Simple Spiritual Messages

by blackspanielgallery

Spiritual messages can be inspiring, and be tolerant of others whose beliefs differ with the one who has made the message available.

For a person of faith there is an inclination to share beliefs with others, but that can be awkward. There are three approaches that could be taken. Not every approach is suitable for every situation.

First, one can preach or even argue. Preaching is best left to the clergy. Arguments are usually counterproductive, in that they too often drive a wedge between the parties, and nothing is really shared. Herein lies a path that most of us are well advised to avoid.

Second, one can write scholarly pieces. The writer can be quite effective, but only if that writer has adequate knowledge of the subject matter. When the writer does, as I have witnessed here on Wizzley, the work can benefit the reader. Alas, if the writer has meager knowledge of religion there is a clear danger of heading into heresy. So, for most of us this is an area we should enter with great caution.

Third, and the subject of this piece, is making available simple, inspirational pieces with words and art. The words can easily be found that are safe and devoid of any hint of heresy.

The Zazzle Platform

Inspirational images and words on Zazzle can reach quite a few people.  The words can overlay the image, and the two work in a cooperative way.  

Inspirational Art

I find that there are images in nature that can be quite inspiring. 


One powerful image is that of crepuscular rays, those streaks of light that seem to fan out.  Yes, there is a simple explanation for crepuscular rays, but sometimes knowing too much lessens the awe of the beauty of the phenomenon. 


Another powerful image is the way the sky lights up at sunset, and each sunset is different depending on the clouds present.


Still another image worth considering is a scenic mountain of stream view. 


I have used images of such things on Zazzle.

The Words Above

Seeking God the Father,

Being Led By the Son;

Guided By the Spirit

The Three of Them Is One


An Unexpected Comment

I have an image of a mountain stream with a simple message over it.  I intended it to show God’s work in creating such beauty as mountains and their streams.  Yet I received a comment in which the person who viewed my image said it was well chosen because of the inclusion of water.  I had missed that point, but as is often said what is art is how one views the piece.  The water imagery is a valid way of viewing the piece, so it is enhanced in its ability to inspire more than I had imagined.


Words Must Fit

Zazzle has a multitude of products.  Longer pieces might look fine on a piece of wall art, or on a coffee mug, but be too much to fit on a magnet.  Shorter phrases can work on a magnet, but might get lost on a piece of wall art. 


Another way words must fit is for the audience.  Some phrases are clearly Christian in wording, others have a wider appeal.  Of course it is fine to present a Christian saying, since those pieces may be ignored by those who are not Christian.  Avoiding a piece of art is not invasive, but arguing can be.  Hence, simple pieces with messages can do more than engaging in an argument.

Sharing Your Message

Coffee mugs can be found in a variety of places, and each time one is read your message has been spread.  Wall art is more restrictive, for it is most likely to be displayed in a home.  The audience is smaller for wall art than for coffee mugs.  And Zazzle does make shirts, which can take your message far and wide.


So, with a few Zazzle pieces one can spread inspiration while exercising tolerance of the views of others.

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Updated: 12/06/2016, blackspanielgallery
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Veronica on 12/07/2016

Sheila M ...what a beautiful comment.

To me, passing over the simple message of waiting for the light in Advent for Christmas is like reading the end of the book without what reading what comes before. You are right ; we enjoy Christmas more deeply with a beautiful Advent before it.

blackspanielgallery on 12/07/2016

Yes, if we are open to seeing beyond the obvious. Thanks, Frank.

frankbeswick on 12/07/2016

Visual images of the beauties of nature can produce moments in which, to use the words of Dr Ian Ramsey, late bishop of Durham, "The penny drops." By this he meant that certain statements or images lead us to see a different angle on reality in which a spiritual dimension of the world is disclosed.

blackspanielgallery on 12/07/2016

It is a simple way of getting a message out. Mine also sell very rarely, but having them viewed is a positive thing. Using Wizzley makes them visible, even if no one buys them. For this line of products it is not so much about earning from them. If you also have such items why not add them on a Wizzley page?

sheilamarie on 12/07/2016

Putting spiritual words on items for sale at Zazzle is a good idea. People often seek out such products. I have a few that sell once in a while. I think those who buy them are getting products that support their faith and that they want to share with others.

Veronica, I value those Advent celebrations as well. Preparations for Christmas often try to squelch out a very beautiful and reverent season that helps us experience the joy of Christmas more deeply.

Veronica on 12/07/2016

Frank is a genius in his area of knowledge and I am immensely proud of him. He himself would openly admit to having no knowledge in certain areas though.

I have just come home from leading an afternoon Advent Service of Light , a quiet ,simple reflection during the madness that should not be pre-Christmas. It was well received.

frankbeswick on 12/07/2016

I have journalistic training, having gained a diploma in journalism, but I think that the writing of larger articles comes from having studied and thought seriously about what I have read. But you notice that there are areas that I do not write about. I could not write anything long or deep about clothing or shoes, music, dance, theatre or film. I write occasionally about politics, a subject in which I am interested. I did stand for parliament once, unsuccessfully in 1992.

The key is to write about what you know and love. For me that is religion, walking and gardening.

blackspanielgallery on 12/07/2016

Veronica, this is a way most of us can actually do something, it does not require a theological degree. We can easily identify short pieces, or make them up as the two longer sings have come from me, and use them.

blackspanielgallery on 12/07/2016

Frank, I realize you are one of the few who can write entire articles, but most people have less training in this area.

Veronica on 12/07/2016

How right that is. For people such as myself who have a simple faith it is difficult to explain and I think your simple phrase suggestion is just lovely.

A charming post for Advent. TY and Happy Advent. I LOVE it, every minute of it, culminating in my hoard of ravenous relatives descending en masse on Christmas Eve.

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