Shoe Organizer Ideas

by Jimmie

Take charge of the shoe chaos with these organizers and ideas for over the door and under the bed shoe caddies.

If you love shoes, you have probably faced the problem of shoe storage. Where can you keep a dozen pairs of shoes so that they are not stepped on, tripped over, or piled in a corner? When shoes are in the way, besides being a hazzard, they are also mistreated and end up with scuffs, broken heels, and gashes. Take care of your shoes and tidy up the bedroom with a shoe organizer that suits your needs. 

There are different ways to organize shoes. If you have a spare door, you can use an over the door organizer. If you have closet space, try a hanging organizer. If you don't have a free door or any closet space, what about an under the bed storage set? Each has its own advantages. Pick the one right for you.

Keeping Shoes Organized in the Closet

Shoe Racks and Holders
Organized Shoes in Closet
Organized Shoes in Closet

Over the Door Shoe Organizers

Over the door organizers are generally constructed in two ways -- either with pockets or racks. You can see both types below. 

Pocket Over the Door Organizers

The pockets on pocket organizers are made from either clear plastic or canvas. The advantage to clear plastic is that you can find your shoes very easily with a glance. However, you may not that hodgepodge appearance and may prefer opaque pockets that disguise the contents a bit more.

The pockets also provide somewhat of a dust barrier, keeping your shoes cleaner.

The non-woven cloth type of pockets seem a bit more sturdy than the plastic. But either type can tear if your shoes have sharp heel tips or are extra bulky. Boots are absolutely not going to fit in a pocket organizer. So if you have a lot of boots, you probably want another form of organization. Likewise, if you are looking for storage for large sized men's shoes, the pockets may be too small to accomodate. 

Over the Door Racks

Metal over the door racks are another option. The open part of the shoe rests on a metal loop that holds the shoe in place on the rack. 

Metal over the door racks are good for men's shoes because they generally have a large toe area which works well with the rack design. On the other hand, if your shoes have a small toe area (think dainty ballet flats), they may fall off the rack when the door is slammed or moved abruptly.

This type of shoe rack offers little protection for the shoes, and they will become dusty over time. There is also potential for the metal rack to disfigure the shoe if not aligned properly and left to sit for a long time.

If the shoes you want to store are large or wide, the metal racks may be too close together. A different shoe organizer will suit you better.

Under the Bed Shoe Organizers

If you have space under your bed and bending down is not a physical problem for you, then an under the bed storage solution may work for you.

This zippered canvas bag is light yet provides protected storage for 12 pairs of shoes. The clear top allows you to easily see what is inside.

For larger shoes or short boots, you may need a full compartment for each shoe instead of each pair. Plan accordingly.

This kind of storage is perfect for out of season shoes that can be shoved far under the bed, out of the way of the vacuum cleaner. That is probably why this product comes with cedar inserts to ward off mildew and insects.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

If you have closet space available, a hanging shoe organizer may be a good fit for you. These types of organizers hook onto the closet pole just as your clothes hangers do. 

An advantage to hanging shoe organizers is that there is no bending required as you have for under the bed storage. Another plus is that you can hide the shoes out of sight simply by closing the closet doors.

The models shown below are either canvas, non-woven material, or clear plastic. These kinds of organizers are good for men's shoes because the compartments are a bit larger than other types of shoe organizers. And as a plus, you can store other items in the cubbies such as belts, purses, or scarves.

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AllThingsTech on 01/18/2012

I personally like the hanging shoe organizer. It doesn't waste a lot of space and does the job!

ethelsmith on 12/04/2011

The over the door hanger is a great idea. It means it does not matter how small your home is

Marie on 12/01/2011

This has come at an ideal time as we really need to tidy our growing range of shoes - great ideas here.

samsons1 on 11/30/2011

very good read and thanks for a gift idea for my wife...

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