Speed foods; My eating plan for a week

by Veronica

As I have lost 18lbs weight recently, our delightful Mira asked me to post my eating plan for a week. It is based on foods that speed up the metabolism.

My stick-thin husband has no weight to lose and has lost 4lbs just eating similar foods to me. I am NOT a nutritionist. I make no claims that people will lose weight doing this. Mira wondered if it might help people who were interested.

I am 5ft tall and have had a few health issues recently. Oesophagitis, hiatus hernia and plantar fasciitis in my heels to name but a few.

When I had my gastroscopy recently, the consultant said I needed to lose a stone or two. But a stone, he added would make a huge difference to my oesophagitis. Easier said than done I know. I ignored his advice of course and then my son announced his wedding. His bride joined a slimming club and after a few more months I followed her eating advice when I saw she had lost 3 1/2 stone.

The eating plan is based on foods that speed up the metabolism. The foods have fewer calories than it takes to digest them . There is a mountain of food to eat and anytime hungry strikes...don't grab a biscuit, potato crisps or a cake, grab a food that speeds up your metabolism This is my new way of eating .

11 weeks on and I have lost 18 pounds, my plantar fasciitis in my heel has gone and my oesophagus is healed. My skin is glowing, I am sleeping better and feel great. I would like to lose about 20 lbs.

oranges quicken the metabolism
oranges quicken the metabolism

What is metabolism ?

Metabolism is the chemical processes that occur in the body to keep our bodies and organs  working  for example  breathing and digesting food.These chemical processes require energy. These processes require energy which we get from our food.

Apples raw or cooked without sugar
Apples raw or cooked without sugar

Speed foods

What are they ?

So what are speed foods ?

Speed foods are foods which are often full of fibre and take a little longer to digest thereby using more calories to digest than are in the foods themselves. When we eat,  our bodies start to work digesting the foods and so our bodies have to use calories for our digestion to work.

Best of all, there is no need to weigh them. They are low calorie foods.

Eat some at every meal and throughout the day.


raw courgettes are ideal
raw courgettes are ideal

Keep active

I am very active. I work with young children and have a 2 year old grandson who keeps me busy and on the move.

Being active plus doing aerobic exercise are the best ways to increase your body metabolism . Aerobic  (meaning  with oxygen ) activity is an activity which keeps you active continuously for at least 20 minutes.

Increase your activity to increase your metabolism.

turnips bulk out stews
turnips bulk out stews

To begin


I am not a nutritionist  and this is not a diet. This is my version based on my future daughter in law's eating plan.

We have both lost weight eating foods at every meal which speed up our metabolism.  

If you want to seriously lose weight see a nutritionist or join a diet club.


Every day includes 1/2 pt   350 ml  of semi skimmed  ( 1/2 fat milk ) for  the day.

No alcohol

Eat some speed foods at every meal and throughout the day when you feel hungry. Don't ever feel hungry. Don't weigh them; eat as much of them as you want.

Vegetables must be cooked without fat.

Plan ahead. 

Have ready in the fridge, carrot batons, celery sticks,  baby tomatoes, fruit. Eat speed foods anytime you feel hungry. Don't eat cakes, potato crisps, biscuits ; eat something heathy or speed foods.

Speed food List

Speed food dos                                                             Healthy foods but not speed

green tea             asparagus                                           pineapple

apples                  aubergine                                            parsnips

apricots                beetroot                                              sweetcorn

blackberries          broccoli                                              banana

clementines          cabbage                                             grapes

gooseberries         carrots                                               potatoes cooked without fat

grapefruit               cauliflower                                         avocado

lemon                    celeriac

limes                      celery

melon                     chard

nectarines              courgettes

oranges                  cucumber

peaches                 leeks

pears                      lettuce

raspberries             mangetout

rhubarb                  mushrooms

strawberries          onions

 plums                    peas




                                runner beans










My breakast today. quark on wholemeal toast with raspberries and blueberries.
My breakast today. quark on wholemeal toast with raspberries and blueberries.

A typical week

I eat some speed foods with EVERY meal

This is a diary  I kept of my first  week a few weeks ago. It is my own version of how my son's fiancée eats.

In-between meals if I feel hungry, I eat fruit or veg sticks.

There is no need to weigh them;  eat as much of them as you want


                                                     Speed foods are in bold font


Day  1            tea and coffee using my milk allowance of 350 ml ( 1/2 pt ) a day

Breakfast   :   fat free soft cheese( e.g . quark. cottage cheese ) on toast and grapes

                     , plums and fresh tomatoes

Lunch       :   Chicken with fat removed

                     , salad of lettuce, radishes , tomatoes cucumber, celery

Dinner     :    Pork steak fat removed  and boiled potatoes

                     ; cauliflower, carrots,


Day 2          tea and coffee using my milk allowance of 350 ml ( 1/2 pt ) a day

Breakfast       Fruit salad of strawberries, plums, satsumas

                                            include bananas and blueberries

                                            eat with fat free yogurt

Lunch         Jacket Baked  potato and tuna and sweetcorn mixed with some fat free yogurt

                     salad as above

Dinner         Beef casserole cooked with   carrots, onions, leeks and celery and    



