Stuffed Owl Toys

by Marie

A Stuffed Owl is a great gift for someone who loves birds or for a fan of the Snowy Owl, Hedwig in Harry Potter. Stuffed Owls are popular with babies, toddlers, kids and adults.

Stuffed Owl toys have always been popular but never more so then after Harry Potter when every aspiring wizard suddenly wanted an owl of their own. If a child wants a Harry Potter Owl like Hedwig then you need to look for a Snowy Owl Plush like the one featured.

On this page, you'll find lots of types of different plush owl toys which will appeal to both kids and adult collectors and I'm sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Also included are some very sweet and baby-safe owls that babies and toddlers can enjoy.

Plush Toy Owls

Snowy Owls are Best for Harry Potter Fans

I'm not recommending the official Harry Potter owl because it apparently is not very cuddly at all - and what child wants a plush toy which isn't cuddly? There are 3 plush owls which I think are deserving of the Hedwig, Harry Potter Owl title.

First up is the Snow Owl plush by Russ. This is a realistic looking, 11 inch stuffed owl. He has the markings that most Snowy Owls have as, contrary to popular opinion, these owls are not pure white at all. Many Harry Potter fans opt for the Aurora plush, 12 inch owl who they say is super soft and snuggly. One customer purchased this owl to match with a Harry Potter costume at Halloween.

For an owl that kids can really play and interact with, there is an amazing Snowy Owl puppet. The head of the owl can be moved with a 'stick' tucked deep inside the puppet and the wings can flap freely or be clasped together using velcro. A lady bought this very owl for her husband who collects them. She recalls that she spent a lot of money on other gifts but it was this Snowy Owl that impressed him the most and he wanted to show it off.

Stuffed Barn Owl

Collectors of owls or bird plush pets will want to get hold of soft toys which are a little more unique. Here's a wonderful Barn Owl which is the most life-like that I've come across on my stuffed toy travels. Guardians of Ga'Hoole book fans should like this.

One little girl constructed an owl box as a school assignment and got this Barn Owl to fit in it as he was realistic looking. What a great idea.

Barney is a great choice for older children and adults. He's not a baby or toddler-safe owl and needs to be adopted by someone who will cherish and look after him.

Fluffy Eared Owl

The stuffed Horned Owl plush has wonderful fluffy ears which give him a professor style look! He is a 12 inch soft toy and perfect for an owl colletor OR to educate kids on different owl varieties. This guy is bursting with character and I love his big, wide eyes.

There are many species of 'Horned Owls' who generally have ear tufts. This one I think has been made to look like a Great Horned Owl as the male adults have a brown, gray or reddish face and a white patch on the throat. Whatever variety of Horned Owl this stuffed toy is, he's truly one that's worth collecting.

Magical Green Forest Owl

This adorable green owl is safe as a baby and toddler toy and it does indeed look like he sits in an enchanted forest. It actually matches an entire Enchanted Forest Nursery range which is handy if you are buying this cutie for a baby.

The colors of this stuffed owl are completely suitable for a boy or a girl and would match wonderfully in a yellow, green, forest, wood animal or bird themed nursery. Customers rave about how their young children became instantly attached to this owl. One 18 month girl had trouble sleeping until she got this guy, now she easily falls asleep cuddling him. So cute!

Baby-Safe Owl Toys

Babies and toddlers seem to gravitate towards owls. Maybe it's because many owl toys have very wide eyes and babies like that because they can easily see the eyes.

I love the Skip Owl Actvity toy plush. This fantastic baby and toddler toy has a hidden squeaker 'baby' owl who is hiding in Mama Owl's pocket!

With lots of activities including a baby-safe mirror, textured sounds, rattles, crinkles and teethers - it has more than enough to entertain baby. And at night-time he's wonderful to cuddle up with too.

Here also is a cute taggie owl 'clock' which will attach to a stroller or diaper bag to keep baby or toddler amused. Babies love to look at themselves and they will do with this safe mirror.

What about a cloth book which babies can safely chew. We loved cloth books when my daughter was a baby because she could chew these without damage instead of ruining a board book and they are easy to wash too. A pretty book with adorable animal characters.

Babies don't need tons of different toys, in fact they enjoy some repetition and toys which they can be familiar with. I would prefer to invest in fewer quality toys for baby than lots of ones which are not going to stimulate or do anything for your child.

Owls for Babies

Skip Hop Hug and Hide Activity Toy, Owl

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Taggies Owl Clock

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Lamaze Cloth Book, Peek-A-Boo Forest

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Marie on 01/10/2012

Thank you @bhthanks. They are very comforting - hugging is good for the soul.

bhthanks on 01/09/2012

Plush toys are very soft and comforting, and the owls are wise looking, sweet and adorable.

Marie on 12/13/2011

Thanks Ethel, yes I think Harry Potter fans will like these too. Hedwig the owl was a much loved character.

ethelsmith on 12/10/2011

Ah how sweet. The more realistic looking ones will appeal to Harry Potter fans

Marie on 12/10/2011

I wish we could hear owls here. We used to get a lot more wildlife when we lived in a more rural area but then we were miles from anywhere and it got a bit too isolated. Thank you for your visit!

sheilamarie on 12/10/2011

I love these owls! My granddaughter is fascinated with the fact we can sometimes hear owls at our house. She may need one of these.

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