The Best Wool Socks

by Jimmie

If "cold feet" is more than just an expression, you need the best wool socks. They truly keep your feet warm during the cold winter.

Nothing can keep your feet as warm as wool socks. Honestly. I know because I'm one of those women who is "always" cold. I have learned to wear only wool socks in the winter because they are the only type of sock that can beat the chill in my toes.

Durable, Warm, and Healthy

The Best Wool Socks

But amazingly, wool is also a great fabric for wicking away moisture. So if your feet happen to get overheated, wool will wick away sweat far better than man-made fabrics will. We all know that dry, warm feet are healthy feet. This is why most hiking and outdoor sport socks are made of smart wool -- they are made especially for coping with all types of weather conditions both cold and hot.

With the new smart wools on the market, there is no need to fear itchy feet. Smart wool socks have all the warmth of wool but with none of the itch. Honest. I am a very itchy person by nature. I cannot wear normal wool, even as a top layer. But smart wool, or merino wool is not at all itchy.

Pretty Wool Socks
Pretty Wool Socks

Solid Color Cable Knit Wool Socks

Wardrobe Staple

This classic sock is always in style. The cable knit texture gives a slightly feminine appearance without being flashy. This sock comes in over twenty different colors. All the basics are represented:  black, brown, white, tan, and gray. Plus there are more adventurous colors such as green, purple, and yellow!

The socks come up to mid calf so that your ankles and lower legs are protected from drafts up your pant legs. The toe seam is smooth for comfort. Dress them up or dress them down. They are versatile.

Funky Striped Wool Socks

Pretty and Warm

You don't have to sacrifice beauty to stay warm because smart wool socks also come in funky, cheerful patterns like these patterned and striped socks. Click over to Amazon and see all the different color combinations available.

I know that winter is a dreary time for me, so I crave bright colors in my clothing to lift my spirits. It may seem silly, but bright socks really make me happy. Of course, because they are wool, my feet are warm as well. A perfect combination! 

Plain Wool Socks

HIker Crew in Smart Wool

If you want a plain wool sock or a slightly cheaper alternative to the more feminine styles above, try this unisex, calf high hiking crew. It is very soft and cushiony without adding a lot of extra bulk in your shoes.These socks come in ten different colors.

I have socks like this and I love the band of support around the instep. It grips your foot with a nice "hug" that keeps your socks from flopping around on your feet. That snug feel seems to lock in warmth too.

More Help for Cold Folks

Wearing wool thermal underwear is a wonderful solution for the woman who is always cold. It makes a dramatic difference in how you cope with winter's low temperatures.
Updated: 02/27/2012, Jimmie
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star athena on 01/25/2012

If anyone is interested in knitting wool socks, the pattern for the top pair can be found here:

Thanks for including them here!!!

Angel on 01/23/2012

I need a pair of these! My feet stay cold in the winter. I am always looking for warm socks.

fanfreluche on 01/23/2012

I have wool socks, and it's almost the only ones I wear. My mom loves to knit them, she can knit while watching TV "so she don't feel like wasting her time".

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