The Best Shin Splint Stretches That Will Ease The Pain

by ered222

A unique approach to cure shin splints by stretching.

Shin splints are probably one of the worst injuries you can get by exercising. They are well known by runners and other athletes because practically each of them have had them at one time or another. But if you do get chin splints there are some things you can do to help ease the pain.

If you ever had shin slits then you know how painful they are.  But if your fortunate to never had them, imagine your shin being in excruciating pain every time you take a step when you walk.  You get shin splits because you usually over use your legs.  Then your muscles around your shin swell up and they become irritated.  Causing an intense pain around your shinbone.  If you have shin splints and are worried, don’t be because, almost everyone has had them one time or another.


Most every runner has had them and every athlete from football players to tennis players has had them.  It is one of the most common injuries in sports and fitness.  Most of the time people get them because they usually are out of shape and your leg muscles aren’t used to the physical exercise. 

So maybe shin splits are good in a way, because they tell you that you have been pushing yourself in your workouts.  But I think there is more harm than good when it comes to shin splints.

Shin Stretch
Shin Stretch

When it comes to curing shin splits, most people say that rest and time is the only way to heal your chin splints.  Rest is important for the healing process to occur, but there are other ways to speed up the healing process, like shin splint stretches.

Shin Splint Stretches For Faster Recovery

The easiest stretch that can help you heal your shin splints faster is the knelling shin muscle stretch.  This stretch will loosen up your shin muscle and it will make the muscle more flexible.  It is the easiest because you basically sit on your ankles.  It may hurt your shins for a bit when you first start this stretch, but as you perform it about 20 to 30 seconds it won’t feel that painful.  After you have down this stretch a couple of times, I guarantee your shins will feel a lot better.

The next exercise is a little more advanced because it involves you to have good balance.  This is also a great exercise to prevent shin splints in the future.  You are stretching the shin muscle and at the same time you are strengthening it.  I usually do ten to thirty of these. 

Make sure you do these at a consistent pace and your not doing them too fast.  If you do them too fast, you wont get that much benefit out of this stretch.

If you don’t think you can do the advanced stretch technique, you can try this exercise.  It is similar  to the advanced stretch, but you are sitting down and you perform it at a much faster pace. 

Perform this exercise till failure and you will really feel a burn in your shins.  There may be a slight pain at first, but push through that pain and it will eventually go away.

Updated: 04/24/2012, ered222
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katiem2 on 04/24/2012

So good to know, thanks for the info on dealing with and relieving shin splints. Can be very painful, this is a great time of year to develop them to as we all get out and about after a long more dormant season.

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