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Meet Sylvestermouse

Who is Sylvestermouse?

Depending on who you ask, the question, "who is Sylvestermouse?", has many answers. 

To my family, Sylvestermouse is a devoted wife and mother who strives to make our house a home:  A place of peace and safety; a refuge that remains as untouched by the world as possible.

To my siblings, Sylvestermouse is a crazy sister who is willing to join them in almost any adventure and, though we live to tell others about it, we usually don't.  We share a lifetime of secrets, personal thoughts and private jokes.

To my parents, I am an opinionated, headstrong defender of anyone or anything perceived as weaker.  Of course, they worry about me, but they love me and support me in spite of my many campaigns and antics. 

Growing up, I was one of my father's fishing buddies, skiing companions and an overall daddy's girl.  My mother and I share a love for music, flowers, sewing and cooking. 

We all share a love for animals. Throughout my life, we have had many family pets, but there has only been one mouse.

Why Sylvestermouse?

I love mice!  Those fast moving, furry critters have always fascinated me. 

On vacation one year, we stopped at the local general store to buy soft drinks. As we were leaving the store, my brother spotted a tiny little mouse at the side of the building. He grabbed a dixie cup, caught the little mouse and handed him to me.  I immediately dubbed him Sylvester. The name was actually bigger than the mouse. Nevertheless, Sylvester went on vacation with us, where he resided in various containers.  When we got back home, I purchased a huge fish tank for Sylvester, filled it with fresh bedding, a running wheel, a food bowl and a water bottle. 

Sylvester the mouse lived for several years in that glass tank, which was placed right beside my own bed.  He was loved and adored all the days of his life.

When my children were young, we purchased our first computer and signed up for AOL.  I had no idea what name I should use for my screen name.  Of course, at the time, I doubted that anyone other than my children would ever send me an email.  We considered several different suggestions, but we finally selected Sylvestermouse, after my first beloved pet.

Sylvestermouse Today

It has been over 20 years since I became Sylvestermouse online.  My online interests have grown beyond emails.  When I first discovered Ebay and Amazon, I thought they were awesome resources for purchasing items online.  I absolutely fell in love with the idea of online shopping and having my purchases delivered right to my own door.

After a couple of years of buying from these sites, I opened the House of Sylvestermouse on Ebay.  Wow!  Talk about a roller coaster ride!  It was a lot of work, but I had actually discovered a way to make money online.  Fabulous!

Since I was a stay at homSylvestermousee mom and we lived on one income, money was tight.  It was such an awesome experience to actually have money for McDonald's happy meals without having to save change for a week.  The sells I made on Ebay gave us a little spending cash, as my precious grandmother would refer to it. 

And then came Squidoo!  Woot! (as my giant squid challenge leader would say).  Squidoo has been another roller coaster ride, to say the least.  With Squidoo came the discovery of online friends and a little more spending cash.  I had never been in a chat room before in my life and I absolutely rolled with laugher over some of the things people would actually say online!

My Squidoo friends have also encouraged me to open my Zazzle store and start a few blogs.  I wish I could say that due to these online ventures, I am now independently wealthy.  LOL!  Far from it!  I can say that I have something much more valuable than money; my friends. 

To all my friends, I salute you and thank you for bringing so much fun into my life! 

Fun with Sylvestermouse
Fun with Sylvestermouse

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happynutritionist on 09/14/2014

What a cute wizzography, I have always love your mouse...I love mice too, as long as they stay out of my kitchen cabinets...of course you are welcome any time, I'm sure I'll know it's you since you are

Raintree on 08/27/2014

Wonderful getting to know you a little more and the history behind your name !

RuthCox on 08/26/2014

You are the only mouse in the house that meets with my approval! I am glad I met you on Squidoo and so look forward to sharing the future of our writing paths.

puerdycat on 06/26/2011

nice getting to know you!

tandemonimom on 06/20/2011

Hi Cynthia! Nice to get to know you a little better.

ajgodinho on 06/10/2011

Nice to know the history behind sylvestermouse...great to see you here! :)

sheilamarie on 06/03/2011

Now I'm impressed! A captured mouse who slept by your bed for years! I once had a friend with a pet white rat she called Errol Flynn. My "mouse pets" have mostly been ones who have worn out their welcome, though I still think they're cute. Rural living!
I love your blue mouse. I love the name, too.
I'm glad to know you a little better, Sylvestermouse!

Ramkitten on 06/03/2011

So, THAT's where your name came from. I once rescued a gerbil from a science experiment, brought him home (where he lived for a very long time ... at least 10 years), and named him Bananas. And if I hadn't gotten the nickname Ramkitten soon after first using the internet, that could very well have become my screen name. Bananas would have been appropriate, too. :-) Anyhow, so nice to know more about you. I'm definitely a fan.

ohcaroline on 06/03/2011

You are a treasured online friend, Cynthia, er ah, Sylvestermouse! You are getting to be quite the entrepreneur.

AJ on 06/02/2011

Oh I love the story of Sylvester the Mouse - brilliant!

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