that you do not have to spend a fortune on new furniture. You can pick up real nice pieces from yard sales or second-hand stores for a small penny, and recycling them into old shabby chic furniture.


Easy to adopt style

The style is easy to adopt by faux painting using glaze, or by painting, followed by sanding away little of the top layer coat, especially on the corners to show the wood or base coats.

Of course, no shabby chic home is complete without abundant amounts of vintage lace and antique pretty fabrics. To be favored are cotton and linen.  The fabric is sometimes stained with tea to give it a worn look.


Shabby Chic the Swedish Style
A Style That Looks Comfortable and Inviting

Popular in the shabby chic decor, also called cottage style are vintage cotton or linen curtains, chenille bed covers, antique chandeliers, potpourri, vintage clocks and anything with lavender or roses on it. It is mellow, relaxed and romantic way of decorating that looks comfortable and inviting.


The Swedish Shabby Chic

The Swedish shabby chic amplifies a nostalgic feeling of simpler times. A Carl Larsson era in a modern world. It's a country inspired design with provoking new touches. A design that gives a glimpse into forgotten times, long past.


©Copyright 2012 By Sannel Larson.

Shabby Chic the Swedish Style
Shabby Chic the Swedish Style

Thank you for reading!


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Sir Sremmus on 08/15/2012

picky, picky, picky, lol, Quitting smoking is a goal! Look one exclamation points. I have already begun. I only smoke half a cigarette instead of the whole cigarette and my purchases have not increased. (pat on the back :) I am more worried about the meat than I am the cigarettes. And, I'm not really worried.

Oh by the way did you notice at the hub I wrote An Adult View of Self Esteem: The Play that the patient for the therapist is a can of Amy's Lentil Bean Soup - na,na,na,na,na,na (sticks tongue out and sputters) I stopped eating that soup at the first of this year only because they changed my work load. na, . . .did you see my blog. The pdoc and I came up with that idea. I limit myself to one hour to wind down after work writing at it if I want. I'm probably only going to write 1 or 2 hubs a month opening up Sun & Thu. See. I listen to you! :) baby steps.

Hey pretty lady how are your hands? Look at the bottom of my blog. You know I give great foot massages if you need one. I cast a spell a week ago for you. I checked with my mentor and got the 'right' stuff. You are protected, just kidding. Say hello to max. I'm going to write something. ta-ta

Sannel on 08/14/2012

Hello Tim! Sorry for my very late response to your witty comment. I have never decorated a mobile home before but hey, if you can stop smoking I'm sure I can decorate something as challenging as a mobile home, lol!

Sannel on 07/11/2012

Hello Jasmine! I'm glad you enjoyed my wiz. Thanks for your time and kind comment.

Sannel on 07/04/2012

Hi Vincent! I do not really see you like the guy that would decorate his home Shabby Chic. No, you definitely have a more manly flair and will decorate your new apartment with class and style. It's funny, but I had actually pictured your style with lots of black, I wonder why?? ( smile) and silver, with touches of purple, dark red, and/or hunting green. Your words now proofs me right. Your Japanese Sushi sliding doors to your private bedroom sound intriguing, and is there perhaps a welcome sign on the door? In Japanese, wink, wink! Oh, you know I'm just kidding with you, my friend! And I hope Colin will too!!! I would love to sit at your balcony in the company of the two most brilliant poets there is in Canada, and share a bottle or two of red, while we put our imaginative minds together and write poetry, and with that I mean poetry, only!!, Lol! hugs to you from me!

Sannel on 07/04/2012

Hello 2uesday! Mixing new with old in this design is what give its charm. I have blue and white porcelain jugs too, and it add such a nice touch to my Shabby Chic home. I love to fill them with roses in all different colors.Thank you for your lovely visit.

Jasmine on 07/03/2012

Cute style! I see a lot of vintage elements (Italians are crazy about vintage furniture and home accessories).

VincentMoore on 07/03/2012

I love the Swedish look, simple, elegant and very effective. The Shabby Chic swedish style looks so inviting. I to hunt at garage sales and am having fun redecorating my new 14th floor apartment. Although my look is blacks, purples and silver. Lots of plants and my Japanese Sushi sliding doors to my private bedroom adds to the appeal. I enjoy good living, good food, wine and the company of a pretty lady like yourself. No fear I would gladly give up my bedroom and sleep on my couch so you could have your privacy. We could drink cocktails on the balcony and watch the city lights at night. One condition though Colin must be invited to join us, could you imagine the poetry the 3 of us could come up with. LoL

Sannel on 06/29/2012

Hello Angel! I see that you share my love to visit thrift stores and yard sales to pick up items for no money and turn them into beautiful pieces. The whole process of transforming an ugly piece of furniture in to an eye catching item, is so rewarding and brings me more joy than if I should go out and by a new, but very expensive piece of furniture. Thank you for your visit and wonderful comment!

Sannel on 06/29/2012

Hi Brenda! I'm glad to share my love for this design with others. Thank for your time and kind words.

Angel on 06/29/2012

I love the Shabby Chic style. I really like the part about being able to recycle furniture and other things. It is so fun to go out to yard sales or thrift stores and find items that can be turned into beautiful pieces with just a little paint and imagination. Thanks for sharing....especially your great photos.

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