Sterling silver infinity and Moebius twist rings, pendants and bangles

by EmpressFelicity

Looking for an unusual, symbolic piece of jewelry for someone you love? Try a silver ring, pendant or bracelet in the shape of a Moebius band or infinity symbol

If you're looking for a ring, pendant or bracelet as a gift for someone you love, then you might not have thought of delving into the world of mathematics for inspiration. However, there are two mathematical symbols which lend themselves really well to a romantic jewellery gift - the infinity sign and the Moebius strip. A piece of jewellery incorporating either of these symbols is an unusual but eloquent way of showing the person you're giving it to that you are committed to them and want to be with them forever! Amazon has a great selection of rings, pendants and bracelets based on these two symbols. My personal top picks are in the capsules below and right - have a look and see what you think.

All the pendants, rings and bracelets I've chosen are made from sterling silver, because it's affordable yet attractive, and will hold its value over time.

Sterling silver infinity pendants, charms and rings

The infinity symbol is perhaps the more obvious one of the two, and is basically a number 8 lain on its side to look like this: ∞.  The word "infinite" means "immeasurably great" or "boundless", so the infinity symbol on a piece of jewellery given to your loved one implies that your love for them is completely without limits! 


My top pick is Collection's large Marrakesh infinity pendant.  It's about 1.7 inches high - large enough to be noticed without swamping the wearer, yet is delicate-looking at the same time.  The pendant comes with an 18 inch rolo chain and has a total metal weight of just over 3 grams.  If you or the person you're buying for want a pendant with a bit more sparkle, then Netaya's pendant could be the one you're looking for - it's set with seven lab-created white sapphires and also comes with an 18 inch chain.

Sterling Silver Large Marrakesh Infinity Pendant on Rolo Chain, 18"

Sterling Silver Created White Sapphire Infinity Pendant W/18" Box Chain

Add 'infinite' style to everyday with this sterling silver infinity pendant. It features graduated created white sapphire gemstones and hangs from an 18" sterling silver chain.

Infinity Charm, Sterling Silver

Please note that product images are enlarged to show detail. The actual item is 0.137 - (approx. 1/8 in.) inches long and 0.706 - (approx. 3/4 in.) inches wide. The Infinity ...

Only $27.5
Sterling Silver Infinity Ring Size 9 (Sizes 9 Available)

Infinity - time has no beginning and no end. This adorable and simple sterling silver infinity ring is the perfect ring to be worn every day of your life. Also it is a perfect ...

Only $19.20

Sterling silver Moebius pendants, rings and bracelets

A Moebius (pronounced "Meebius") strip is basically a ring shape with a twist in it. You could make your own Moebius strip by cutting a thin strip of paper, flipping one end over and then taping the ends together. Or just buy a Moebius strip in the form of a ring or pendant!  The romantic symbolism of Moebius strips isn't as immediately obvious as that of the infinity symbol. But did you know that airport conveyor belts are shaped like Moebius strips, in order to make them last longer?  This is because in a Moebius-shaped conveyor belt, both sides of the belt receive wear, not just one. OK, so conveyor belts don't sound that romantic, but the symbolism is definitely there - give a ring or bracelet in the form of a Moebius band to your loved one, and you're in effect saying that your love for them is much more durable and longer-lasting than average!  And if the piece of Moebius-shaped jewellery you're buying has an inspirational message stamped on it, then so much the better.

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