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by Seelyon

Stop the hunt for games like Final Fantasy Tactics, I've got the only three games you'll ever need in the genre on this page. While I love Final Fantasy my favourite game in the fr

Stop the hunt for games like Final Fantasy Tactics, I've got the only three games you'll ever need in the genre on this page. While I love Final Fantasy my favourite game in the franchise was definitely Tactics for the way it enhanced the tactical elements.

If you're unfamiliar with Final Fantasy Tactics series the game is still based on the original FF but with some slight changes to the proven formula. Most notable differences are the more dynamic field and random encounter changes.

FF Tactics might be the shining star of the genre but it's definitely not alone with a huge amount of games using this tactical element. After playing many I've picked my three favourites, if you've got different tastes to my own be sure to suggest your own alternatives in the comment section.

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Hero Academy

One Of The Most Recent Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

Mobile gaming has picked up a lot of ground in recent years and tactical RPG style games definitely thrive in this space. Of all the options out there my favourite so far is Hero Academy (available oniOS, Android and more recently PC).

The game is a casual option and the focus for me was definitely in the multiplayer (you can even connect iOS and PC versions together). This meant I was constantly challenges as I was taking on other players rather than the computer, this does mean that you lose some of the RPG/story elements that Final Fantasy Tactics so if you're a story buff you'll want to go elsewhere, I'm really just one for the gameplay.

The game uses a medieval-esque setting so you'll have swords, magic and all sorts of unique heroes to use. I also like recommending this game first on this list of games like Final Fantasy Tactics because I think it's one of the easier to learn mechanical wise while I find other games in this genre can sometimes be a tad complex for newcomers or less experienced gamers in the genre.

Wakfu & Dofus

One Of The Online MMO Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

Wakfu and Dofus have been around for a long time and are two separate (but story connected) MMO games like Final Fantasy Tactics. If you want a tactical game with turn based combat that comes with a strong community behind it (millions strong).

As a MMO style game you'll start with a weak character and gain experience to grow them along your own skill and stat requirements. I've always liked the MMO formula because you build a real connection to your character over time and they generally offer great depth in development opportunities (and Wakfu/Dofus are no exception).

If you want a game that blends a great combat system that feels a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics but has MMO elements (guilds, friends, levels, etc.) then you'll want to look at either Dofus or Wakfu.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

One Of The Classic Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

A list of games like FF Tactics wouldn't be complete without a Fire Emblem game and for this spot I've featuring the most latest game (Fire Emblem: Awakening) for the Nintendo 3DS. If you're not familiar with the franchise it started all the way back in 1990 so it's definitely been around the block more than once.

As the series has been around for nearly two decades the more newer additions have changed up the formula quite a bit and Awakening is no exception with some mechanics that really change up the franchise. With these changes I believe that the game has enough for long term fans like myself but also doesn't require playing the previous ones to understand the game.

Fire Emblem: Awakening is as true as you'll get in the tactical RPG genre and is simply a must play, even if you have to borrow someone's 3DS (like I did) it's well worth it.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

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