Steampunk Weddings

by Sethisis

A unique and beautiful theme for your wedding. Steampunk is an easy style to create and experiment with, with wonderful results.

You're engaged! You've done it - your subtle hints and wistful glances into jewellers windows have finally paid off. So where do you start with planning your wedding? Here's my idea for a unique, cheap and most importantly fun wedding celebration!

Steampunk is a mix between Victorian and Sci Fi fashion, inspired by the industrial revolution. It's fun to play with, and enables you to add your own personal touch to your wedding celebrations.

The Dress

Perhaps the most dreamed of part of any wedding is the beautiful dress the bride will wear on the big day. Traditionally  this is white, but in a steampunk wedding you have a much wider choice of colours.

Banned Victorian Steampunk Dress                 

Dark Star Poly-Silk/Lace Corset & Ruched-Skirt Dress with accent Roses










     Maybe something in brown?                       Or green?

Really you don't have to wear a dress, steampunk women feel perfectly at home in trousers, or skirt and shirt combinations.

And of course you mustn't forget shoes. No dainty satin slippers for a steampunk bride (unless of course you have your heart set on some, in which case go ahead! You are the bride after all) Steampunk shoes are usually made of stronger stuff:

T.U.K. Boots BUCKLE FRONT DOLLLades Steampunk Sky Captain High Heel Shoes by Hades

Clothing for the Groom

This is where the men get to have a bit of fun with their outfits for a change, it's not just a matter of wearing a suit! Try adding accessories, such as a pocketwatch with chain hanging from the waistcoat pocket, or a top hat with goggles. If you're feeling creative, big brass buttons and cogs can be added to any part of the outfit, and buttonholes can be fastened with copper wire or chains.

Steampunk Pants - Brown Stainless Steel Wind Up PocketwatchSteampunk Goggles

Bridesmaids and the Best Man

Bridesmaids have a whole range of choices of what to wear. You can either have them looking feminine and elegant, or dress them up like steampunk guards doing their job of protecting the bride! Of course they might not forgive you if you deny them the chance to wear an outrageous dress, but it would be worth it for the wedding photos right?

The best man will probably look very similar to the groom, unless you inflict the same dress code on him as your bridesmaids - have him look like an old fashioned pilot, with puffy trousers, aviator hat, goggles, and a scarf!


With a dash of creativity and a big helping of patience, these can be made with barely any money.
Try decorating the tables with candles as centrepieces, then scatter little cogs around them. You can buy little packs of decorative cogs at most craft shops.

For authentic looking wall decor, put up some posters of the world, or plane blueprints:

 World Map










Or if you wish for a more elegant look, drape the room with brown and white ribbon/ lace.
Good colours and materials to use are Mahogany and brass. Bear these tips in mind and you can't go wrong!

Updated: 06/14/2013, Sethisis
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Mira on 03/21/2013

Cool article :).

KathleenDuffy on 03/20/2013

I've never heard of steampunk! It's amazing! I love the clothes! fab article.

Sethisis on 03/19/2013

It would be hard not to stare at a steampunk bride! Thanks for reading Jodie

Jodie on 03/19/2013

Brilliant idea for a day you'll never forget and the bride would definitely have all eyes on her! :)

RubyHelenRose on 03/15/2013

What a creative idea. Such fun.

lilysnape on 03/14/2013

This wedding idea allows you to use plenty of imagination-wonderful

Sethisis on 03/13/2013

I know, the steampunk look is gorgeous! It was such a temptation to buy all those shoes =]

JoHarrington on 03/13/2013

I love steampunk to bits! These wedding outfits look amazing.

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