Star Wars Shirt Collection

by nickupton

Find all your favorite Star Wars characters featured on t-shirts in this large collection of Star wars shirts.

Welcome to this collection of Star Wars t-shirts featuring the widest variety of Star Wars characters on the internet.

On this page I have presented a single Star Wars t-shirt for every character that is featured on a t-shirt and links to other shirts featuring that character where it has been possible.

The t-shirts are ordered, more or less, as the characters first appeared on our screens.


The two droids, C-3PO and R2-D2 are the first two characters to be seen in the original movie, Star Wars Episode IV, so I present t-shirts featuring them first too.

This C-3PO shirt comes in the gold color of his body and features his head surrounded by a retro design which includes the words "stay golden"; available in two sizes.

Some more Star Wars shirts featuring C-3PO can be found here - C-3PO T Shirts.


This R2-D2 t-shirt is very different, though, displaying a simple line drawing giving the general impression of the famous droid on a black background and is currently available in five men's sizes.

Some more Star Wars shirts featuring the droid R2-D2 can be found here - R2-D2 T Shirts.


Stormtroopers come bursting through the door in the opening scenes of the original Star Wars movie and feature heavily throughout the original trilogy. This t-shirt features a photograph of an armed Stormtrooper with a parade of troopers super-imposed at the bottom of the shirt.

Currently available in four sizes this is a great shirt for fans of the Star Wars series of movies.


You can take a look at more Stormtrooper shirt here - Stormtrooper T-shirts.


Tatooine is the first planet we see in the original Star Wars trilogy and of course it features again in later movies. Quite frankly, it is not the nicest of places so that "Welcome to Tatooine" becomes a bit of a joke apart from the fact that it does not have a tourism authority to promote it!

This shirt features a nice Tatooine graphic with twin suns and a typical scene from the planet. Although the shirt itself is brightly colored, the graphic blends in nicely.


Darth Vader is possibly the most recognizable character from Star Wars and here he is brandishing his lightsaber with the Death Star in the background and his tie-fighter below.

Darth Vader's name is also displayed in this black t-shirt which comes in four sizes for adults. This is a cool retro Star Wars shirt.

Visit the Darth Vader Shirt Collection for more t-shirts featuring this iconic character.

Jawa T Shirt


The Jawas feature only briefly in Episode IV but they are shrouded in mystery and became highly popular characters, being given a cameo appearance in Episode I to please the fans. This t-shirt features a single Jawa on a colorful backing which pictures the Jawa sandcrawler, all on a black background. Available in six sizes for all fans.

Some more Star Wars shirts featuring Jawas can be found here - Jawa T Shirts.


Chewbacca was always one of my favorite Star Wars characters when I was a child and his popularity lives. This t-shirt features a huge Chewbacca face on a brown shirt, with the Wookie roaring his message to his enemies.

This t-shirt will be a hit with fans of old school Star Wars and the more modern incarnations of the series - Chewbacca is a favorite of fans young and old.

More Chewbacca T-shirts are available on

Han Solo vs Greedo

Star Wars fans have debated for years whether Han Solo or Greedo shot first in their disagreement in the first Star Wars movie. George Lucas created an updated version of the movie which added to the controversy and this video clip is a parody of that.

A Han Solo and a Greedo t-shirt follow the video clip and both are themed on this scene from the movie.

Han Solo T Shirt


Han Solo fans are going to love this t-shirt which reinforces his reputation as an unscrupulous smuggler and plays on the debate about whether it was he or Greedo who shot first in their encounter. The picture shows Han Solo using his blaster and the caption "Damn Right I Shot First" on a black background.

More T-shirts featuring Han Solo can be found here - Han Solo T-shirts.


This Star Wars shirt argues that it was Greedo who shot first in the cantina on Tatooine. The caption "Greedo shot first" surrounds a picture of the bounty hunter's face. Although he only appeared very briefly in one Star Wars movie, Greedo remains a popular character.

This t-shirt comes in four different colors and five women's sizes.

Take a look at more Greedo T-shirts here: Greedo T-shirts.


This stylish t-shirt features a silhouette of the Star Wars series most popular bounty hunter; Boba Fett. Appearing in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, as well as in the Clone Wars series, Boba Fett is considered one of the coolest characters and this t-shirt definitely reflects this.

This cool shirt is available in three different colors and six sizes to fit many different Star Wars lovers.

Many more Boba Fett t-shirts can be found here - Boba Fett T-shirts.


Yoda makes his debut in Episode V; The Empire Strikes Back and instantly became one of the most iconic characters from Star Wars so, of course, there are a number of t-shirts featuring him.

This illustration of Yoda is from "The Clone Wars" series and features the Jedi wielding his lightsaber amongst other poses on a green background.

Many more t-shirts featuring Yoda can be found here - Yoda T-shirts.


This brightly-colored shirt features the grotesque Jabba The Hutt with his name underneath and the quote "Your mind powers will not work on me boy". Jabba was an instant hit with fans of Star Wars when he first appeared in "The Return of the Jedi" and his name is synonymous with obesity for many people around the world.

Jabba was always one of my favorites and this t-shirt is one of the ones I like most on this page - available in three sizes.

Jabba The Hutt T Shirt


Ewoks are characters that Star Wars fans either love or hate. Typically the kids love them and the picture on this t-shirt is designed to appeal to children.

The illustration is of a cartoon-style Ewok comes on a wide variety of colorful backgrounds and he carries a pole with a speared Stormtrooper's helmet on it.

This shirt comes in 5 different sizes as well as seventeen different colors.

Some more Star Wars shirts featuring Ewoks can be found here - Ewok T Shirts.


The shrimp-like Admiral Ackbar is the leader of the rebel battle group that attacks the second Death Star in Episode VI; The Return of the Jedi and is loved by fans for his line "It's a trap!" which is reproduced on this black t-shirt. Of course, Admiral Ackbar is also displayed on this t-shirt as a line drawing in yellow.

This t-shirt comes in five sizes to fit all Star Wars fans.

Some more Star Wars shirts featuring Admiral Ackbar can be found here - Admiral Ackbar T Shirts.


The video clip below features the Battle of Endor in which Admiral Ackbar makes his famous quote - "It's a trap!"

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Rose on 12/22/2013

Great collection of T-shirts!

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