Smart Home Done Inexpensively

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Make your home a smart home that can be controlled via your Smart Phone. This can help with convenience, security, and energy use. And, it is inexpensive to add what is needed.

The concept of a smart home is that you have control of your home from a distance. You can remotely turn lights on or off, and even control other devices plugged into an outlet. In the past this meant having your home wired to a computer, but that is no longer the case. Now, you can make a light switch operable from your Smart Phone. And, you can also use that same Smart phone to control your outlets into which you have plugged the devices you wish to control remotely. You can even control the heating and air conditioning remotely you’re your Smart Phone.

Whether you are controlling your home from away, or simply controlling a television set or a light from bed, having your home become a smart home is worthwhile.

The real advantage is with the items shown here you do not need to make your entire home a smart home all at once, it can be done in affordable pieces, and you can do only as much as benefits you. You can add later is you decide to become more involved with having a smart home.

And, if you want voice activated devices that work with Alexa, they are available for a premium.

Smart Home Light Switch Control

Operate Your Lights Remotely

The lights can now be controlled by a unit that snaps over an existing light switch.  There is no need to add wiring.  It allows you to operate your light switch remotely by your Smart Phone, or the lights can be activated by a motion detector which is part of the unit when you enter the room.


This can add security by remotely turning on and off different lights when you are traveling.  There is no problem activating the unit from a great distance, since it is signaled by your phone.


Lights, especially those located on a different floor than you are, can save you effort.  In fact, if you are reading at night you can darken the room without leaving your bed.


If you have multiple switches together, you may be able to find a multiple remote switch.  They do exist.  

Smart Home Dimmer Switch

Add Romance with a Smart Phone

Smart home light dimmer switches allow you to dim the lights remotely.  You do not have to actually walk over to the light switch to set the mood.  Dimmer switches have additional requirements, and may be more involved to install.  But dimmer lights save energy by using less of it.


Smart Home Outlets

Control Devices Remotely

Perhaps you have set your coffeepot ready to brew your morning coffee.  Perhaps you wish to control something else, like background music from a stereo or a radio.  Whatever the device, outlets can be controlled via your Smart Phone.  The smart outlets are easy to install, just plug one of them into an existing outlet, then go to the next outlet you are making smart.


This is a great way to control holiday lighting displays remotely.  Just use your Smart Phone to turn an outlet on or off.  This plug also can be programmed to turn itself on or off as schedule, or it can be operated remotely.

Smart Home Thermostat

Real Energy Savings

The thermostat controls the air conditioner and the hearing unit.  These are usually high energy consumption units.  So, controlling the thermostat can save energy and money.


This must be wired into wall, an easy task.  It also requires Wifi, but if you have Wifi the thermostat it is well worth considering.


Do be careful when removing and disposing the old thermostat, since many have mercury in them.  

Smart Home Thermostat

Remote Control of Your Thermostat
Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat 1F86U-42WF for Smart Home, Works wit...

Smart Home Security

Camera Surveillance System

A camera system allows you to monitor your home.  The system can be monitored by computer, so if you have a Smart Phone you can check in on your home from a far away city, or just across town.  It also allows you to check your cameras via your Smart Phone if you .can monitor your cameras

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