Small Romantic Gestures of Love

by bhthanks

Small Romantic gestures: Small gestures of love, Romantic surprises & Love gestures

Romantic gestures underlie relationships. They show a strong level of affection and consideration. There are no guidelines for what is and is not romantic; rather it comes down to the individual people that are involved. It is important to show your loved one that you care about them, that they are in your mind and that you think about them. All too often relationships can become stuck in monotony and small simple romantic gestures can help to reaffirm the love that two people share as well as to remind each other of the importance of the relationship.

One very simple and powerful romantic image is that of a single red rose. Not only is a single rose relatively cheap compared to buying a bunch of flowers, it also evokes a strong emotional response. Instead of buying a fresh rose, consider an artificial one instead. Giving a duct tape single red rose can be a thoughtful romantic gesture. Unlike a normal rose, it will not wilt in the sunlight or die after a few days. You can hold onto it while you wait for the perfect moment, maybe your loved one has had a hard day at work or perhaps you are sitting together eating dinner. Whatever the occasion, using an artificial rose carries strong romantic symbolism no matter what time of the year it is, and can be the perfect romantic gesture to remind your loved one that they are always in your thoughts.

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Single Red Rose - Romantic Gift

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It is often said that women love jewelry, and for most women, even those that do not admit it, this is certainly true. While many women do not buy jewelry for themselves, or wear it infrequently, there is something very romantic about knowing that your loved one spent considerable time determining what would look good on you and thinking about ways of making you happy. Such a gift, even if it costs very little, can have a strong emotional impact. This type of romantic gesture is enough to make many women ecstatically happy.

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Often when men think of buying jewelry for their spouses, they think of expensive pieces such as diamond rings or gold necklaces, but this does not have to be the case. As the old adage goes, ‘it’s the thought that counts’. Spending a little money on buying your loved one a pretty piece of jewelry such as a sterling silver cubic zirconia pendant is a romantic gesture that is affordable and can be done spontaneously without the need for saving or much prior planning. The cubic zirconia stone is similar to that of a diamond in appearance, and such a necklace has an elegant, refined appearance. What better way is there to tell someone you love them than spending time picking out and buying a piece of jewelry.

Another alternative is a photo frame. It is relatively simple to buy a frame, such as a black wood picture frame, and choose a photo or two that means a lot to both you and your spouse. Romantic photos that bring back good memories of times that you spent together are often a good choice, as they show your loved one that you always think of them, and remember the good times that you have shared.  

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Malden Linear Wood 4x6 Double Black Picture Frame

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