Ten Great English Words

by humagaia

Just an authors take on a few common, yet 'great' English words.

English is a wonderful language for conveying thoughts and concepts. It is said that the greater the quantity of words available in a language, the greater the possibility of conveying thoughts and describing things, situations and concepts such that others understand. This, though, assumes that both parties to the conversation have similar vocabularies.

This is my definition for ten English words, not the usual dictionary definition.

Oh! and I added one extra just for luck - you have eleven for the price of ten.

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Defining a word, as in a dictionary definition, is very impersonal, so I am not going to do it that way. I would like to attach some personality to the word I define. So here goes!



Why? - is the word you always come back to when you are mystified.

  • It is the never-ending story of an inquisitive child.
  • It is a vilification of cruel actions against others.
  • It is man's duty to find the answers.
  • It is the question of our very existence.
  • It, too, has no bounds that can constrain it.


If - Is a seductress, always giving you glimpses of what might be or what might have been.

  • It can be a travel rep., taking you down roads that you have previously never travelled.
  • It can be a councillor giving you advice about what you should have done or could do.
  • It can be a consultant letting you know what you already know.
  • It can be anything it wants, without restriction.
  • It can be all things, to all men.
  • It can be stretched, but it can only be shortened a little.
  • It is only small but it is the biggest word in the English language.


Think - is a doing word.

  • To truly do this you must delve into your soul, your very essence.
  • You must ask the questions, of yourself, that are the if's and why's.
  • It pops up when you least expect it, like a cat from under the settee of life.
  • You may think it is comfortable but it can be dark and surprising.
  • You have no real control over it.
  • But you cannot be prosecuted for it unless you verbalise it.
  • Letting it loose can be expensive.
  • Keeping it trapped is the road to madness.


Welcome - a word for your feet to be wiped on.

  • One that is stated but not always meant.
  • A deceptive word hiding behind a shroud of moral superiority.
  • Beware this word, all that see it. For it will draw you in to a world that may not be all that it seems.
  • Dark passages may not offer this, but passing through them will offer the chance of relief.


Laugh - apparently only we humans do this.

  • Is this because we are so ludicrous?
  • Or because we see through the mundane into the asylum of frivolity?
  • Without it we are sad, depressed, melancholic, depressed.
  • With it we are cheerful, enlivened, alive!
  • It is a friend with whom we can go on holiday to the Ballystupid Islands and stay there 'til our ribs hurt.
  • It is a fickle friend though, as it can disappear as quick as it arrived.


Include - I did not want to leave out this word. It needed to be here, it told me so!

  • We could do so much with this word.
  • It begs us to listen, but do we?
  • If we don't take notice, what is to happen to our world?
  • It has thought this through and decided it wants to stay.
  • Who are we to stop it?
  • Listen to it, for if we don't then fracture and breakage are the consequences


Communication - Us Gramps (Grandpa's & Grandma's) must learn from the young about this word - they know a lot about it.

  • Unfortunately, nobody understands how to use it to its utmost.
  • It can be a positive word if used correctly but it can be confusing if not.
  • It is an inclusive word for you cannot use it on it's own.
  • It can be manipulated, so beware!
  • And if it is silenced nothing can be done.
  • Express yourself with clarity and it will pay you back handsomely.


Embrace - is a singularly close encounter of a word and not of the Third Kind.

  • It can be a loving word but also one to wrestle with.
  • It can be deadly!
  • It shows us affection most of the time but it can be a false prophet.
  • You cannot see the eyes that are not looking at you so you cannot see into the soul of this word.
  • It can be a deceiver.
  • It has a number of functions not least of which is its ability to adopt your thoughts and aspirations.
  • We should all use it to come together as one World.


Progress - a dual-purpose word that infers movement forward but is used by mis-informers to get us to accept that which they advocate.

  • You must think carefully before you believe this word.
  • Our World is built on it, apparently.
  • It is the bedrock on which we placed our faith in ourselves.
  • It is the warning of what it might do.
  • It is impossible to rewind, ticking untrammelled to its conclusion.


Family - a faithful word that can sometimes be broken.

  • It is not constrained by heredity.
  • It has travelled to the far reaches of this World and sent a postcard of inclusion.
  • It found a post-box in the village of a long-lost relative.
  • We only know how important it is when it gets lost.
  • But it is never too late to find it again.
  • There should be no regrets with this word and it should be forgiven and allowed back into the fold when it returns.


And that is why I believe they are the greatest 10 words in the English Language.

  • But they are universal.
  • They do not need to be spelt in English.
  • They are concepts and causations.
  • They are imperious, standing tall on the back of others, proud with a beaming smile.
  • They must be included in our World view, our global village, so that the earthquake of humanity does not cause the tsunami of exclusionism to wash us away.
  • Accept them, use them, do what you will with them but, if nothing else, at the very least, spread them.

Reasons for Inclusion - Part 1

Don't worry, there is no Part 2.

So why did I choose these words and not others?

Well, it was really because they were the first words that came into my head that I thought I could play with and try to get a message thaumatically through the ether to you the reader. From my thought to your understanding in a sting of a scorpions tail.

Did it work?

Probably not.

I chose these words for the following reasons, actually.


Reasons for "If"

If ............ because I saw a film once called "If..." and it had a profound effect on my thinking life. If you get the chance, watch it.

