Smart, Sneaky Solutions for Hiding Valuables

by edstorm

A list of sneaky storage spots around your house for hiding your most precious items.

Someone who breaks into your house looking for valuables is bound to look in the obvious hiding spots – under the bed, inside fake books, in the sock drawer and so on. Instead consider these sneaky hiding spots, and rest assured that the whereabouts of your precious items are known to you and you alone.

Cube drawer

Integrate a sneaky storage spot into your tiled walls (most likely in the bathroom), and turn one of the tiles into a drawer that can be pulled out by clicking it in, thanks to a spring and release mechanism. You can have your own hidden drawer constructed or buy one directly from Droog, the minimalist design company behind this smart and sneaky storage idea.

Behind a wall clock

Wall clockNot even the most cunning of thieves is likely to think of opening up a clock. Most cheap wall clocks can be easily disassembled. If you have a private document, a stash of money or some small jewellery to store, you could fit them easily into the frame of the clock, behind its face.

Faux walls

Although constructing an entire fake wall is more suited to James Bond than the average home owner, it’s not that difficult to use hinges to install surfaces that don’t look like they can be opened on cabinets, bedside tables or chests of drawers. In this way, you can turn what looks like a simple piece of furniture into a smart hiding spot for whatever you want to keep out of sight.

Air vents

Air vent

Most sticky-fingered thieves will want to get in and out of a home quickly, so hiding valuables in a place that takes time and concentration to find and search through is a good idea. An air vent presents just this opportunity – simply take out its screws and pop whatever you want to hide inside. For extra concealment, if the objects are small enough, tape them to the ceiling or side of the inside of the vent, in case the thief thinks to shine a torch through the grating to peep what may be inside. 

Fake pantry items

Fake pantry items are excellent hiding spots because they’re indistinguishable from other pantry items. A thief is hardly going to go through every jar of condiments in your fridge to see if one of them contains a Rolex! These little stash safes are also available as aerosol cans, some even with functioning spray tops.

Storage wall light

wall light storageThese lights make for great storage spots. Someone rifling through your coat cupboard might turn on the light but would be very unlikely to dismantle it, looking for valuables.- 

The safest choice

If you really need your valuables kept safe, getting them out your house and into a secure self-storage unit is the safest choice. A reputable self-storage company will provide 24-hour CCTV and on-site security, so you can rest easy that the items you’ve stored will be kept 100% safe.

Updated: 06/13/2014, edstorm
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