Small Energy Efficient House Plans

by lobobrandon

Every tiny thing that you do makes a huge impact, take a look at some small energy efficient house plans that will help you save cash as well as the environment!

Building energy efficient homes – Isn’t it a dream? The simple answer to this question would be a huge NO! Everyone would love to have an energy efficient home but building them isn’t that easy neither is it hard. All you need is time and the right small energy efficient house plans.

First and foremost I can confidently say that over 95% of the people around the world are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and what better way than beginning at home? They say habits start at home, energy saving is a habit as well; therefore, where else can it begin?

Most of us have the perception that it’s expensive to get the right equipment to convert your home into an energy saver. Yes, I do agree but this one time investment will save you loads in the years to come. So, go ahead and begin some research into the various opportunities available. Small energy efficient house plans are really easy to come across and it isn't a dream after all. Once you do this, you could rest assured that your bills would not be huge! Moreover, reduction in stress would also reduce your medical bills.

Graphics done by me
Graphics done by me

Save Water to save Electricity

If you're paying for your water; by using less you're certainly reducing your water bill and also your electricity bill! Take a look at these simple and small energy efficient house plans:

When we first get up in the morning we brush our teeth and we often keep the tap running letting water flow into the drains. You’re not just wasting a precious resource that people are in desperate need of; but, electricity as well.

I’m sure you’ve had to pump up the water into a tank so that it’s available for use, if you waste water you’re wasting the electricity spent in pumping that water and thereby increasing your bill. So, one of the first and most important steps to building an energy efficient home is reducing the wastage of water.

Some more places where water is wasted and cash as well since electricity isn’t free: -

Life depends on every DROP

Washing your car or any other automobile you own – How often do you wash your vehicle? Is it every day, once a week, once a month or scarcer? I agree you have to keep your vehicle clean but why reduce the energy efficiency of your home by wasting water?

Here’s what you could do: Instead of using a hose that lets water run profusely use a bucket and cloth to wash the car it will even look shinier.

Don’t over water the plants in your garden: Use just the right amount and make arrangements for drip irrigation if possible – this will keep both your plants and wallet happy. Growing plants native to your locality will save you lots on water because they're adapted to the climate, soil, the water content and other general conditions.

Having a bath with a bucket and mug:
 Instead of wasting a whole tub full of water, try to use a bucket instead; try it out, you’ll surely enjoy it and suppose you don't you could always switch back to the tub. I’m not saying to do this every day – every little drop counts so save when possible.

You may say the amount that’s being wasted while brushing is negligible but multiply that amount by everyone in your family into the number of times you brush a day and find out the amount wasted per month and you’ll be astonished.

So this is surely a way wherein you could build an energy efficient home no matter whether your house is under construction or already come up.

What would you prefer?

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Energy efficient Plans use the best light bulbs

Compact Fluorescent bulbs consume far less energy compared to other bulbs; therefore, switch over as soon as possible. What’s more is the life of these bulbs is far greater than the rest and hence you’ll have to replace them less often and at the same time you’ll find your electricity bills being reduced drastically. So this is just another small way towards building an energy efficient home. They even emit less green house gases and this could lead to lower needs of cooling if everyone does this.

If possible use LED's, they're highly efficient and last for years! 

Building energy efficient homes - Gain a perk from your government

Utilize small energy efficient House plans and utilize the benefits that your government offers

Use day light instead of artificial lighting during the day. Open your windows and don’t draw your curtains across as natural light isn't just good for your bill but it will freshen up your entire home. If you've got your AC or heater on you could at least open the curtains i.e. draw them to a side so that light enters. Building an energy efficient home seems rather simple now – doesn't it?

If you've got 5 minutes to spare you could watch the video above, there are plenty of simple things that you could do to improve the overall efficiency of your house. Building an energy efficient home is fun and you'll love every step of the way.

Insulation - the biggest enemy!

Insulate your home: - If you need and AC or a heater at home this is the single most important factor. Failure to do this is one of the major roadblocks towards building an efficient home. It’s always better to have extra insulation than losing out because of less.

If your home is well insulated it will keep the air inside at the desired temperature but at the same time reduce the dust within your hose as well as the chances of pesky insects entering is far less. The type of insulation needed depends on area as well; therefore, you‘ll need to find out the best type of insulation for your locality. Insulating your home is one of the best energy efficient house plans as your AC bill would be drastically reduced.

Is your home well insulated?

At times when you turn on your AC or heater, is your home insulated well?

Add Sensors and Thermostats to your home


They may be a bit expensive but placing them within your home will save you loads on cash as your energy bill will reduce drastically. If you have internal cooling or heating systems and are planning on building an energy efficient home; then, a thermostat is your golden compass.

