Skylanders Cake & Cupcake Ideas

by Tehreem

Jot down some great ideas to help you with a Skylanders themed party

Cake decoration can turn an ordinary cake into a work of art. A decorated cake reflects the concern of the sender and shows that the receiver is special and worth the effort. Themed cake decor is often the highlight of a celebration, be it a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. Decorating cakes and cupcakes has now become an art. Lots of trained professionals play around with cake toppings and fondants to create beautiful cakes of almost any shape and design. Many cultures around the world practice baking and decorating cakes as a part of their tradition on special occasions because it reflects not only the climate of these places but also the priorities and tastes of the people. You can tell that a cake has been creatively designed when you see that it is embellished with fondant accents, roses and other special decorations. Nowadays, it has become easier for moms to bake and decorate cakes of their own choice at home and be as creative as they want to be. Usually the little ones in the house are more concerned about their birthday cake, so, moms need to look up ideas for cake decoration. As the Skylanders game is becoming a big obsession for all kids, let's have a look at a few Skylanders cake and cupcake ideas.

Creative Skylanders Cake Ideas

Skylanders is a popular video game which has minimized the distance between the virtual world and the real world. My neighbor's 9 year old always looks for a Skylanders keepsake whenever he goes out for shopping. From his lunch bowl to his bedroom everything reflects his love for Skylanders. So, for his birthday, his mom decided to do a Skylanders themed cake. She is an expert at baking and decorating cakes and she did a wonderful job as expected. But for all the moms who are amateurs at decorating, these easy-to-do ideas will help you a lot!

The easiest and the prettiest way to decorate your Skylanders theme cake is to do a Portal of Power. Building a portal of power is easy. All you need to do is bake a single or double layered cake so as to resemble a portal, and, put characters on it. You can use edible dough to make your characters but it will not only be time consuming and difficult but will also leave the cake looking unfinished. So, it is better to buy some ready-made characters or use real stand ups to save your time and effort.

You can also buy a pre-baked round cake from a local bakery or store so that you can spend more time on decorating the cake. For decorating the cake, you will need some of the following tools but you can always replace any of the tools with something from your kitchen if you don't have the tool or can't buy one:

  • A turn table for cake decoration.
  • Crimpers.
  • Side straightening tools.
  • Acrylic board.
  • Acrylic rolling pin.

If you want to do something different you can also look for some inspiration from within the game, such as, using a particular character from the game and shaping the cake accordingly. But for this you will need to put more of your time and efforts in both baking and decorating the cake. You can choose any of the characters but most of the kids love Spyro more. You can also use a scene from the game depicting the battle between a giant and a character. You can be as creative as you want to be, but make sure whatever you do matches your level of expertise, so that your finished cake looks as pretty as you want it to be and does not look like a heap of cream and sponge.

There are a lot of possibilities when the world of Skylanders is your inspiration. You only need to think a little and you'll be good to go!


Skylanders Cupcake Ideas

There are many ways in which a Skylanders birthday cake or cupcake can be decorated. The easiest way is to grab some edible cake and cupcake toppers from the Skylanders theme and top your cake with them to create exciting treats for your kid. These cake toppers are easily available in a range of sizes for both cakes and cupcakes. Many of these edible toppers can be personalized with your child's name and age.

There are some officially licensed Skylanders cupcake rings for your party treats. These cupcake rings feature popular characters including Tree Rex, Eruptor, Spyro, Stealth Elf, Bouncer and Trigger Happy. The cupcake rings can double the fun as they can also be used as party favors.

Paper cupcake toppers are another great idea for your party cakes and cupcakes.  You can purchase premade themed paper cupcake toppers.  If you prefer to make your own cupcake toppers, simply print out Skylanders images, print them out onto photo paper and punch them out using a circle or scalloped paper punch.

Updated: 03/03/2014, Tehreem
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