Thermal Underwear for Women Who Are Always Cold

by Jimmie

Wearing wool thermal underwear is a wonderful solution for the woman who is always cold. It makes a dramatic difference in how you cope with winter's low temperatures.

I am one of those women who is always cold. I suffered for many years, trying to stay warm to no avail until I discovered smart wool thermals. I thought that more clothes would equate with warmth. But that is wrong. Layering is important, but what you layer is equally as important. Four layers of cotton are not as warm as just two layers of wool.

I had thermal underwear before, but they never kept me warm. That's because they were cheap, polyester blend articles that I bought at the local superstore. You may save money with those cheap thermals, but you are not conserving any warmth.

My Story About Merino Wool Thermals

The Best Base Layer for Women

Once I discovered how well Merino Wool Minus 33 long johns keep me warm, I was more than happy to spend the money on them. They are machine washable and durable. I've had the same three pairs for over three years now and they still look and feel perfect. They do not shrink or pill, and they are not itchy.

When my friends complain about the cold, I tell them about Minus 33 wool base layers. No woman should suffer through the winter, miserable and cold. Because I love my Minus 33 thermal underwear, I want to share my experience with other cold natured women.

I only wish I had found out about them sooner. A friend from Maine shared with me the secrets of wool for staying warm. (Thank you, Deanne! This Southern girl appreciates you!)

Wool Long Johns in Three Weights

Your Secret Weapon Against Being Cold

Minus 33 wool thermals come in three different weights -- light weight, medium weight, and expedition weight.

I have both light weight and medium weight thermals in my wardrobe. The difference between the two kinds is slight but definitely perceptible. Obviously, the medium weight are slightly thicker and do keep me a tad bit warmer. The light weight thermals, as you would expect, are slightly less bulky than the medium weight. The difference can make me grab one thickness or the other depending on which pair of jeans I'm wearing them with. In fact, I can distinguish the light weight from the medium weight in the dark just from touching the thermal underwear. 

It's hard to say which weight is best for you. The expedition weight is probably not necessary unless you are going to be outdoors for extended periods of time. If you are the kind of person who is very much bothered by the bulk of layers under your clothes, try the light weight thermals. But if wearing thermals generally doesn't bother you, go for the medium weight.

The Minus 33 thermals come in different colors. Besides basic black, there is red, gray, and cream. Sizes range from XS to XXXL. 

The Medium Weight Wool Thermals in Basic Black

Minus33 100% Merino Wool Base Layer 803 Women's MidWeight Bottoms B...
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Merino Wool Thermal Underwear

From Light Weight to Heavy Weight
Minus33 100% Merino Wool Base Layer 801 Women's LightWeight Bottoms Red XL

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Minus33 100% Merino Wool Base Layer 803 Women's MidWeight Bottoms Cream Medium

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Minus33 100% Merino Wool Base Layer 809 Women's Expedition Weight Bottoms Black Small

Use a natural fiber to keep as warm as you in can in the frigid cold by wearing Minus 33's Expedition Weight Wool Bottoms.

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Staying Warm With Wool Thermals

Women are Colder Than Men

It's scientifically proven that women are colder than men. We hold more of our body heat at the core of our bodies, so our extremeties get much colder much more often than men's do.

Women also suffer from anemia (low iron) more frequently than men (as a result of monthly menstruation). Low iron counts can also make a woman feel colder than normal. Add winter temperatures to the mix, and you've got a recipe for a very cold natured woman who is "always cold."

Yes, Minus 33 wool thermals will keep you warmer. No, you can't stay outdoors for hours upon hours and stay toasty warm. But you can stay as warm as your "normal" peers who never complain about the cold. You don't need to fear running errands or leaving the comfort of your space heater because of the cold. These thermals make a huge difference.

If it seems that I'm gushing about underwear, well I am. That's just how cold natured I am and how important these clothes are to me. If you are constantly cold, all winter long, then you truly need to get yourself some wool thermals. Forget cheap versions; forget silk and man-made. Stick with natural Merino wool.

