Spectacular Art Nouveau Antiques for Home Furnishings – Sculptures, Statues and Wall Art

by WriterArtist

Art nouveau antiques that are a part of this revolutionary movement can give a twist to the home décor. Vintage sculptures and wall art inspired by it can add aesthetics to home.

Art Nouveau reminds us of a page in the history that swept the world of art with a significant impact. Art Nouveau can impart a beautiful change to the home furnishings which at times provides solace to the heart and peace to the soul.

Art has always found itself fiercely struggling to make a staple in the ancient days. Artists with new concepts were not easily accepted and their works had to wait decades to be appreciated.

Art Nouveau was one of such movement that whipped the established art and architecture norms. It created its share of fans and critiques during the period beyond 18th century and the early 19th century when artists across wanted to give this trend a meaningful acceleration.

Though it is known in various different names, Art Nouveau lived long enough to challenge the traditional art and crafts but went obsolete to pave way to the Art Deco in 1920. It is however seeing a new upheaval and modern day art is ready to embrace the beauty and the design style of Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau in Sculptures, Statues and Wall Art


A beautiful sculpture is a stunning way to create an impression of the home, its theme and the taste of the individual. Beautiful sculptures also act as centerpieces and can be placed on a table or hanged on the walls. For wall art decor, use artistic posters, wall sconces or sculptures that can be placed easily on wall. Empty walls can be adorned with paintings from the colorful gallery of Alphonse Mucha’s.

Beautiful, tall vases carved in art nouveau patterns look extremely pleasant to eye. Garden statues inspired by the art nouveau style look amazing as garden accents. Aesthetic antiques are timeless pieces, not only do they give an artistic flavor to the home décor; they can be handed to many generations who can pride in owning those rare artifacts.

Art Nouveau Sculptures from eBay

Art Nouveau Antiques in Home Decor


The focus of this art was to liberate the designs from traditional forte. Aspiring to use the modern techniques, it used a riot of colours that provided a means to relinquish the old dull tones and aimed at the eclectic styles of bright contrasts. Both organic forms like floral patterns and geometric designs of symmetry were used to evolve elegant and fiery patterns. You will find a free flow of hues and sharp contours that catch your breath.

The success of Art Nouveau lies in the fact that it could impact every discipline of art and architecture. You can find beautiful art nouveau antiques in figurines, pottery, paintings, flower vases and jewellery. Stunning patterns and colors can be found in embroidery and fabric. You can even find the riots of colors in lamp shades, wall sconces, and stained glass windows; not to forget the furniture. Now even buildings are inspired by the Art Nouveau patterns.

Art Nouveau on YouTube

Do you think Art Nouveau can be displayed in home?

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Yep - Beautiful pieces of Art Nouveau can be used for home decorations
DerdriuMarriner on 08/12/2022

Me too, I agree that the natural, organic colors, patterns, shapes and styles of Art Nouveau make it cooperative, practical, unassuming aesthetics for home environments.

Tolovaj on 06/22/2013

Sure, the whole idea behind this style is in harmonizing. Where do we need more harmony than in our homes?

MikeRobbers on 06/20/2013

Why not? They are really beautiful. Great article!

Updated: 06/20/2013, WriterArtist
Thank you! Would you like to post a comment now?


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DerdriuMarriner on 08/12/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

In particular, I appreciate your explanation of the novel colors, patterns and uses of Art Nouveau.

Your selection has aesthetic appeal and practical functions. It's easy to imagine -- for oneself or as anniversary, birthday, holiday gifts -- a side table with the dragonfly and lotus vase, another for the enameled sterling silver bowl and another for the Peacock Lady vase in a room with the Alphonse Mucha poster on the wall and the runner on the floor.

What colors and patterns would predominate in Art Nouveau embroideries and fabrics?

Mira on 06/28/2013

It's so amazing how around 1900 everyone seemed to be employing these sinuous lines. Of course, there is also geometric Art Nouveau. Also very beautiful! I can't wait to get to Glasglow.
I also think the jewelry is worth paying for, if you have the money. I wonder how much of it is still around and if jewelry makers still make items in this style.

WriterArtist on 06/22/2013

Hi Tolovaj,
Glad that you find it spectacular. In fact, new building architectures are also inspired by "Art Nouveau".

Tolovaj on 06/22/2013

You are right - it can really be spectacular!

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