Stories of Mental Illness

by Michael_Koger

Mental health and mental illness comprise a major public health problem across the globe.

With the advent of psychotropic agents over the last century, management of mental illness has changed dramatically. There has also been a great deal of revision of human rights law in psychiatric facilities especially in the United States. Regardless of whether one has serious mental illness or not, everyone must learn about it and become aware of its occurrence.

Aspects of Mental Illness

It is when you are depressed

Because you are so stressed.

It is when you can’t go on

Think about your spawn.


It is when the voices tell you

They will control you too.

It is when you do drugs

That you lack a nice mug.


It is when no one understands

Doesn’t mean you are canned.

It is when your parent takes his own life

You can go on amid the strife.


It is when you cut your arm

Some hospital will lessen the harm.

And did you survive?

You are still alive.


It is when your mood swings

You need the doctor’s things.

And when they give you restraints

They’re no fun to acquaint.


They gave you medication

Because they found a justification.

It’s when a patient attacks you

Don’t blame you for feeling blue.


It is when you say you are ill

Life’s troubles may someday be nil.

It is when you advise others to get help

Doubt that you will yelp.


Treatment team sends you home

Now it is time to roam.

You return to work

That’s no longer murk.


Now that therapy is going well

Good to be back home—you can tell.

And the doctor’s visits are good

You knew you could.


Time to meet new people

Start where there’s always a steeple.

The whole country knows you?

You’ll help more than a few.


You have written a book

Tell the fans it’s worth a look.

In essence, you have made it to fame

Now they know it’s not a game.


You have kicked the habit

Now you don’t need to have it.

Ah, it’s because you have that insight

And you have developed that which is right.


It is when the seizures are gone

Now you know the show is on.

It is when sleep is good

You can still think of childhood.


It is when you don’t want a drink

That you pour it down the sink.

Now you give your testimony

This, in fact, is nothing phony.


You have seen medicine at work

And you tell others don’t shirk.

You brought someone to the doctor

Your move is bound to stop her.


And that is the story of one who got better

Read his or her book—actually a letter.

What is most important in the skit?

This is one—who never quit.


Thank you,


Michael Koger, Sr.

Copyright 2018

All rights reserved.


Disclaimer:  The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only, and one should not use it for diagnosis or treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact their physician for advice.


Updated: 12/26/2018, Michael_Koger
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