St. Patrick's Day - Green Festive Apparel

by Angel

Finding the right amount of visible green to keep yourself from getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day can be a task. Check out these interesting items and celebrate pinch free!

What Am I Going To Wear?

Your peeps expect you at the local bar tonight for a green beer and you have no idea what you are going to wear to keep yourself from being pinched. Or you plan to leave directly from the office and don't have time to change.  It can get really nasty too with the pinches when they are fueled with a lot of beer. It is important to find something to add to your outfit that doesn't make you look like a complete dork but still adds a little St. Patrick's Day flavor. Have you ever stopped to think why in the world are we celebrating St. Patrick's Day to start with?  Come explore some great inexpensive St. Patrick's Day festive apparel and learn a little about the holiday while shopping.

Baby Apparel - No one would even think of pinching your precious little baby on St. Patrick's Day.  They should still celebrate the day in style with one of these adorable outfits. 

Shamrock Baby Apparel

Not That We Would Pinch Your Baby To Start With!
Shamrock Irish Sassy Baby Dress Set
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St Patricks Day No Pinchies Navy Blue...

Rock It Out With ShamRock Accessories

The green shamrock is the most popular symbol of this day and you best make your green visible so you don't get pinched. You can find most anything with a green shamrock on it at this time of year.  Hats, shoes, scarves and even green shades are all popular items to wear on this day.

Sequin Shamrock Hat - Try on a green glitter hat with metallic sequins for your night out.  The metallic sequins reflect in the light for the attention seeker that you are. 

Shamrock Sunglasses - The sun does not have to be out to wear these cool sunglasses with green plastic shamrock lenses.  

Shamrock Heels - Both pairs of these shoes are the ultimate accessory for your evening St. Patrick's Day event.  The heels are 5" chunky style or 5 3/4" classic platform with heel.  If comfort is your thing then go with the chunky style.  The all over green glitter will surely get you the attention you deserve with either pair.

Who Is St. Patrick Anyway?

St. Patrick was the Patron Saint of Ireland. He was Pagan up until he was captured by Irish Raiders and made a slave at the age of 16. He finally escaped after six years and fled to Britain where he became a priest. He decided to come back to Ireland as a missionary to teach the Pagans about Christianity. One of his tools was the shamrock. He used it as a guide to explain to them The Holy Trinity. He died in 460AD on March 17 after working for thirty years to convert Pagans to Christianity. 


Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the form of a party much more than those in Ireland. It was actually a very religious holiday with no pubs allowed open in Ireland up until 1995. The government realized that allowing pubs to be open and promoting tourism would help their economy. Most Irish families would start their day by going to church in the morning and celebrating the rest of the day with friends and family.


Going From The Office To The Party

Clover Satin Stripe Oblong Scarf - This beautiful white satin scarf has the magical green shamrocks all over it.  It can be used as a scarf, head band, or belt / sash.  It is a great accessory to your office attire.  The scarf is 9" Wide x 60" Long.



Rare Jerry Garcia Neck Tie - This handsome tie will make you the hit of the office.  It is a Limited Edition tie from the ever popular Jerry Garcia Collection Forty-three.  When you get to happy hour your friends will know you have arrived in style.

Interesting Facts

  • Over 3 million people attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York with more than 150,000 people actually participating.
  • St. Patrick's Day became an official public holiday in Ireland in 1903.
  • It was first celebrated in Boston in 1737 by Irish immigrants.
  • In 2009 there was 26.1 billion pounds of beef sold and 2.3 billion pounds of cabbage sold to make traditional corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day. 
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Angel on 03/06/2012

sheilamarie - I can't believe you have just found out about the I grew up getting pinched at school because I never wore green. I started to wear it when I got older because I got tired of getting pinched! Crazy. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

sheilamarie on 03/06/2012

This is the first year I've heard of the pinching tradition -- it's been popularized over at Zazzle, too. Oh, where have I been all these years? Maybe I learned young not to be caught dead on St. Patrick's Day without wearing green and so just never had to learn about the nasty habit the hard way! Or maybe I did my share of pinching as a young Irish American girl and so have put the habit out of my mind through shame. Oh, the beauty of denial!

Angel on 02/08/2012

Oh you have green eyes so you don't have to put on the that cheating? LOL I might have to get some green sparkly shoes or something. My kids always pinch me anyway... so doesn't matter what I have on. Thanks for stopping by.

katiem2 on 02/08/2012

Love your ideas, very fun and creative. I'll be wearing me green eyes St. Pattys Day :) Plus something fun!

Angel on 01/18/2012

kinworm - I know.. I have a bad habit of buying shoes that I think I will wear but never wear them because they are too uncomforable. I still might have to get those chunky heel shamrock shoes.. they are so cute and the chunky heel helps a little with comfort. Thanks for reading and commenting. BTW - I am still thinking about those cookies.. LOL.. would be so good right about now.

Marie on 01/18/2012

How cute is the Shamrock baby dress set. I adore green - just wish I could squeeze my feet into those heels!

Angel on 01/16/2012

I also have liked St Patrick's Day quite a bit. Like you, it told me Spring was coming and all that deserved a drink! I always had a problem finding something green to wear on that day... I just don't have a lot of green items...Thank you so much for the compliment... means a lot to me. This was the first time I have used the new font and I think I like it too.

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