Telescopes That Include digital Cameras

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Increase your fun when using a telescope by using a system that makes viewing so much easier, and allows an entire group to share the telescope.

Astronomy is a fascinating field, and there are plenty of objects one can view with a telescope. But, there are some things that are somewhat problematic with many telescopes. One way to solve these problems is by using a telescope that contains a digital camera, and can send images directly to a computer.

The problems this solves are:
• If there are several people using the one telescope there is no need to take turns;
• The images can be saved and recorded for future viewing; and,
• Is becomes easy for anyone to point things out to others.

The Way a Telescope and Camera Works

The image enters a digital camera that is mounted on the telescope.  The image is immediately available on a computer if the camera is connected to a USB port, and the proper software is in use on the computer.  The computer can actually show a larger image, as long as pixilation does not occur.  The observers view the computer screen and many people can view the same image at the same time.


Many Telescopes Are Available with Cameras

One can choose from a number of telescopes.  You can find an inexpensive telescope with a camera that is designed for beginners.  Or, you can find a more advanced model.  What is nice is both reflector and refractor telescopes are available.


In choosing a telescope always read the description, and know what you are planning to do with your telescope.  One description states that a certain telescope is fine for the moon and other solar system objects, but deep space viewing is not good.  Some planets and even some objects past the solar system might easily be viewed.  Close stars are often bright, but deep space views can have very little light reaching the Earth.  On the other hand, other telescopes are rated for deep space viewing.


It may be a tradeoff of what you want and what you can afford.

Why Do Some Telescopes Have Motors?

As the earth rotates on its axis stars appear to move, and often leave the field of view.  A motor, and knowing your latitude, allows the telescope to be set up in a way as to track a star, keeping it in the field of view.  This takes time when setting up, but does make for a more pleasant experience using the telescope.


Can I Buy a Camera for My Telescope?

Yes.  But first you will have to match the diameter of the camera to the diameter of the eyepiece.  And, you will have to make certain the camera is designed to connect to a telescope.  Buying a proper size camera designed to interface with the telescope is a good idea. Provided you make certain you have the proper means and software to work through your computer.

What Is the Difference in a Refractor Telescope Compared with a Reflector Telescope?

A refractor telescope uses a converging lens, also known as a convex lens.  This is how a magnifying glass works.  The lens can offer magnifying power for a smaller telescope, but light does spread out do to refraction while it is inside the lens.  Compound lenses can color correct to a degree. 


A reflector uses a curved mirror to magnify the image.  The color correction is not needed, but some other minor image distortions are possible.  This is the telescope of choice by major observatories.  It uses mirrors, at least one of which is curved to produce the magnification. 


Another advantage the reflector has is that light does not pass through a lens.  Some light is lost due to internal reflections when light passes through a lens as it does in a refractor.  Another problem that is resolved is some frequencies of light are absorbed in the lens of a refractor due to hydroxide from water that cannot be fully removed in the glass making process.  There is no absorption at the mirror of a reflector.  Of course, no matter how highly polished a mirror is, some loss of light is experienced by a reflector, but this should be negligible.

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Updated: 03/26/2017, blackspanielgallery
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