Store My Tights Perfectly, Please

by Raveen

What method best suits you, when storing your hosiery? Is it a sushi-style platter serving of tights, or do you prefer bow-ties? Read about these and more trendy storage ways.

My stockings and tights are one of the many items of clothing that have caused me a lot of storage heartache. The way in which this delicate piece of leg-wear manages to slither and slip into a slimy mess in my drawer, fails to please me. Every other day I end up having to re-structure the drawer so that I am able to find the correct size and style.

Tips for coding your tights!

Avoid clutter and make your tights easily accessible through these easy tips.

If you like me have the same problem, look no further, as I have a full-proof plan in mind that will please you when storing tights.

Before arranging your tights in a creative way to please yourself, you must establish the code you wish to work with. Do you want to arrange the stockings and tights in order of colour, thickness or textures? It can also be confusing if you own tights in a variety of different prints and patterns. Therefore, the simplest and most effective way of dividing the tights is as follows.

Firstly, divide the stockings and tights into different colours. Secondly, arrange them in order of thickness using denier sizes or through estimation. Leave the patterned hosiery to one side, using the dominant colour of the pattern as the indicator. Lastly, put the patterns at the end or in-between the other tights in order of thickness, as you have done before.

Colours and Styles - An Important Part of Storage

The next part turns tights storage into a fun and creative art. Follow the method that you prefer, or that is most-suited to your wardrobe/drawer style to achieve tights storage perfection!

Getting Creative With Tights Storage

Simple and elaborated ways to store your tights - Inspiring or Not?

Serve Tights as Sushi on a Plate!

The hosiery storage method literally does what it says, as you are intended to roll up your tights like circular bits of scrumptious sushi served on a platter in an orderly manner, in a restaurant.

Sushi-Rolled Tights

This method is more suitably applied with some thinly sectioned draw dividers. This helps ensure that the tights stay put when it comes to taking out a pair from a section of the ‘sushi platter’!

For draw dividers that are more largely segregated, try sectioning the ‘sushi rolls’ of tights into separate colours, e.g. pink in one section, black in another, navy in another, etc.

Hang Up Tights ‘Hole’-Heartedly

Another great storage solution is a large IKEA hanger that consists of 28 small holes that allow you to take the ‘sushi roll’ method and adapt it into an upright hanging, rather than a flat sitting of tights. Again, this arrangement is quite stylishly presented in a colour sequence.

'Hole'-Hearted Hanger!

‘Tie’ Up My Tights, Please!

A style of tights storage that we have seen used a lot recently is the ‘tie-hanger’ method. This involves taking a regular hanger and tying up hosiery in an arrangement of colours in the same way in which you would tie a neck-tie. Be sure to limit the tights to around fiver per hanger to allow the different colours and styles to be easily spotted.

Little Bow-Peep Lost Her Tights!

What tends to happen with the ‘tie-hanger’ method is that the tights still end up looking somewhat dangly as they hang on the ends. This is why if you have a little bit of OCD, like I do, and need everything to look that extra bit neat, tie up the tights into bow-ties. Make them smaller each time, to leave plenty space in your wardrobe, for even more clothes and wonderful accessories.



Updated: 04/12/2013, Raveen
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Rose on 08/25/2013

The rolled-up storage looks the neatest

WriterArtist on 05/17/2013

I usually have problem finding the second member of the pair, organizing is the only way to resolve this. Thanks for the tips.

Guest on 04/16/2013

I tend to knot my thicker tights and ball the smaller ones round my fingers to make them look similar to a sushi method. The thing that annoys me is the way the pairs tie themselves together in the wash, and even though I use a sock bag to wash them in, I end up with a muddle when I tip the washing out to hang on the airer... *pouts*.

Raveen on 04/15/2013

No worries, @katiem2 - @Mira - why not try formulating your own, you can try cutting a toilet roll tube when is finished, or the tubes you get from gift wraps, it will save you some money and avoid your recycling!

Mira on 04/14/2013

I love the sushi-style idea, which can work great with some kind of round dividers. Does IKEA carry anything like that?

katiem2 on 04/13/2013

My daughters both have tons of tights, they love them, the only problem is keeping up with them and keeping them in good condition. You have came up with the solution. I thank you very much. Great idea! :)K

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