Skull Ashtray - Gothic Skulls Decor for Your Home

by Digby_Adams

Skull ashtrays are great home accessories for Gothic or Victorian Decor

Okay so maybe I watched one too many episodes of the Addams Family growing up. This is the only explanation I have for my love of unique and creepy home accents such as skull ashtrays. No, I'm not a smoker. But I do have a love of penny candy which fits in them perfectly! Sometimes near Halloween you can find little candy eyeballs to put in these.

Believe it or not, skull home decor is changing to keep up with the times. It appears that Steampunk style is here to stay. Therefore don't be surprised to see Steampunk skulls available. These skulls will have gears and other mechanical devices attached to them.

Latin culture and the Day of the Dead celebration is also changing our artistic views of skull home decor. Skulls are no longer only creepy, they've moved on to cute. They are now decorated in flowers and bright colors.

There are even skull ashtrays embellished with Celtic knot designs. Display them at your St. Patrick's Day party for a macabre addition to your party decor.

You'll find every style of skull ashtrays available from Amazon. Convenient and trustworthy, Amazon is everything you want in an online store - and there are no clerks rolling their eyeballs and thinking OMG another skull ashtray!

Skull Ashtray W/ Smoke Stopper - Collectible Figurine Statue Sculpture

This resin ashtray has been finished to make it look very old. It's an actual ashtray with three slots and the skull head is the smoke stopper. I'd love these in your home bar area to give it a real bad girl vibe. It's great that you don't realize this is a skull ashtray until your right on top of it. Visual surprises are great fun. Might make you think your own a pirate ship.

Day of the Dead Skull Ashtray

Skull Home Decor Embraces all Cultures
Day Of The Dead Head Decorative Skull Polyresin Ashtray - Purple

So check out this adorable skull ashtray. Day of the Dead skulls usually feature flowers for eyes. These are blue daisies with yellow centers. You'll often see stylized red roses as well. The second feature I always notice is that there is a cross on the forehead. The Day of the Dead is comparable to the All Saints Day celebration held the day before in the United States, so its not surprising that there are religious symbols in their designs. 

The ashtray is 6 inches across and 1.25 inches tall. Black interior really makes the colorful skull stand out. The outside of the ashtray is bright purple. 

Celtic Skull Ashtray or Trinket Box

For that Irish Uncle Who has Everything!

If you're tired of giving your Irish uncle shamrock ties or leprechaun figurines, then give him a skull ashtray with Celtic Knots all over it. Now this is an obvious piece of skulls decor! The top lifts off and you can put your valuable golden shamrocks in it. With smoking on the decline lots of unique ashtrays have been transformed into interesting trinket boxes.

Combine this Celtic Skull Ashtray or trinkbox with a stack of old leather bound books, a vintage copper lamp, and a crocheted doily and you'll ease right into the Victorian era. 5.25 inches long x 4 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall.

Steampunk Skull Ashtray or Trinket Box

Unique Gift for the Sci Fi Fan

Seampunk literature is a subset of Science Fiction set in a time when steam ruled the world - usually the Victorian Era. It always involves fantastic experiemental machinery, such as you find in a Jules Verne novel. Television watchers who remember the show Wild Wild West could consider that as steampunk as well. The Steampunk Skull has many mechanical components that might remind you of the Star Trek Borg. (Yes, maybe I do watch too much television!)

The Steampunk Skull Ashtray or Trinket Box measures 7.5 inches long x 6 inches wide x 6 inches tall. If you're reading a Steampunk novel for your book goup, then this would make a superb centerpiece combined with Science Fiction books, chains, and pocket watches. Old World Charm meets Science Fiction is the way to think of it. And right now it is a very hot trend.

Skull Ashtrays are not JUST for Halloween

Don't you dare keep these in he closet until October! If you let your imagination wander a bit, you'll find just the right spot in your home decor for one of these. And there's a skull ashtray (or trinket box) for everyone one your Christmas list. (Valentine's Day - maybe not....)

Would You Give Your Mother a Skull Ashtray on Mother's Day

Unique Gifts for the Mother Who has Everything
Updated: 02/21/2015, Digby_Adams
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chefkeem on 06/21/2011

Skull ashtrays? I there a more symbolic pairing out there? Love 'em!

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