It controls the temperature when people are present at the desired temperature and there are certain thermostats that could be adjusted to go off when you leave home and turn back on just before you enter so that the internal environment is just perfect.


Many of us have porch lights and garage lights and we often tend to leave them on during the nights. But, a simple yet great thing that you could do is replace these lights by sensor lights. There are many types of sensors like daylight sensors that go off when the surroundings are bright enough and others include motion sensors that turn on only when needed – say when you’re approaching your garage or entering your porch. This lets you have fabulous lighting without worrying about wasting energy.

Therefore we see that there are possibilities of small energy efficient houses everywhere you look!

Do you have sensors and thermostats installed at your home?

Each and everyone of us is looking for ways to reduce our bills and the best way to do this is to improve the efficiency of our homes. We do love our very own home don't we? Similarly the Earth is the dwelling place of our home (the home of our home) and if we don't take care of it who will? I doubt the Martians are going to arrive to complete this chore.

Together as a community we need to take the giant leap forward and march towards our goal of a greener and cheaper tomorrow. By making the world a better place we can reduce on our A.C and heater bills immensely; not to mention we'll prefer to spend more time outdoors - which we get very little of these days.

The main point that I wanted to explain was the picture above which took me lots of time to create. It's supposed to be a tree without leaves and it's up to us to make it grow and prosper. The $ sign is an indication that we're not going to be doing this for free; we're going to get plenty of benefits not to mention vast savings as well. So once again its my humble opinion do your part and the rest will follow. There's got to be a beginning - Rome wasn't built in a day - was it?

What's your say?

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I believe we're not just increasing our savings but also helping reduce Global warming
lobobrandon on 08/04/2014

Good Point, also the less we use there's more for others. There are still plenty of places that have a shortage in electricity and other resources. I like the way you say you only buy what you use, it's nice to know there are people who don't waste a lot :) I try my best not to waste, but there's still a lot I should be doing.

cazort on 08/04/2014

I work on saving energy both because I want to save money, and because I want to reduce pollution, not just protecting against global warming but also the numerous other pollutants released during electricity generation, like the mercury from coal-firing plants, or acid rain.

katiem2 on 09/13/2012

I feel we are moving toward the realization that we don't need so much space nor do we need to waste so much electricity. Great housing debate!

Small Energy Efficient House Plans which are well known

This article isn't complete without mentioning the basic rules of energy efficient homes: -

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  2. Turn off your laptop when not in use
  3. Don't keep the TV on when you're not watching and this is one of the biggest contributors to overall energy loss as most people tend to do this.
  4. Use the AC and heaters only when needed - a degree above pleasant isn't going to kill you.
  5. Most importantly follow the methods already mentioned above as well as these pointers. Building energy efficient homes leads to an energy efficient community and most of all a tremendously happy wallet and bank account.

Got some more small energy efficient house plans to share? Let us know, the world would benefit!

Updated: 08/01/2012, lobobrandon
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What do you have to say about energy efficiency?

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cazort on 08/04/2014

Energy efficiency is something I think about a lot. I recently switched to mostly LED lights to reduce my energy consumption. A few other things I've done include turning down the thermostat on the hot water heater, and making an effort to walk, bike, and take public transportation to reduce my automobile use. I also try to avoid buying things I don't need, so I'm not consuming unnecessary resources in society, and also so I can have more money to put towards energy-efficient technologies.

I want to be efficient in everything I do, not just when I'm at home. One thing I love about energy efficiency though is that it pays off--if you make it one of your passions and hobbies, you'll find your pocketbook and bank account will be better off for it!

lobobrandon on 04/06/2013

It would definitely be wise to switch it off when you're not watching, whether you're at home or not :)

lobobrandon on 04/06/2013

A tree house would be amazing, I've never seen one :D

katiem2 on 04/06/2013

I've been thinking I would love to have a fully functional tree house, like those many people live in, it would be my dream home.

lobobrandon on 09/13/2012

Wow! your one of the few people I know who would love to shift into a smaller home :) Well, there are plenty of benefits - less maintenance trouble for instance and definitely it's way easier to convert a small home into something that's energy efficient rather than a larger house - unless you're creating your own electricity using the extra roof spacing etc.

katiem2 on 09/13/2012

When I bought my house I thought, Meh, it'll do for now, but I will get a bigger house one day! Now I think, This house if huge, way to big I want something smaller. I love the smaller houses and am currently working to minimalize my belongings to one day soon move into a smaller more energy smart home.

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