Sharpie Marker Art

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All about Sharpie markers, a permanent type of marker that any artist can use in any designs from illustrations to tattoo art to other graphic design work.

Artist Art Markers For Drawing - The Sharpie

Sharpie Art Pens

The Sharpie markers are some of the best art markers out there, although not the supreme master of the medium as the Copics do beat them by far, but still the Sharpie is a permanent range of marker pens that have more than the usual black color with Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and some others which are in betweens which include some solid colors that work well on the paper.

Sharpie marker art as an art form is very cheap but it conveys the ideas well through quick sketching and coloring and they can be the basis of a color proof for a future finished work. There are Artists that primarily just use art markers and I bet that Sharpies are included within their Artist Kits. The ink in these pens is waterproof and fade resistant.

Sharpie ink pens are designed to work fast whilst coloring as they dry quickly so if you want to achieve a smooth blended effect then it is wise to experiment with them first on different types of paper as the thinner paper sucks up most of the ink and bleeds through the surface and the thicker paper absorbs the ink at a slow rate meaning you might have to go over the same area again which could darken the color or make the paper peel slightly from the pressure of the pens tip.


Sharpie Artist Markers

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Draw Quick Illustrations With Sharpie Markers

Sharpie Marker Concept Sketching

Make Sure That Sharpies Are Right For Your Drawings And Designs

Try Out Sharpie Markers First

When first drawing or sketching with Sharpie markers it is always best practice to work out if the Sharpies are right for your drawing. For instance if you are drawing the outline of something you might want to know whether the lines will be too think or the whole design outline might be best off inked with a fine gel ink pen and then colored with a set of different color Sharpies.

Because there is nothing worse than drawing a great design in pencil only to ruin it with a slightly thicker more dominant ink line like a Sharpie marker. This has happened to me on numerous occassions as I've been so excited about just getting on with the inking over of the pencil lines that I start to realise I've messed the drawing up. It not only is frustrating but it wastes time as you might have to re-draw the orignal drawing if you can, so be prepared and try out the Sharpies beforehand before working on your masterpieces.


Another Sketch With Sharpies

Sketching With Sharpie Art Markers

Sharpie Art Markers

A Pack Of Sharpie Pens - The Fine Point Markers Ideal For Inking
Sharpie Markers
Sharpie Markers
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Sharpie Art Markers

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DerdriuMarriner 4 hours ago

The first sentence to your first subheading, Artist Art Markers For Drawing - The Sharpie
Sharpie Art Pens, alerts us to competitive Copics and Sharpies.

That sentence concludes that "Copics do beat them by far."

What advantages do Copics have over Sharpies? Do Sharpies have advantages absent or lesser in Copics?

onepagearticles on 12/06/2011

Cheers Janet! The sharpies look so vibrant when you color with them, I'll have to do another few videos on sharpie drawings....My Daughter hides my sharpie markers for herself lol!

Janet21 on 12/06/2011

My 10 year old daughter just started doodling and creating pictures using Sharpies this week. She had seen some how-to videos online. And yesterday she asked if I could buy her more Sharpies and I picked a pack up for her today. It has lots of cool colors. :)

onepagearticles on 12/06/2011

Cheers now! I didn't know Sharpie has a Twitter presence but I should have known as everything does nowadays! Every home should have a pack or two of Sharpies!

Ha! lol I should write on mine as my kids keep taking mine and losing them.....

Jimmie on 12/06/2011

My daughter is a Sharpie fiend. Not kidding. She has a huge collection, with her name written on each pen (in Sharpie, of course) just in case hers might get mixed with mine! My mom is always joking about how my daughter can decorate anything with her Sharpies. (Did you know Sharpie has a Twitter presence? Should let them know about this page!)

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