  • This word gives me the chance to relive my life and wonder.
  • It gives me the chance to consider my actions and try to determine the outcome.
  • I have used it all my working life.
  • When used as a computer programmer, analyst and consultant then there is nothing else than a feedback loop.

Reasons for "Why?"

Why?........where would I have been? What would I have done, without this word?

  • My curiosity would have been abated.
  • I could not have lived without this word.
  • Whether it was used by me or another.
  • We have reason to believe, if we use this word.
  • And a reason to believe is the foundation for many.
  • Not I, I have a reason to know, and it helps there too.

Reasons for "Think"

Think ........I had to include this because there was that little niggle of an idea that you cannot quite verbalise, jumping up and down because it was being electrocuted by my brain waves, screaming at me to do so.

  • Where would we be without this word - the primordial ooze?
  • I was compelled to include it to get us out of that mess.
  • I hope we can get out of the one we are in now.

Reasons for "Welcome"

Welcome...I gladly received this word into my list.

  • It's reception gave me gladness. And I like gladness.
  • Although I am a grumpy old man, that is only in response to stupid, unthinking attitudes and actions.
  • I was wary of including it just in case the other words rebelled against it, but my fears were unjustified.

Reasons for "Laugh"

Laugh ........No second thoughts including this one.

  • It would have been laughable to leave it out.
  • So many ills can be cured with this little baby.
  • And it can be so inclusive, with the World following suit.
  • But then again I did have one reservation and that is to use it when misfortune occurs, although a knee-jerk reaction, which is shameful.

Reasons for "Include"

Include .......By it's very nature this one could not be excluded.

  • Let me sing it's praises.
  • No matter what your religion, politics, colour, creed, sex, age, health situation, sexuality or status you are welcome here.
  • Everyone should embrace this word.
  • No second thoughts on this one!

Reasons for "Communication"

Communication.... I have to get it across to you how important this word is.

  • To transfer you from point A to point B in the transportation of words into beings, is my goal in life.
  • Utilisation of words to give meaning and life to thoughts is our life force.
  • It distinguishes us from so much else.
  • We are what we are because of this word.
  • Unfortunately what we are is not necessarily what we should be.
  • Some blame can be apportioned to this word, but equal blame should be attached to "think".

Reasons for "Embrace"

Embrace .....Ooh, I like it!

  • And when I like something I want to keep it.
  • If I had not included this word I might have lost it.
  • It is a lovely, friendly word more often than not.
  • Even when it is not, it still feels good, but like the warmth of a fire that in a second can jump out and burn you.
  • Without it in the list there would be no "love".

Reasons for "Progress"

Progress ......there could be no continuation of life without this, counteracting the explosion of humanity.

  • And yet so much of it has had negative impact on geochemical cycles.
  • We must move from this state of affairs to one where consequences are evaluated before solutions are implemented.
  • That is the only way that this word can stay positive.

Reasons for "Family"

Family ............Where would man be without this word?

  • So it must be included if only for us to continue.
  • This word can be incorporated into the Gaia Hypothesis and we have the personification of the physical and chemical organism.
  • Groups of elements drawn together by the physics of matter, sharing information to achieve a state of equilibrium.
  • This word leads to and exemplifies those causations.

You've got to the end. Headache? Take a rest. Contemplate. It's not as bad as it seems. We have a choice.

What is your choice?

Let me know the 10 words you think should have been here, or just some replacements, if you prefer.

Just one more word for your delectation - Up

Sure you will enjoy this, am I. Noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, one word in the English language that can be, I never knew.

Read until the end... Laugh, you will.

More meanings than any other two-letter word, this two-letter word in English has, and that word is 'up.' listed in the dictionary as an [adv], it is, [prep], [adj], [n] or [v].

Easy to understand up, it is, of the list meaning toward the sky or at the top, but when we awaken in the morning, why we wake up, hmm?

At a meeting, up, why does a topic come, hmm? Why we speak up, and why are the officers up for election and why up to the secretary to write up a report is it, hmm?

Our friends we call up, brighten up a room, polish up the silver, warm up the leftovers and clean up the kitchen. We lock up the house and fix up the old car.

At other times, real special meaning, this little word has. People stir up trouble, for tickets line up, work up an appetite, and think up excuses.

To be dressed is one thing but to be dressed up special is.

And confusing, this up is: Opened up, a drain must be because it is stopped up.

We open up a store in the morning but we close it up at night. To be pretty mixed up about up, we seem!

To be knowledgeable about the proper uses of up, look up the word up in the dictionary. In a desk-sized dictionary, it takes up almost 1/4 of the page and to about thirty definitions can add up .

If up to it, you are, you might try building up a list of the many ways up used is. Take up much your time, will it, but if you give not up, with a hundred or more you may wind up.

When to rain it threatens, clouding up, we say it is. When the sun comes out, clearing up, we say it is. When it rains, it soaks up the earth. When it rains not for awhile, things dry up. Go on and on, one could, but wrap it up, I will, for now. . . Up, my time is!

Oh. . . One more thing: The first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night, what is, hmm?


Crack you up did that one , hmm?

Screw up, do not. To everyone you look up in your address book send this on. . . Or not. . . Up to you, it is.

Shut up, I now will!

Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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sheilamarie on 10/19/2017

Very funny! I enjoyed that.

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