Skull Biker Patches for Men

by Digby_Adams

Edgy and artistic skull motorcycle patches for guys. Skulls are wrapped in wings, flames and dressed like pirates. Full of attitude and affordably priced.

If you're a biker, you probably have a denim vest or leather jacket that's covered in biker patches. Skulls are often part of these patches. Here's a great selection of motorcycle patches that have skulls incorporated into them. They are high-quality embroidered patches that feature skulls surrounded by flames, guns, wearing a cowboy hat and waving the American flag.

Biker patches make great Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, Father's Day gifts and are always welcome for a birthday present

Death Before Dishonor Skull Biker Patch

Winged Skull Patch

Honor means a lot in biker culture. The message Death Before Dishonor will resonate with most bikers. This 5-inch square skull biker patch that features that sentiment in a banner below a skull flanked by wings. There are three knife blades sticking through the skull. The overall patch is black and white, shades of gray and a few deep red accents. it would look great on a black denim jacket or vest. 

Speed Demon Skull Biker Patch

Red-Eyed Demonic Looking Biker
Leather Supreme Speed Demon Red Eyed Skull Embroidered Biker Patch-...

Totally fierce skull biker patch. Vintage red goggles with the word Speed Demon in yellow. Of course the red eyes are the main focus of this patch. The nose and jawline also have red highlights. This is a biker patch filled with attitude for someone who truly does like to ride fast. Embroidered patch that measures 11.5 inches square. Makes an impressive showing on the back of a leather jacket or vest. Iron or sew it on.

Pirate Skull with Eye Patch, Bandana and Guns

Classic Biker Patch Art
Leather Supreme Pirate Skull Eye Patch Crossed Guns Embroidered Bik...

Mean looking pirate with an eye patch and two guns on either side. I love the red bandana that the skull is wearing. It has pirates on it! The detail is amazing. Check out his scraggly teeth. This is definitely one tough due. This skull biker patch measures 11.25 inches wide and 13 inches tall. So it's a piece to feature. 

American Cowboy Skull Biker Patch

Cowboy Hat and Six Shooters Ready for Anything
Leather Supreme Large American Cowboy Skull Guns Embroidered Biker ...

The rugged individualism of the American West is captured in this cowboy skull biker patch. This skull is wearing a cowboy hat and surrounded by his six shooters. He has an American flag bandana around is neck. The patch follows the outlines of the skull, hat and guns. It's a big biker patch. It measures 10.5 inches wide and 11.5 inches high. Detailed embroidery. Iron or sew it on leather or textile. Really a showcase skull patch. 

It's a Good Day to Set Things Straight Biker Patch

Come and Take It!
Leather Supreme A Good Day Set Things Straight Skull Embroidered Bi...

This rectangular skull biker patch features a skull and cross bones. Around the top of the skull it says It's a Good Day. At the bottom of the rectangle it says To Set Things Straight. Look closely below the skull and crossbones and you'll see a small canon. It's flag has a star and says Come and Take It. Fighting words for someone who believes in something. Another showpiece biker patch. This one measures 10 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall. The lettering and edge along with the rustic brown background gives it a vintage vibe. Iron or sew it on. 

Very Creepy Giant Skull

It's the Eyes that Give this Biker Patch it's Creepy Vibe
Giant Skull Emroidered Jacket Vest [10 x 11 Inches] Biker Patch

Well, creepy is an understatement don't you think? Look at the eyes. They remind me a little bit of an owl. The overall effect is of a Stone Aged humanoid. I would think perhaps Bigfoot might look like this as well. Anyways, this biker patch is huge. It measures a giant 10 inches by 11 inches. This is a unique skull design that is very different from most of the others that you find on Amazon. If you want people to notice you and maybe be a little bit afraid, this is a perfect choice. 

Large Patriotic Half Skull Biker Patch

Bikers Love Anything Wrapped in the American Flag
Leather Supreme Subdued USA American Flag Half Skull Biker Patch-Gr...

It is true that bikers are a very patriotic group. They put the American flag on everything and mean no disrespect when they do it. This large skull biker patch has an American flag worked into its pattern. It's not a vibrant red, white and blue, but done in very subdued colors. The somber nature of the patch, I think shows respect for all of the people who have defended this country. In particular those who have died for it. 

The large size of this skull biker patch measures 10 inches wide and 12 inches tall. There is a smaller size that measures 4 inches by 5 inches. 

Updated: 09/05/2016, Digby_Adams
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