How to find your lost Keys, Purse and Glasses

by wrylilt

If you just can't find that missing item and you need to go RIGHT NOW, maybe you just need to learn how to find things properly

So you've lost something...

You're just about ready to go on a date or go to work and you grab items at random as you prepare to walk out the door. That's the point at which you suddenly realize you've can't find something - and chances are it's an important something!
Whether it's your wallet, your keys or your phone, losing something important is never fun. Even if you have a vague idea of where you originally placed the item, the rush of adrenalin you get when you realize you need to find said item in two minutes flat can actually cause you to be counter productive.
So before you rip your house to shreds in a hunt for that one thing you need to make your night perfect, STOP and read through some of the following hints to speed up the search.

Think First

If possible narrow down the areas it could be such as, for instance, the kitchen and the bedroom. This way you have a definite goal to work on and you won't be wasting search efforts in locations that won't yield results.

Chances are that if you barge right into the search without taking a moment to reflect on the situation, you're going to end up looking in the wrong place and destroying something in the process.

So sit down, think for thirty seconds about when you last remember seeing the item and then try to plot where you could have left it.

When you're stressed and agitated, something that is right in front of you may not be obvious. Take a deep breath, sit down and think about it calmly and rationally. It will save you time in the long run.

Sometimes something can be sitting right in front of you.
Sometimes something can be sitting ri...
Ask Someone

I'm sure that's a rule that's been repeated to you ever since you were a child - if you can't do it ask for help. Use team work. There are several reasons why asking someone can help you find a lost object:

  • If you ask someone else who lives with your or stays at your house where it is, chances are they could have seen the object in passing but assumed you knew it was there.
  • A new pair of eyes and a different brain will think of different places to look.
  • Two people will halve the search time if you work methodically.
  • Chances are that if you can't find it, someone else misplaced it.
Look Where it's Supposed To Be

The first and most important place to check when searching for a lost item is the location where it's meant to be. This is important for two reasons:

  • You may have placed it back there or someone else in the house may have returned it to that spot without you realizing or noticing.
  • If it's a small item, it may have fallen behind something in that general location. For instance if your phone is meant to be in your bag it may have fallen in a hole ripped in the lining. Or if they keys are meant to be on a hook on the fridge they may have fallen off an accidentally been kicked underneath the fridge.
Clean as you Go

An important rule is to not throw things at random. If you're house is a bit messy (and whose house isn't?) start picking up as you go. 

This has a two fold effect:

  • Your house will be cleaner and items will be in their right spots, making the lost item stand out more if it is in that room.
  • If the lost item was lying in a place where something was thrown or fell on top of it, you'll find it a lot faster.
Updated: 06/05/2011, wrylilt
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ExploreDecor on 12/26/2011

I lost my keys in the lining of my purse. Searched until I was buggy. I didn't know there was a hole in the lining. I hate to get a new purse because I really like this one and I haven't had time to mend the hole. Now when I lose something that I know is in my purse, I check the hole first.

Jimmie on 06/01/2011

I say a prayer and if I can't think of it, just try to forget for a while. Normally the realization will come to me when I'm NOT thinking of it.

tandemonimom on 06/01/2011

A deep, calming breath can be the best assistance in finding things sometimes!

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