Mesmerizing Tuscan Decorations – Bring Home The Tuscany Charm of Rustic Country Living

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Tuscany brings out the rustic spirit of Mediterranean countryside. Enchanting Tuscan decorations can bring home the bucolic charm of Tuscan country living in true sense.

Ciao e Benvenuto.

Tuscan country style brings to the mind the characteristic of the Italian charm of rustic life style. A captivating country panorama with scenes filled of waving cypress trees, weathered farmhouses, and olive-green vineyards backlit by tawny sun. Tuscany which is built on rural traditions and home grown materials echoes of homeliness, earthliness and a décor that comes from the heart of pastoral people.

Tuscany is famous perhaps because of an itsy-bitsy book called “Under the Tuscan Sun” or perhaps because of the nature that remains unspoiled and untouched. Whatever is the reason of tourists flocking Tuscany, it is true that the country is an epoch of ancient times when the air was unpretentious and pure, the people were simple and the living style embraced warmth and honesty.

Tuscan decorating style is becoming popular because the approach brings the tenderness of Tuscan beauty. Tuscan decor can be as simple as is possible; you can enlighten the patio, indoors and outdoors and give an entire make-over or do it part by part for a small fraction of the house. It looks gorgeous anyway you decide.

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Tuscan Landscape in Your Backyard


If you want to bring Tuscany in your backyard, an all weather urn crafted of durable fiberglass which can withstand the rough weather while giving the natural beauty of the countryside is a great garden element. An exemplary planter that can double as a beautiful garden accent can be placed anywhere in your backyard. An ideal place could be your terrace garden, path-way, garden-gate or in the center of the lawn.

Mediterranean countries like Italy is renowned for its use of wrought iron, no wonder you find surplus adornment and usage of iron in Tuscany decor. These beautiful urns have the antique finesse of a traditionally carved cast iron urn from nineteenth century Tuscan living. Moreover, it is not heavy you can move it as you wish around the patio to enhance the summer appearance of your home garden.

A courtyard laden with pottery urns and the deck embellished in creeping vines is capable of creating the Tuscan effect, even a small fragment of your patio decorated in stone or stucco can create the magic of Tuscany.

Tuscan Wall Murals and Wall Art


Stunning display of wall art with scattered Italian plates in varying patterns and designs looks awe-inspiring on the barren walls. These artistic plates are handmade – a feast to the eyes. You will adore the magnificent, bright colors that can fill your home with Tuscan vibes. The rectangular or the geometric assortment of circular glazed plates can be hanged in any manner vertically or horizontally.

It is relatively easy to hang because it comes in one piece, hence no complicated installations. The appearance is similar to a painting and the wrought iron design brings a rustic charm to the home. The wall art is affordable and available online from Amazon starting from $100 to around $250 approximately. It is certainly capable of grabbing attention from your guests and neighbours.

Tuscan Wall Art on eBay

Your favourite decor with Tuscan style?

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Kitchen, pottery and flower vases
DerdriuMarriner on 10/29/2013

WriterArtist, Nice selection to choose from both indoors and outdoors. The urns look solid, like they would endure, so it's nice to know that they can be moved around without throwing out one's back or knees.

Tuscan Decorations on YouTube

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Have you visited Tuscany?

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DerdriuMarriner on 10/29/2013

WriterArtist, Yes, I've visited Tuscany, and I love the serenity of small town Siena and the bustle of big-city Florence. All of Tuscany shares such a respect for culture, geography, and history that the entire region is a living classroom.
Thank you for "Tuscanifying" Cyberland.

WriterArtist on 09/03/2013

Marciag - Tuscan style is so beautiful that you would like to recreate it in your home.

marciag on 07/27/2013

Absolutely beautiful decor style!

WriterArtist on 07/10/2013

Hi MikeRobbers,
Tuscan decor is stunning if used with matching accessories and designs.

MikeRobbers on 07/06/2013

Haven't visit Tuscany but with these wonderful decorations I can take a taste!

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