Plush Angry Bird Toys

by Marie

What are the best Stuffed Angry Birds? You can find the best selection of current Angry Bird Plush toys right here from the quirky looking birds to the pig plushies and more.

You'll find a great selection of Stuffed Angry Birds on this page - not just the standard bird plushies but also some of the more unusual and limited edition birds. I don't leave their arch enemies The Pigs out either!

My favorite Angry Birds character is the brilliant Black Bird, otherwise known as Bomb Bird or Kamikaze Bird because of his habit of blowing things up! I have a whole page dedicated to this Angry Bird too.

Unusual Angry Birds

Angry Birds Star Wars Bird Yoda 5" Plush with Sound

Angry Birds & Star Wars have teamed up to make the most exciting Angry Birds Game release to date!

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Angry Birds Star Wars Bird Luke 5" Plush with Sound and Helmet

Angry Birds & Star Wars have teamed up to make the most exciting Angry Birds Game release to date!

Only $59.99

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Angry Birds 5" Limited Edition Christmas Plush - Blue Bird (No Sound)

Now your favorite Angry Birds characters are available wearing Christmas Holiday Stocking Hats!!! A must for every Angry Birds fan!!! Angry Birds in the #1 download app with ove...

$55.0  $19.99

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Limited Editions

There's a big selection of limited edition Stuffed Angry Bird toys available. My daughter's first choice is the pig with pink earmuffs! How cute is that.

My personal favorites are the Halloween Angry Birds. The pig with the pumpkin hat is ideal for a fall or halloween pumpkin display. And the red bird with devil horns is an evil looking guy isn't he.

For fantasy fans of movies and books like Harry Potter, the Angry Birds with wizard hats are a must. If I had one of these he'd probably be called 'Gandalf' as I'm a huge fan of 'The Lord of the Rings.'

I'm also very fond of the Angry Birds Frankenstein Bird which is just a normal Black or Bomb Bird with screws in the side of his head and stitches across his forehead. That's one really cool plush bird.

Which Angry Bird?

Angry Birds 5" Plush Black Bird with Sound

NEW Angry Birds Plush! Black 5 Plush Bird! Official Licensed Product!

$29.99  $24.9

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Angry Birds 5" Plush Red Bird with Sound

NEW Angry Birds Plush! Red 5 Plush Bird! Official Licensed Product!

$44.0  $22.48

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Angry Birds 5" Plush Blue Bird with Sound

NEW Angry Birds Plush! Blue 5 Plush Bird! Official Licensed Product!

Only $51.0

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These 5 inch Stuffed Angry Bird super soft plush toys are small enough to fit in most Christmas stockings and also come with authentic sounds from the Angry Birds game.

How to Play Angry Birds

If you don't know how Angry Birds, the video game, is played (and many parents and carers don't) it pretty much involves catapulting or firing a bird towards a building or construction containing their arch-enemies The Pigs and getting it to collapse on them. Sounds silly but it is tremendous fun and kids love it. It is also educational because it helps kids to learn about physics of birds in flight.

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Angry Bird Game Ideas

Kids invent silly games to play

KNOCK 'EM DOWN: My daughter's favorite game is to line up The Pig plushies on her bed and throw a bird at them to knock them over. A bit like a variation on skittles. If she didn't have some Angry Bird Pigs and Birds then she wouldn't find this nearly so fun. Simple games like this appeal to young children - I don't mind because it's helping to improve her aim no end!

EXPLODING BIRDS: Another favorite is to play something like volleyball with the Angry Birds Black Bird. The object of the game is to get the bird to 'explode' - just like it does in the game. This means that the person 'catching' the bird is meant to hit it back over an obstacle - for us it's a table. If this target is achieved then the bird 'explodes.' That just means that my daughter makes a ton of bomb noises! Most kids love games which involve throwing, catching and being loud!

Fun Ball Play

Koosh Angry Birds Star Wars Galactic Empire, 3-Pack

Launch into action with Angry Birds Star Wars and this Galactic Empire 3-Pack of collectible Koosh Faceballs. Create your own Imperial Army with these Darth Vader and Storm troo...

$6.99  $5.99

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The Angry Birds Plush Ball should be sold in assorted sets of 3

Based on the #1 mobile game in the Apple App Store with more than 100 million downloads, these adorable 5" plush figures are officially licensed and manufactured by Hartz. Angry...

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Why Buy More than 1 Angry Bird Plush?

You might wonder why kids are keen to have more than one Stuffed Angry Bird toy. One is nice to cuddle and if it has sound like the Angry Bird plushies above then that's a great novelty too.

But having only one Angry Bird seriously limits the games that kids can invent themselves and play. The smaller Angry Bird plushies can be bought in sets which makes them great value and good for fun games like the ones I outline on the left.

Angry Bird Ideas

If you're looking for Angry Bird gift ideas for Christmas or Birthdays then you will find a great selection of suggestions on my Angry Bird pages.

For ideas on gifts for party bags or Christmas stockings, see my Angry Birds Stocking Stuffers page which is packed with small and inexpensive treats.

The Black Bird is my personal favorite and has gift selections for any Black Bird fan. 

Article Thumbnail Image Credit: Shared with a CC License by etee on Flickr

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Marie on 11/30/2011

My daughter loves them and I know my nieces do as well because they play the Angry Bird games on their mobile phones. They are oddly cute! Thanks for stopping by.

Ralpapajan on 11/30/2011

I really love these. Sort of thing my granddaughter and great-niece would love. Must think about getting one.

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