Make Valentine's day special: 10 things to do and places to go on Valentine's day

by Michaela

It's the best gift you can give on Valentine's day: Make it a special experience for you and your partner! - 10 fresh and original ideas for your Valentine's day this year ...

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Experiences make the best gift!

Did you know that experiences are the best gift? Better than any object you can buy in a store or order online? - Research has shown that gifts that are experiences make people happier and last longer.

And even better: If you share a special experience with a loved one, its strengthens your relationship *and* creates happy memories!

Good, too: Experiences don't have to be stored, cause no clutter or waste.

So if you are looking for the perfect Valentine's day gift this year: Make Valentine's day a special experience for both you and your partner!

And no, this doesn't have to cost you a lot of money ...

Make Valentine's day special - here's how ...

There are the classic options: Breakfast in bed, candlelight dinner, relaxing in a hot tub or going to the movies. Been there, done that? 

If you're looking for some new and fresh ideas for your Valentine's Day date this year, here are some options to help you spark your creativity ...

1) Plan a picnic

You think February is not exactly "picnic month"? - This is just why a Valentine's Day picnic is such a fun idea! It's unusual and original – something you don't do every day. (Or every month.)

Think of places you could go on February 14th even if it rains or snows.

Make it simple: Bring along coffee or tea in a Thermos bottle, prepare muffins, cookies or sandwiches.

If the temperatures allow it: A park bench might be a good location to have a February picnic, the ruins of an old castle could make for a nice picnic place or look for a quiet spot near the riverbank.

2) Romantic lunch break

If Valentine's Day is a work day, maybe your partner has some free time during lunch hours? - Prepare a romantic lunch or simple snack and let it deliver to your partner's work place.

Or even better: Join him and spend lunch break together in a near-by park, at the lake or in a café.

3) Go star gazing

Spend the evening of Valentine's day in a planetarium.

Or on a clear night, go on an evening walk together.

Maybe you would even like to do a night-time picnic (or mini picnic) on a hill or at some lookout spot close to your home?  

4) Explore your neighborhood

Are you sure you know all the cozy little restaurants, snack bars or cafés in your neighborhood?

If you do a little research, maybe you come up with new places to go that are just around the corner. Look online or ask among friends and relatives to get new ideas.

5) Go for a ride

Choose whatever mode of transportation appeals to you and your partner:

Go horseback riding.

Or ride on a camel.

Rent a quad bike.

Or a cabrio.

Maybe a motorcycle.

Arrange a romantic outing in a carriage.

Or in a boat on the lake.

Explore your hometown on a tandem ...

6) Take a tour

Think of visiting a local brewery or winery. Some even offer free tours – and you get to taste the goodies, too!

7) Go sightseeing

Ever thought of taking a guided city tour in one of the cities close to your home? Maybe there are special sightseeing tours offered in your region and maybe even some that fit the theme of Valentine's day.

For example, in my area you can go on night-time boat tours, visit romantic castles, visit places and listen to stories related to lovers and famous couples from history, follow in the tracks of great poets or join a night watchman for his evening duties.

Do some research and find out what are the special attractions offered in your area.

8) Celebrate your beginnings

If possible, go back to the place of your first date and have a little Valentine's day celebration in honor of your relationship. Relive your memories – and create new ones!

Don't forget to bring your camera or invite a friend to join you for a few minutes to take some photos of the both of you: It will be fun to compare "that's us back then" with "that's us now".

9) Arrange - or give - a massage

Schedule a professional massage for both you and your partner or spend some relaxing hours in the spa. (The frugal alternative: A do-it-yourself massage makes a great Valentine's Day gift, too!)

Find out more about this gift idea in my recent article:

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10) Go on a mini vacation

Spend a night at a hotel or a bed-and-breakfast close to home or even right in your hometown: It's a special experience because you don't actually go on a regular vacation but instead bring a little color and fun in an ordinary work day or work week.

Don't want to spend the night? - Treat yourself and your partner to a gala brunch or breakfast at the hotel.

More gift ideas for Valentine's day:

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Updated: 02/07/2012, Michaela
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DrDarko on 01/21/2012

Great ideas.
If everything works out as I hope it will, there will be a mini vacation for me and my girl... :-)

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