Day 3          tea and coffee using my milk allowance of 350 ml ( 1/2 pt ) a day

Breakfast  ;   Baked beans in tomato sauce on toast

                       ; plums and satsuma

Lunch       :     Fat free cheese  and lean ham no fat  and

                      ; salad as above

Dinner      :     Prawns,  salmon and pasta in a  tinned tomato sauce

                        salad as above


Day 4       :      tea and coffee using my milk allowance of 350 ml ( 1/2 pt ) a day

Breakfast         Hot Bacon sandwich  with

                        lettuce and tomato

Lunch      :      

                        Homemade  vegetable soup , celery, carrot and leek

Dinner     :        Spaghetti Bolognaise



Day 5      :        tea and coffee using my milk allowance of 350 ml ( 1/2 pt ) a day

 Breakfast        Poached egg on toast 

                          Plums, satsumas

Lunch     :         Chicken

                        ; salad as above

Dinner   :          Pork goulash with fat free yogurt to garnish

                         ; cooked with tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery, paprika, courgettes 


Day 6              tea and coffee using my milk allowance of 350 ml ( 1/2 pt ) a day

Breakfast   :        Fruit salad of strawberries, plums, satsumas

                                            include bananas and blueberries

                                            eat with fat free yogurt

Lunch     :        Jacket potato  with baked beans

                        ; salad as above


Dinner   :         salmon risotto  

                       ; salad as above


Day 7   :         tea and coffee using my milk allowance of 350 ml ( 1/2 pt ) a day

Breakfast    ;   mushroom omelette

                    mushrooms and tomatoes  , satsuma

Lunch      :           Homemade soup ; carrot and celery


Dinner    :      Chicken in tinned tomatoes and onions and potatoes

                        kale, carrots


I lost 2 lbs the first week eating this food.  It is low fat speed food.



me in June 2015
me in June 2015
March 2016
March 2016


I haven't planned on losing much more weight or  inded any and I seem to be maintaining the loss. I haven't gained.  I follow the above four days a week and eat what ever I want on 3 days.  Here's just a few pictures.  Before and after. Try it. It worked for me.

Me at Frank Beswick's son's wedding in June 2015 and me just about to do the Midnight 10km for the cancer hospice last week.

Addition Sept 2017

Weight gain in Italy

I retuned from Italy recently and had a wonderful time but gained 2.5 lbs . I have set about to losing this before winter draws on . I have lost 1lb and am working to lose the other 1.5 lbs. It's difficult.  

Pictured below is my breakfast this morning and also lunch.

My breakfast this morning'

  • I poached some golden haddock and had a poached egg with it.  I added a fresh tomato. plum and satsuma.  ( protein and veg - no fat )

Lunch today.

  • cold ham  and salad  (  protein and veg no fat )

Dinner tonight is going to be  a veggie risotto


Hopefully I will lose this bit of weight quickly.

poached haddock and egg
poached haddock and egg
ham salad no oil
ham salad no oil
June 2015
June 2015
June 2016
June 2016
Updated: 09/02/2017, Veronica
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Veronica on 09/02/2017

Addition Sept 2 2017

I gained 2.5 lbs in Italy and am working hard to lose it before winter. I've added today's meal photos so far.

Veronica on 08/22/2017

Tonight I filled half my plate with salad - no oil or dressing -
Then I put a shrimp and veg risotto on the other half of the plate . It included Zucchini
( courgettes,) carrots, peas and onions. No fat . Then I had nectarines.
A no fat dinner with lots of fruit and veg.
My other daughter in law has also done this style of eating and lost 16 lbs. It isn't a diet . It's healthy eating.

Guest on 08/22/2017

Oh wow, it defiantly work, you and your daughter-in have done great!

Veronica on 08/22/2017


Thank you so much. I have lost 7 pounds since that charity walk photo was taken and gained two pounds, so I am 5 lbs slimmer than there.

Make sure your plate is HALF full of vegetables and salad or fruit at every meal . I even have fruit and salad at breakfast, My daughter in law has lost nearly 84 pounds eating like this. I have lost about 30lbs .

Guest on 08/22/2017

Look what I found! You look awesome! I jotted down some speed foods and going to try to be a good girl! Haha!

Veronica on 07/13/2017

Thank you.
Beans would generally be eaten as a light meal here in Uk. I don't know how often they are eaten in a morning but it is a good way to start the day.

I wouldn't only have water on a diet as we get calcium from milk in tea and coffee and vitamins in juice.
I haven't reached a target weight so I do not know he holding diet I am afraid .

DerdriuMarriner on 07/13/2017

Veronica, Congratulations! Are baked beans in tomato sauce on toast common breakfast fare? What do you think of diets that allow only water as a drink? How different is the meal plan on the three days off from the four days on?

Veronica on 03/25/2017

Frank, Sorry for the delayed response, I didn't see your comment. I have an organic veg box delivered once a week and so I only have whatever veg is in season. Sometimes swede is in the box. As I say, I use them mashed with carrots or in soup.

This week the box had purple sprouting broccoli in it which we had tonight with a cottage pie. I just cooked it for about 4 minutes in a bit of water.

The box contained purple sprouting broccoli, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower , onions, celery. We have a week to eat it all before another box comes. It costs me £9.00 a week. (approx. 11 US dollars )

frankbeswick on 03/18/2017

Mother cooked swedes sometimes.Do you cook them? They are not as easy to grow as turnips are, but they are related to turnips.They have a shorter growing season than turnips have.

Veronica on 03/18/2017

I like purple turnips and wash them, scrub them and boil them in their skins. Lovely .

I have now lost about 32 lbs .

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