Spooky Sounds for Halloween

by jptanabe

Check out these Halloween decorations with spooky sound effects! This Halloween you can get your scare on!

Halloween conjures up images of pumpkins, black cats, bats, spider webs, witches, and kids having a great time wearing fun costumes and getting free candy from all their neighbors. Of course, I'm the neighbor who gives out the free candy to those kids now! And my cats disappear into hiding and only re-emerge for breakfast the day after when everything is back to normal. Still, Halloween is fun.

I'm not so excited by the blood and gore stuff, I tend to go for the pumpkins and ghosts. But I do love spooky sounds - they just set the right eerie tone as darkness falls. We always seem to have something in our decorations that not just flashes lights but also makes noises, usually when the trick or treaters aren't expecting it!

If you're like me and enjoy spooky sounds at Halloween, this is the place for you.

Spooky Halloween Sounds

Let's start with a soundtrack to get in the mood!

One Hour of Sounds

One hour of ambient sounds perfect for Halloween. It's a genuinely scary background soundtrack that launches into actual horror at times - keeps everyone spooked!

More Halloween Spooky Sounds

Ten minutes of scary sounds: thunderstorms, creaking doors opening and closing, footsteps approaching .... all perfect for Halloween!

Pumpkins Make Halloween!

I always have pumpkin decorations at Halloween

Guess what, pumpkins may look cute but they can be pretty scary. Especially if you add some spooky sounds!

Halloween Salt and Pepper Shakers - Ghost and Pumpkin

Aren't these cool?

They look so cute - but wait till they make those spooky sounds and the lights start flickering!

They have motion activated sounds and flickering. Great to scare your guests!

Cats Don't Like Halloween

I think they can see the ghosts coming!
The Cat Print Wall Art By Rabi Khan
The Cat Print Wall Art By Rabi Khan

Witch's Hat

Sounds like a scared cat!

This is designed for kids but I'm tempted to see what my cats would make of a hat that meows like a cat!

And I love the green and orange eyes!

You've Gotta have Ghosts!

Cute ghosts won't scare the cat (too much)

These are the cutest little ghosts. When motion is detected the ghosts light up and make little spooky sounds. You've just gotta have a pair for Halloween!


Not so cute, really quite scary!


Now this head is just a skull.

But not your ordinary skull! It has glowing eyes, creepy sounds, and a biting mouth - like the "walkers"!

Halloween Decorations Hanging Skull Head
Halloween Decorations Hanging Skull Head
Not just a head - the whole body!

This "Angel of Death" skeleton starts up when approached. Its eyes light up, its head rotates, its arms flap up and down looking like scary wings, and all the time it emits these scary sounds. This is an amazing decoration to greet trick or treaters or party guests as they approach your door.

Door Flags

With Spooky Sounds!

These flags hang on your door with two metal hangers which are included. The flag itself measures 28-inches by 40-inches.

The eyes of the Halloween characters light up and emit creepy sounds when approached by trick-or-treaters.

Each flag plays a different theme when activated. A switch on the back allows it to be activated by light, voice, or both.

Batteries not included.

Updated: 10/28/2020, jptanabe
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jptanabe on 08/24/2015

Trick or treating as a group is always best, and not just to brave the spooky music!

AngelaJohnson on 08/24/2015

When I was a kid trick-or-treating in the 1960s, one house had spooking music playing so that we could hear it as we walked up. It was scary, but not enough to keep me from knocking on the door and getting candy. It helped that I had my brother and sister with me.

WriterArtist on 08/18/2015

Halloween would not be complete without the spooky music. Music elevated the effect.

jptanabe on 08/18/2015


blackspanielgallery on 08/17/2015

Sounds are a very important part, and really set the mood.

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