Survive December: Christmas & New Year Health & Diet

by wrylilt

November, December and January are usually the months when everyone drinks, eats and parties too much. Here are some tips for staying healthy!

Too much rich food isn't good for your Christmas diet!
Too much rich food isn't good for you...

The three months surrounding Christmas can be full of a wide range of rich foods, too much alcohol and too little exercise. But by taking a few simple steps before, after and during this festive time of year, it's possible to stay healthy and not gain too much extra weight! This year, make your New Year's Resolution

"Stepping Into The New Year Fit and Healthy!"

Before the Festive Season Starts

If you've kept up a good health regimen in the months leading up to December, you're much more likely to get through the festive season without too many adverse effects. Here are some things you can do in the months leading up to December to get your body in ultimate shape to party.

  • Skip the alcohol - cut down your calories and increase your energy by cutting back on your alcohol intake. Try and keep your drinking down to one day a week - your body will likely get enough alcohol in the silly season!
  • Get more sleep - make sure you get a full night's sleep every night and skip going out every weekend. 
  • Get extra healthy - increase your intake of vegetables, fresh fruit and fibre so your body is at its peak performance.
  • Get more exercise - try and exercise at least four days a week. Even if it means taking the stairs instead of the elevator!

At The Christmas Parties

If you only have one or two Christmas parties this year, a bit of over indulgence won't hurt. But if you've got a party every weekend, and a few week nights as well, it's important to take precautions to keep yourself healthy - you wouldn't want to have to skip a party because you've come down with a bug or have a really bad hangover!

  • Eat Healthy Before Hand - Get a good start by having healthy food the day of the party. You'll not only have more energy, your body will thank you for it!
  • Don't skip a meal - if you eat only one big meal or lots of small snacks during the day, your body will be out of kilter. You'll be more likely to fill up on snack foods at the party and react too fast to small amounts of alcohol.
  • Settle in first - don't start drinking and eating straight away at the party. Have a chat, say hi to your friends. Enjoy some water or fruit juice before you hit the hard stuff, so your body is hydrated.
  • Skip the boring - because you can easily consume your dietary intake with a small amount of snacks, try and avoid things you'd have every day. Instead, choose snacks that you don't usually have or ones you really enjoy. 

On Christmas Day

Christmas day is usually packed full of rich food and alchol. Of course, one day of over indulgence won't hurt you, but you are likely to feel sluggish and tired after a full day of it. 

  • Start with healthy snacks - ahead of heavy, rich meals, serve and eat healthy dips and whole wheat crisps - try and avoid too much salt.
  • Eat some salad, vegetables or light sea food - it'll help fill you without the heavy weight of too much meat.
  • Drink water - some alcohol is fine, but don't forget to keep yourself hydrated so your brain will stay active!
  • Get active - enjoy a game of baseball or cricket in the backyard, or just get outside so you can clear your head and get some fresh air.
Use your extra holiday time to exercise, not veg!
Use your extra holiday time to exerci...


After Christmas and New Year's celebrations comes the downhill slide into another year. But don't let it get you down too fast - stay healthy!

  • If you're on holidays, use the extra time to go for a walk or bike ride instead of sitting at home in front of the TV or computer.
  • New year's resolution - resolve to do something healthy, whether it's skip one take out meal a week or just to take an extra walk on Saturday morning.
Updated: 12/03/2011, wrylilt
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cmoneyspinner on 08/27/2013

Yes! I am going to do this! UM ... I'm gonna try.
OK. If not this new year, then the next new year. :)

That part about not drinking and eating straight away?
Sorry. Got no will power. If the food is out I'm going straight for the table!
Hey! I'm not there for socializing! :) :)

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