Summer Activities: Jewelry Classes

by lakeerieartists

Looking for something to do this summer? Why not take a jewelry class and learn a new craft or art skill that you can use to make gifts for yourself and friends.

If you are looking for something to do this summer, one of the most popular summer activities for adults and teens is to take jewelry classes. Many local art studios and craft galleries will offer classes taught by the artists whose work they sell, or by local artists looking for an alternative way to make a bit more money.

Most summer art classes are designed for beginners, and have projects in mind so that the students can complete a project in the amount of time that the class takes. It is not until you get to more advanced classes that students can pick their own projects and spend time in the studio by themselves creating jewelry. Classes are usually just a couple of hours, enough time to have fun with your friends, make a necklace, earrings, or bracelet, and not get too frustrated in the process. Some art galleries make classes into a party by offering wine and food with the class.

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How to Decide Which Jewelry Class to Take

Although many jewelry classes are designed for absolute beginners, it is also true that some classes will have students that are much more skilled.  The best way to determine if the class you want is right for you, is to call the art studio or school, and ask.

If you are a beginner, or just looking for a fun class to take for a one time experience, then look for classes that are one day sessions, usually for just a few hours.  Most beginning jewelry making projects can be finished within 2 to 3 hours.

Below I am going to list some beginning classes that we give at my gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, Lake Erie Artists Gallery.  These are typical of what you will find when you start looking for easy jewelry classes in your local area.

Beading Classes

In my gallery, I offer three beading classes, each one which lasts just 2 hours.  Some people finish the class in about an hour and a half, while the rest take the entire two hours.

Most students sign up for our beginning beading class which is a class where a student can make a beaded bracelet with a toggle clasp in two hours time.  This class is easy enough for someone that has no beading experience whatsoever, and is fun to do for a group.

I have had women's clubs sign up as a group and do the class together, and it is a lot of fun.

Jewelry Making Classes Using Wire

The ring pictured at the top of this article is a jewelry class that we call the Fused Twisted Ring.  This is a class that uses only two items to make the project, a soldering torch, and some argentium silver wire.  Classes using metal wire as a basis for the project are an easier type of class than when a student needs to cut metal out with a saw.  Other wire classes are wire wrapping, chain maille, and hammering classes.

Metal Stamping Classes

In the last few years, metal stamping has become more popular as a jewelry technique, along with embossing metal.  These have come out of the paper crafting field as they are techniques used with paper as well.  When you apply the techniques to metal, you end up with an antiqued look, and vintage feel to a jewelry piece. 

Another technique that works well with these is riveting.  Riveting is a way of attaching two pieces of metal together with a rivet (looks similar to a nail).

This area of making jewelry has just become more popular in the last year or two year, and is one that you may find classes in your area.  We are planning to add these classes over the next several months, because they entail getting a new set of supplies.  These techniques are easy for beginners, and are not expensive.

Making Jewelry Classes a Group Activity

To be honest, although you can take a class by yourself, taking a jewelry class is a lot more fun with a friend.  You and your friend can learn together, then go out for a snack or dinner afterward.  These classes are also great ideas for teenagers who are often at loose ends during the summer.  They do not have to have experience, but they will need their full concentration to meet the requirements for the class.  Mothers and daughters also have a lot of fun sharing a jewelry class.

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Don't Have Time to Take a Jewelry Class?

Rio Grande has loads of great jewelry making teaching videos online

More Summer Activities

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kajohu on 07/08/2011

Taking a jewelry making class this summer sounds like a fun activity, even though I'm a rank beginner. I'd love to find a class that also offers wine and food during the class :-)

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