Summer vacation plans

by ethelsmith

Christmas is hardly over yet, so why start thinking about next year's summer vacation. Well because right now could be the best time to plan ahead.

Menorca, a Balearic Island
Menorca, a Balearic Island

The advantages of booking early

Everything that we do in this life has some pros and some cons. It is all about weighing up both sides and deciding what is right for you.

Booking next year's Summer vacation early has many advantages such as :

  • If you plan to travel abroad there are only so many brilliant places to visit and stay. Leave it too late to book your summer vacation and the best places will have already been picked over. You could be left with a second rate hotel in a second rate resort.
  • If your choice is very popular it will soon be fully booked.
  • In order to attract customers travel agents are offering special discounts this year.As businesses struggle to survive it is certainly a "buyer's market".
  • It is easier to budget for a vacation if you plan early. You will have plenty of time to save up the balance of your holiday payment and some spending money.
  • Early bookings usually offer the option to pay a very low deposit payment.
Spread the cost
Spread the cost

OK, so the disadvantages

Well you could find that for you the disadvantages are:

  • If you can be flexible great last minute deals are sometimes available.
  • You may not have decided if you can afford a vacation next year. Book early and you could lose your deposit.
  • You may still have to decide where you want to visit.
  • Health issues and more may mean that you have to wait to book your next holiday.
  • The global economy could make a foreign holiday expensive in some countries.
  • Civil unrest could swamp a country that you are planning to visit.
(C) ethel smith
(C)ethel smith
(C) ethel smith


I was prompted to create this page having today, December 27, booked a vacation for us  for next year. Wanting to return to the same place, resort and hotel meant that places were tight. It is a small hotel with only around 40 rooms, which is part of the appeal of course. Many visitors return year after year after year and so booking early is a must.

The added bonus was booking online early meant that there was a special discount. All in all not a bad deal for us. Early booking means that you get the deal that you want.

One final consideration could also be the fact that some travel companies are struggling to survive. In the UK travel giant Thomas Cook is having to close some of its stores and restructure its business affairs. The current economic crisis could see some travel companies fold meaning there will be less choice available.

This is why it is very important to only use reputable, long established companies. Thomas Cook's financial problems have highlighted that no company is safe but at least those in the UK that are ABTA bonded mean your money is safe, should the worst happen. Presumably other countries offer similar protection for would be vactioners.

If you book early the bonus will also be that you have a Summer Vacation to dream about when the cold winter months of a New Year begin to bite. Roll on Summer, indeed.

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Updated: 12/27/2011, ethelsmith
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Sheetal on 03/12/2014

Great to read. I have planned for St Maarten island for this summer, wonderful place to visit. Hope this might be helpful for people who is looking forward to plan

Ernesto Hugo on 02/03/2014

Good article. Just love the way you write...crisp and to the point

ethelsmith on 05/26/2012

Thanks Tolovaj. Yes to each his own. There are last minute deals to be had but looking forward to a vacation is part of the fun too.

Tolovaj on 05/26/2012

I think some of us are more 'booking early' and 'others last minute material'. Me personally like to know in advance where, when and for how long am going, but also understand the thrill of impulsive decision.
Menorca looks tempting. Summer is near, so... Have a great time!

ethelsmith on 01/04/2012

HI Lissie part of it is as hubby and I have to book leave from work early. And of course we want to ensure we get into out favourite haunt. We Brits are nuts ya know lol
Yes bhtanks last minute deals are good but booking early gives you time to save up for it. The images here remind me so much of our last vacation and the one to come

Lissie on 01/04/2012

Its one of the things I find incomprehensible about England and Ireland - my Irish sister in law will book a summer holiday in the next few weeks too! If I manage to book a flight a few months out that's very early for me - the accommodation I rarely book in advance!

bhthanks on 01/04/2012

The pictures on this page are beautiful. You make very good points about planning early for summer vacation. We really should do it, but we tend to plan things last minute, and often we don't even go on summer vacation! but we should...

ethelsmith on 12/31/2011

Thanks Katie. Yes I can't wait either lol

katiem2 on 12/30/2011

There is no better time to make vacation summer plans, oh I can't wait, thanks for the amazing facts and tips on vacation plans. Katie

ethelsmith on 12/29/2011

Thanks Sam

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