Where to Buy State Belt Buckles for Men

by Digby_Adams

From California to Maine here's a great selecton of awesome belt buckles. Affordable gifts under $20

If you're shopping online to buy a mens belt buckle then you should take a look at the state belt buckles below. You'll see unique designs that capture the history and culture of each state. Belt buckles can be fun fashion accessories to bring your own personality into your wardrobe. Each of the awsome belt buckles included in this listing is from the Belt Buckle Shop. With over 700 unique belt buckles it's the largest online belt buckle store. The best part - most of these belt buckles are under $20! Click Here to shop the site and see some great bargains.

Where to Buy Belt Buckles

Arizona State Belt Buckle

Order a mens belt buckle at a great price!

Arizona Belt BuckleLarge oval belt buckle measures 3-1/4 inches wide and 2-3/8 inches tall. Arizona is artfully inscribed in the middle of the large belt buckle. Right above that is a howling coyote. Why is the coyote howling? That would be because the full moon is right behind him. Both the full moon and cactus add to color to this beautiful design. On the left there's a shovel representing the hard work it took to create the Arizona so many of us love to visit each winter. Celebrate this important part of western culture when you wear an Arizona state belt buckle.
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Georgia State Belt Buckle

Great Father's Day gift or Christmas gift - Under $20

Georgia State Belt BucklesYou'll be singing Georgia on My Mind when you wear this stunning state belt buckle. Large by most standards, it measures 3-3/8 wide and 2-5/8 tall. Room enough to include many Georgia symbols. Georgia is boldly engraved throught the middle of this mens belt buckle. Above is the Georgia state seal with a banner and red flowers adding a bold punch of color. The Georgia statehouse is feature in the lower middle and is overlapped by the Gerogia state flag. You won't want to miss the horse riders to the left. Richly detailed this Georgia state belt buckle will be proudly worn for many years. Wear this belt buckle and you might be surprised how many Georgians you meet.
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New Mexico State Belt Buckle

Awesom belt buckles at low prices!

New Mexico Belt BuckleInspired by current day adventure and ancient history, this New Mexico belt buckle is a colorful inspiration for any New Mexcio .over. The first thing you'll notice is the pop of red color in the hot air balloons. Attend the Albuqueque hot air balloon festival and you'll see a fantastic color display. Quieter than fireworks, but much more impressive! New Mexcio is on the diagonal - separating ancient Pueblo ruins on the bottom from natural cave features above. A vibrant deep blue sky is above the Pueblo structure, also accenting the diagonal New Mexico. A Native American design inspired cross highlights the beginning of New Mexcio and then hot air balloons the bottom.
CLICK HERE to Buy the New Mexico State Belt Buckle - $18.95

California State Belt Buckle

Mens Belt Buckles for All Occasions - Under $20

California Belt BuckleSubstantial state belt buckle to honor the many achievements and cultures of one of our largest states. California is artfully written across the middle of the belt buckle, with an eagle punctuating it at the end. Just look at the amazing detail on the eagle's wings. Seemingly supporting the word California is the Golden Gate Bridge spanning vibrant blue water. You'll love looking at the many details of this state belt buckle and picking out the California symbols. For an Golden State resident, it's quite the conversation piece in your wardrobe. At 3-1/4 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches tall, it's a substantial mens belt buckle for your fashion wardrobe.
CLICK HERE to buy the California State Belt Buckle - $18.95

New York State Belt Buckle

Big and bold men's belt buckles - unique and cheap gifts

New York State Belt BuckleIf you are always humming I Love New York, then the state belt buckle to the left is for you. Not surprisingly, the Statue of LIberty is front and center on this mens belt buckle, right between the worlds New and York. Right in back of Lady Liberty is the New York State seal. At the bottom of the beautifully shaped large belt buckle is the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. Because we all know that there's more to New York State than Manhattan we see a wildlife scene as well. The deep blue backgound makes the detail on this large buckle really pop. It measures 3-3/8 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches tall.
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More State Belt Buckles Available

The perfect gift for the men in your life

If you didn't see the state you want represented then check the Belt Buckle Shop directly. They have over 700 different belt buckles to choose from. Additional states include - Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine,  Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia. Just click on the banner below and you'll be taken to the Belt Buckle Shop where you can shop for all of these state belt buckles and brows the huge inventory.

Check out these Beautiful Belt Buckles

Updated: 10/16/2012, Digby_Adams
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ohcaroline on 07/03/2011

These are beauties for sure. They would be nice gifts.

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