How To Build Lean Muscle

by ered222

The simple techniques I used to help me build lean muscle. Learn how to build lean muscle by following what I did.

Building Lean Muscle has all to do with your diet. If you don't get that right, then you have no hope in building lean muscle. You could, however build muscle, but most of it will be composed of fat, which is not good if you’re going for a ripped look. The more lean muscle you have the more your muscle will show, including your abs.

This is because if there is fat in your muscles, they will just look big; you won’t be able to see your muscles “pop”.  The exercises you do, have little to no impact on whether you get lean muscle or not, it has all to do with the foods you eat and at what times of the day you eat them.  So let me show you the best strategies you can use, so you can learn how to build lean muscle.

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Shirtless Man Is Walking
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Before I get into the diet you should implement, let me just say that if you want to get the best results in your muscle building efforts, it is key that you learn as much as possible about how your body works. 

If you can do that down, you will be ahead of the game in achieving your fitness goals.  And the only way to get the most information about every aspect of muscle building, should be to invest in a course that shows you how. 

The Muscle Maximizer is a program that is best system to learn in the muscle-building category.  If you invest in it, you will begin to reach your goals much faster than you have ever before.  There are so many people who have had a success with this program, and there’s no reason why you can’t either. 

But you if are undecided at this point if you want to go ahead and invest in this course, read on because I have included my diet strategy to build muscle that is lean. 

How To Build Lean Muscle – The Secret Is In Your Diet

I have been working out for over a decade now and as I was just starting out, I did not know anything when it came to the proper diet to build muscle.  I listened to wrong advice from people that were close to me, but whatever technique I seemed to use, it never worked. 

I have read several articles online to show me different tips, ranging form what types of foods to eat and all kinds of supplements I should me using.  But nothing worked for me. 

It wasn’t until I picked up a book at Barnes & Nobles that I learned the diet that worked for me.  If you are wondering, that book is called Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.  In it, I learned about what he calls Occam's Protocol. 

And to be honest, it is the most simplest diet technique I have ever used.  There really are only two things I did differently to my diet that transformed my body, and I only did it for 30 days.  But before I tell you what they are, let me just say that, I was also doing a workout that complemented this diet.  So it just wasn’t the diet, it was also my workout schedule.

The first thing that I did, was that I would eat 5 eggs a day.  I would eat these whole.  The second thing I would do is drink at least 4 to 5 glasses of milk a day.  Now, I know what you are thinking, “Doesn’t that milk result in fat production?”  And the answer is yes. 

But if you regulate your fat this won’t happen.  To regulate it, means to check your body out every day and see if you are putting on more fat than you are muscle.  And if this is the case then just take less milk in. 

Those are the two simple things that I did, it’s simple really.  That was what made me put on lean muscle, but if some reason that you can’t help but put on fat then I suggest you do this.  Continue to implement that diet I just showed you and then after you are done with the diet, usually after 30 days, implement a diet that is low in carbohydrates or none at all. 

This should make you lose fat, but at the same time, keeping the muscle in tact.  This will make you looked ripped.

So, there is my technique that I used and I hoped you learned from this article about how to build lean muscle.  To learn more about the art of building muscle then take a look at The Muscle Maximizer.

Updated: 10/04/2012, ered222
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