Stained Glass Kits

by clefty

Stained glass kits are available that are a great way to help artists get started with making stained glass windows and suncatchers.

Getting started with stained glass is an exciting time. You might be daunted by all the information and different tools you will find out there. This is where stained glass kits can come in handy since they are a great way to get all the tools and equipment you need to really be able to make awesome and high quality glass windows and suncatchers to use to decorate your home and office!

Stained Glass Tool Kits

When it comes to stained glass kits, there are really two different types you need to know about.  The first, and most popular type, is the tool kit for stained glass.  This is essentially what it sounds like.

You will likely be surprised to see how many different small tools are used by stained glass artists nowadays.  These can be a bit costly if you buy them all separately, but choosing to get them all together in a basic kit for beginners can save you a lot of money quickly!

Most stained glass kits will come with all the basic tools and supplies to get you started.  You will have a glass cutter, pliers to help separate the pieces of glass you cut, a soldering iron, a fid to help you apply the copper foil, and more.  In terms of supplies you likely get some 60/40 solder, copper foil, and a basic instruction book and stained glass pattern book.

Besides these great tools, there is one other equipment you will need to get that is sometimes included as well.  This would be the stained glass grinder!  Inland and a few other companies make incredible grinders that will last for years and years!

Stained Glass Kits On Ebay

Stained glass art kits at great prices

Best Deals Available On Stained Glass Kits

Great 7 pcs Glass Tool Kit: 4 Various Pliers plus 3 Glass Cutters for Glass & Stained Glass Art

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Stained Glass Mosaics Frame Kit, Easy as Glue, Grout & Clean! 2 Frames/Pkg.

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Fuseworks Beginners Fusing Kit

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Glass Packs

The second type of stained glass kit

Okay we talked about the kits for stained glass artists that come with all the tools and supplies you will need.  The other type of kit is a glass pack.  The actual stained glass that you cut your pieces and patterns out of is the major ongoing cost.  If you can buy these pieces of sheet glass individually you can pay a hefty sum of money. 

Just like the tools, you can buy glass packs in kits that save you an incredible amount of money immediately and in the long run!  There are several companies that offer great glass pack kits for sale.  These will run from basic kits that have the most often used colors and styles (ie transparent, translucent, or opaque) and sheet glass packs for more advanced and intermediate artists.

These advanced packs will often give you some unique styles or colors that you might not have considered otherwise.  They are a great way to get your feet wet and challenge yourself into making more fun and unique stained glass suncatchers and windows...

Videos On Stained Glass

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sheilamarie on 02/29/2012

I've never tried stained glass, but these kits look like the way to go to get started.

clefty on 02/28/2012

I'd love to hear from you about your fun with stained glass!

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