The Fit of the Wool Thermal Underwear

These Long Johns are Truly Long Enough

One of my main complaints with cheap thermals besides the fact that they never really kept me warm was that they didn't fit!


Most cheap thermals are constricting around the waist and around my calves. I say calves because I never found a pair of thermals that would actually come down to my ankles! The Minus 33 wool thermals are long and do not shrink when washed. (I am 5'8" tall, a bit taller than an average American woman.)


The waistband is comfortable and sits at the waist, not up to your bosom as so many of the cheap thermals do. I do wish that Minus 33 would come out with a below the waist thermal. It would be even more comfortable and wouldn't peek out above my jeans. But the at the waist models that are featured here are not particularly uncomfortable. They just take some time to get used to if you are not accustomed to wearing anything up at your natural waist.

Ankle Bands

The bottom of the legs are not tightly banded, so no matter where they fall on you, they do not constrict. Even when I wear thick wool socks, the thermals do not bind my ankles or calves.

Put simply, these thermals fit well and are comfortable. When I pull out a pair from my dresser, I never think, "Ugh, I have to wear those tight/short/uncomfortable thermals." Instead I think, "I'm so thankful to have my wool long johns!"

Thermal Tops for Women

Always Cold? No More!

For the top half of your body, there are long-sleeved thermal tops.

With red, gray, black, and cream, you can actually use these thermals as part of your visible wardrobe instead of hiding them under your clothes.

Note there are no boring white thermals. I love my black thermals and feel that they are far classier than the cheap white ones I used to wear. I was always embarrassed for my cheap thermals to peek out from under my sweater because people tend to make fun of my always being cold. But the Minus 33 smart wool thermal tops don't look like typical thermals. They just look like attractive, long sleeved tops.

Isn't Wool Itchy?

Smart Wool is not Itchy!

Minus 33 smart wool thermals are not itchy. I promise you! I have very sensitive skin and cannot wear normal wool without terrible discomfort, itching, and red welts rising on my skin wherever the wool touches. (I am blonde, fair skinned, with blue eyes. You can look at me and tell I have sensitive skin!)

Let me assure you, merino wool is NOT itchy. Really. It it were itchy, there is no way I could wear it directly on my skin. And I am wearing my wool thermals right now as I type this paragraph! (In December 2011.)

I have heard of some people who say that smart wool is itchy, but I honestly cannot understand that. I have some of the most sensitive skin that I know of, and I have no reaction whatsoever. All I feel is WARM.

Updated: 02/21/2012, Jimmie
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Jimmie on 12/18/2012

I wear them from Oct. to April. Our winter has been especially warm this year in Memphis, but I am still wearing them on the colder days.

Carol on 11/11/2012

Thanks for this review! I am a ColdGal (low thyroid) and am planning to live and work north of the Arctic Circle. I was attracted by the Minus33 website and am sold by your review. I may be wearing them like a second skin!

Guest on 02/11/2012

I am always cold and found out my thyroid is under active.the thermals do help.;-)

Jacko on 12/30/2011

This is the solution to the problem many women have this time of year. Good post i am sharing the link.

Happy new year.

Michaela on 12/13/2011

Thank you, I appreciate this information so much! I am always cold and no matter what I try (new thick coat, new fleece jacket, ...) nothing seems to help much.
I've never thought of buying thermal underwear of the kind you suggested and I hope I'll be able to find this here in Germany, too.
Thanks again - just what I needed! :)

Sara on 12/12/2011

I am like you, always cold. Guess will have to try these. Thanks for the information.

sheilamarie on 12/07/2011

I am a coldy, too. Sounds like a great idea.

dak on 12/07/2011

This was new to me. Thank you so much for this erudite and informative article.

ethelsmith on 12/06/2011

At my age I get too hot but this is a great page for those who don't. Hope Santa reads Wizzley

dustytoes on 12/06/2011

I don't have this problem (always being cold) at the present time, but I love smart wool socks! Excellent for winter. You are correct - Smart wool is not scratchy (IMHO).

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