Tapestry: Textile Wall Art for Home or Office

by lakeerieartists

Create a warmth and unique look with wall tapestries instead of traditional art for your home or office decor.

Wall tapestries are one of the forgotten arts today. In ancient and medieval times, hand woven wall tapestries were used to depict historical scenes, and keep the cold stone walls of buildings warm by helping to retain the heat from fireplaces. When central heating became available in modern times, much of the use of wall tapestries went out of vogue.

Hand designing and producing wall tapestries from any textile material is expensive and labor intensive, making hand woven wall tapestries too expensive for the average person to afford.

Wall Tapestries Used to Be Used to Help Keep Rooms Warm Before Modern Heating

But they still retain the warmth of feeling

Yet there is a certain charm to wall tapestries.  Due to the nature of the textile fibers, wall tapestries create a warm atmosphere to a stark or plain room that makes it feel more like home.

So it is a good thing that modern technology has developed a way for us to get wall tapestries for an affordable price.  They aren't hand woven, but they are the next best thing.

Fine Art Wall Tapestries

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A Friend in Need
Kiss Captured
Wheat Field with a Lark

Modern Textile Weaving Techniques

Individually dyed threads, inking techniques

Modern industry has given artists the ability to have their paintings, photographs, and other artistic designs printed on textile products.  Some of the wall tapestries are made of individually dyed threads that are then woven by a machine into the pattern of the art, others are printed by a machine in a way that saturates the inks into the fabric so that it is not just on the surface, but through and through.

Modern textile industry techniques are improving all the time, and the result is vibrant color on fabric wall tapestries that you can afford to buy.

Abstract Wall Tapestries

String Theory II

Wall Tapestry Art Styles

Styles run the gamut from abstract to colonial

I am a lover of abstract art, especially art with lots of color and design variations.  Abstract wall tapestries combine my love of abstract with the texture of a unique fabric presentation.  But you can buy wall tapestries in essentially any artistic style from realism and photography, to college banners, to country home design.

Anything you can buy in print or painted on paper, can be reproduced as a wall tapestry, and the richness of the tapestry is immediately recognizable due to the depth of the threads in the fabric.

Add Warmth to Office Decor with Wall Tapestries

Perfect for a doctor's office

If you run an office that is consistently dealing with people in pain, physical or emotional who come to you for help, a wall tapestry in your office and waiting room can help calm them down while you work with them.  Wall tapestries add a warmth of feeling to what would be a frightening or intimidating situation.

This would make a wonderful addition for a doctor's office, counselor's office, or educator's office.  With all the tapestry styles available, you can find one that is appropriate for your office decor.

Find Out More About Wall Tapestries

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To learn more about the sizes, styles, and dimensions of the modern wall tapestries that are available for home or office decor, click through any of the links for the sample tapestries on this page.  For more information on the history of tapestries, see this article Tapestry.

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Dianne on 05/30/2011

You have shown some gorgeous tapestries here. They are not what you usually think of when you think of tapestries.

SquidRich on 05/29/2011

Tapestries are a great idea and with so many different subjects, there's always one or two that will fit with your ideas or home decor.

Jimmie on 05/27/2011

Yes! Warmth, that's what these tapestries evoke. I really like the idea of fabrics on the wall.

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