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Symbols, traditions, and beliefs - they all get associated with the festivals we celebrate. It is interesting to know how these symbols got connected with the Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick the patron saint of Ireland did much to conserve the old culture even when he was preaching Christianity. Since he grew up with old traditions and the Irish culture when he was serving as a slave, he learned to appreciate the old beliefs and customs. His analogy of the Trinity to a local plant shamrock and also the use of Celtic cross in his doctrines are examples of his pragmatic preaching’s.

Saint Patric's Day a holiday that has its roots in Ireland is a holiday and the entire world celebrates it in honour of Saint Patrick.

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The Shamrock – 3 Leaf Clover









The most traditional symbol of Saint Patrick's Day is the Shamrock.

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Saint Patrick's Day Symbols

Saint Patrick's Day Symbols
Saint Patrick's Day Symbols
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If you believe in the legends of Saint Patrick, it mentions the use of the three leaves of shamrock plant for explaining the triage in the Holy Trinity according to Christianity about the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son.










St. Patrick revealed the meaning of the Trinity by using it as an example to explain the trilogy by picking a shamrock, the 3 leaf clover from the ground which grew rampant everywhere in the green country of Ireland. Each leaf of the shamrock explained the function and existence of Holy Trinity. His listeners and followers carried it over to signify the entity of God in 3 persons.

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Shamrock Contd.

According to a notable botanist John Parnell who taught in the Trinity College in Dublin Ireland in 2010, the most common plant resembling shamrock is the Trifolium Dubium. Since it closely appears as the same shamrock that dated back to 17th and 18th centuries, it justifies the claim to the authenticity. Of many other plants that resemble shamrock such as the perennials Trifolium repens and Medicago lupulina are not official shamrocks though they are three leaf clovers too.

Moreover, the botanists say that there is nothing extraordinary about the shamrocks, there are many species that are 3 leaf clovers existing throughout the Europe. People could have used any of these clover species in the festivals that happened to germinate in spring.

The custom of wearing shamrock on the apparel would have just happened and the native Gaels would have connected it to prosperity and luck.

The Colour Green – Taken from the Viridescent Shamrock


Another traditional symbol of Saint Patrick's Day is the Green Colour of shamrock.

While there are many shades of green, the popular colour that is chosen for the celebrations is from the 3 leaf clover. It would be surprising to note that the actual colour of St, Patrick was not green but blue. However, in 20th century the world celebrates the festive season in green.

The symbol of Ireland was chosen as green perhaps because the country has plenty of rain and mist and the greenery is astounding. There is a reason the country is famously known as Emerald Isle. The panoramic landscape, green terrain qualifies and justifies the celebrity colour of green. Wearing green gear is considered as paying tribute to Ireland. Moreover, it is also thought to be lucky, who knows you might hit a pot of gold.

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Leprechauns – The Mischievous Faeries of Ireland


The Irish fairy is a naughty entity that is usually a dwarf around not more than two feet tall. The name leprechaun derived from the dictionary of old Irish language which is “luchorpan” the little body. Dressed like a shoemaker, it resembles the assistant of Santa Claus but not for a friendly visit.


According to the myth, these Irish fairies need not be angel-like, they are often unfriendly and always up to some mischief. They possess a secret treasure of gold and would not like to part with it.

Catching a leprechaun is quite tricky, if you lose him even for a second; it is the end of your treasure hunt. It disappears as the slightest hunch and along with it the dream of your treasure vanishes.

Be wary as it has a tendency to turn violent.

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The Harp – Traditional Musical Instrument of Ireland


The Harp is a symbol of Ireland proudly showcased on residential flags and official stuff. Although not as widely used as shamrock, it is an important symbol and appears on Irish coins and official documents.

The ancient traditional musical instrument is the harp that the musicians chose to accompany. The harpists and Gaelic bards occupied a revered status in old Ireland. They were honoured and they used to entertain kings and chiefs of the Gaelic clans. The harp is shown on the official gear, the flags, uniforms, official seals and in many other items.

The famous O’ Carolan was one of the noted harpists of Ireland, the country owes many melodious tunes created by him that you can find even today. Irish dancers swaying and sashaying in rhythm on these melodies is a common sight on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Celtic High Cross

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According to you which is the most important symbol of Saint Patrick's Day?

The Celtic Cross and Celtic Knots







In order to win over the hearts of Irish people Saint Patrick used the Celtic Cross. He used the sun on the Christian Cross which Christians treat it as a sacred symbol to represent the symbol of Celtic Cross. It cannot be more natural and happening to the Irish.





You will find many artefacts, plaques and tapestries showcasing Celtic Knots that carry the message and Irish blessings.

The Blarney Stone


Not as popular as the other symbols, it carries a special meaning in the life of Irish.

The Blarney Stone is casted on a set and is present in the Blarney village in Ireland. It is mounted on the wall of Blarney Castle. The stone is thought to be half of the stone of Scone from Scotland. It was a custom to crown Scottish Kings over the stone for the reason it was believed to have special powers.


It is believed to have magical properties, whoever touches and kissed the blarney stone gets the gift of gab – the power of eloquence and conviction.

Reaching the stone is the difficult part, it is mounted on the top and one needs to follow many tedious stone spiral staircases to reach the spectacular view. With a lush green Ireland, the landscape of the countryside and the village you are bound to find the venture blissful.

Four Leaf Clover Charm on YouTube

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