The Best Back Workouts For Men

by ered222

Learn the best back workouts for men and you will know how to build muscle in your back, which will decrease your risk to injuries.

Most of what is considered glamour muscles, muscle like your chest muscles, bicep muscles, and your ab muscles are what most men strive to get. But one such group of muscles really never gets mentioned. And the group of muscles I’m talking about is your back muscles. Whether you like it or not, your back muscles play a major role in your fitness advancement and they are crucial if you are trying to get a great looking body. This goes for men and women, although it is more vital for men. Let me explain why.

The most important reason why your back muscles are vital to your fitness goals is because without a strong back, you could potentially have an injury, as you workout your other muscles.  Let’s say you are performing overhead tricep extensions and you are pushing as hard as you can to get the most reps.  

But the last rep you do, you awkwardly jerk your back in a position that makes you pull a muscle.  If you had a strong back this wouldn't happen, but since you ignored working out your back, you are left with a painful back.  Now you must stop working out for at least a couple of weeks so that your back can heal.  That is the first reason why strong back muscles are vital.


The other reason is because of visual appearance.  I know most of you are trying to look the best you can and let’s be honest, that’s why I workout too.  So that's why your back muscles are going to be a major focus for your muscle building efforts. 

The more muscle you can put on your back, the better you will look.  One muscle especially that does this, is your lats.  If you work on these on a consistent basis they will give you that v shape going down your abdomen, which is what most men are going for.

Strong Back
Strong Back
Image courtesy of David Castillo / Fr...

So getting that physical appearance sounds easy, all you have to do is do a couple of back exercises, right?  Wrong.  If you want to get a great looking body that makes peoples heads turn you have to implement every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  That includes your diet, workout schedule, the amount of time you allow your muscles to rest, and good sleeping habits. 

And to get all the information and start achieve your goals the fastest, is to invest in a program that teaches you how.  You need a program that will help you with everything, and will show you what works and what doesn't   It’s much better if you learn, rather than using your own trial and error.  One such program, that many people have had success in building muscle is The Muscle Maximizer.  If you invest in this course it will teach you everything you need to know about building muscle, including the best back workouts for men.  But if you aren't sure if you want to invest just yet, here are some of my favorite back workouts.

The Best Back Workouts For Men - The One I Use

I use this workout to this day and it has transformed my back every time I incorporate it into my workout. 

Barbell Rows (3 sets)

Dumbbell Rows (2 sets)

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down (3 sets)

Dips (3 sets)

This was actually a workout that I found on, which is where you can find more back workouts for men.  If you want the whole workout check this page out.  But if you want to totally transform your body that has lean muscle and you want to do it in the most efficient way, then I suggest you check out The Muscle Maximizer.

Updated: 10/01/2012, ered222
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