Sleep and Health

by Holistic_Health

Beauty sleep is no myth. Science backs up the fact that when you don't get adequate sleep, you appear less healthy -- eyes, skin, and hair suffer for a lack of rest.

Beauty Sleep

beauty sleepOf couse we look better when we're rested. During sleep, the body has a chance to shed dead skin cells, repair damage, and make new collagen. This is why so many skin care products are applied at night. They work in conjunction with the body's natural processes.

However, more than looking good, sleep affects our health. Without adequate rest, human beings don't function properly. Poor or inadequate sleep has been directly linked to heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and a host of other debillitating health conditions.

Of course, we all have the occasional one-night bout of insomnia. This is nothing to worry about. But if you're routinely sleeping 6 hours a night or less, you're building up a sleep deficit that may likely cause memory problems, weight gain, along with all the the aforementioned health problems. If this is you, it's time to take action before your health really suffers.

Your Sleep Cycles

Primal Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep Without Drugs

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Falling Asleep

It's easy enough to say you should get a full night's rest, but what if you can't fall asleep or stay asleep? There are many kinds of medication that will make you go to sleep, but of course there are side effects like brain fog and nausea. For the long term, this does not seem to be the best solution.

The truth is that many of us have poor sleep hygiene or sleep habits. When we're young it seems we can fall asleep anywhere anytime without much preparation. However, as we get older we must learn new methods of how to let go of daily stress and crazy routines that interfere with good sleep. Primal Sleep is a guide full of ways to help you learn how to do exactly that -- fall asleep and stay asleep naturally.

There are many simple and natural changes that you can make to help yourself get a good night's sleep. Of course you could spend a lot of time researching numerous web sites, purchasing books and magazines, and hopefully gather enough tips to help yourself get some decent sleep--but the good news is it has already been done for you in this wonderful ebook.

It is absolutely loaded with many ways to help you get a good night's rest. You can expect to learn several natural methods that range from meditation and stress relief, to room arrangement and herbs to use in teas and your bath. The ebook is quite comprehensive, but should you not find it helpful, there's a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. 

As you can see there's nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for? Get it now and sleep well tonight. Primal Sleep can be purchased here.

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Updated: 06/26/2016, Holistic_Health
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Holistic_Health on 07/20/2014

Good deal :)

frankbeswick on 07/20/2014

My blood pressure is under control, as I am medication for it, and have been for a few years. Thanks. With being effectively retired, I am able to take rests in mid afternoon now, and this is doing me some good.

Holistic_Health on 07/19/2014

@frankbeswick Chronically disturbed sleep can make your blood pressure go up so have that checked. Good luck!

Holistic_Health on 07/19/2014

@nightbear Sorry to hear that, but naps rejuvenate you too.

frankbeswick on 07/19/2014

Since childhood I have had broken sleep, and it has been sixty or more years years that this has begun happening. It is part of who I am .But I have been ensuring that I get enough sleep during the night and the afternoon. How much difficulty am I in?

nightbear on 07/19/2014

some health problems disturb my sleep. Never had a problem before that. And I do love to sleep. I find I take more naps now.

Holistic_Health on 07/19/2014

@boutiqueshops Another 'benefit' of aging. Thanks for commenting!

boutiqueshops on 07/19/2014

As I've aged, I've had more and more trouble getting enough sleep. This is a great resource!

Holistic_Health on 05/02/2012

@WendyFinn ahhh, middle age is so nice. I'll take a nap over a night out anytime.

Holistic_Health on 04/28/2012

@susanjill I've been thinking about buying one of those mattresses myself once the current one wears out. Thanks so much for your support!

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