Tennis Elbow Exercises

by Maya

Tennis elbow exercises deal with the underlying cause of tennis elbow. Learning how to do them at home effectively, and get rid of the symptoms.

I Used to Suffer With Excrutiating Tennis Elbow Pain

But tennis elbow exercises helped me deal with it!

A few years ago I started experiencing pain in the elbow area and even though I had several treatment session with painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and rest, the symptoms would always come back after a few weeks.

The fourth time I noticed the pain returning, I was so fed up with conventional treatments, that I started to find out as much as I could about this condition, to see if there was a way to cure the pain for good. My doctor had already informed me that the next step of treatment would be cortisone shots, and seeing that I wanted to avoid that for as long as possible, I started looking around to find other ways to deal with my tennis elbow.

As with all conventional treatments, the focus is mostly on symptoms. And while it might be great to have your symptoms almost instantly go away with the help of painkillers and other drugs, you will want to focus on what caused the symptoms in the first place.

Only if you understand what brings on these symptoms, will you be able to find the right and lasting solution.

In the case of tennis elbow pain, the symptoms are brought on by repetitive movement with your forearm. This is also why it is prevalent among tennis players, hence the name, but even people who have never set foot on the tennis court, can suffer with this condition.

Repetitive movement, continuously extending the wrist, is what brings on the pain, but how do we get rid of it?

Tennis Elbow Exercises Prepare Your Muscles

so they can easily deal with repetitive movements

Unless you are going to stop using your forearm, you will want to start strengthening the muscles and tendons that set off the pain. This can easily be done with the help of some easy to learn tennis elbow exercises, you can practice in the comfort of your own home.

By strengthening the muscles, you make them more capable to deal with the daily stresses, so that even the most repetitive movements will no longer affect you. Apart from the strengthening exercises, you will also have to do a few stretching exercises to regain full range of movement and keep the muscle tissue supple and healthy.

A good tennis elbow exercise treatment plan will give you a lay out of the most important exercises you should perform daily, untill your muscles are well prepared and fully capable to deal with the stresses you put on your forearm.

Apart from that, it will also show you some exercises that can offer instant pain relief, so that you no longer need to have to rely on pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Instead you now hold the solution to the cause, so that you can be elbow pain free. 


One Effective Tennis Elbow Exercise

Using the Thera Band

You Can Get the Theraband Here:

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Proper Physical Therapy Instead of Pain Medication

a solid way to get rid of tennis elbow pain

I have been asked in the past, whether I believe that these tennis elbow exercises are a miracle cure, and even though they have done wonders for me, I don´t consider them as such.

Basically, what they are intended to do, is to prepare your muscles for the stress at hand, in the same way as you would train your belly muscles, leg muscles or the muscles in your back.

In my eyes, learning how to properly perform these exercises, is just a sensible way to deal with pain caused by improper preparation of your body. It is a great tool, but you should always follow the instructions of your health-care giver first, especially when dealing with accute pain situations.

How To Relieve Tennis Elbow With Some Simple Exercises

Some Alternatives for Oral Pain Medication

As you will find out, there are many ways people deal with tennis elbow. While icing the elbow and resting it, will work in some cases, it is very common that you will have to go a step further.

Some healthcare professionals will go the conventional path and perscribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs or even give cortisone shots, while others will advice to use alternative methods.

Apart from the tennis elbow exercises that deal with the underlying cause of your condition, you can opt to use alternative methods. If you oppose to taking oral medicine, but still want something against the pain, you could try to use a topical painkiller or ultrasound treatments which will cease the pain as well.


Alternative Ways You Can Try to Deal With Tennis Elbow Pain

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Offering Temporary Support to Your Elbow and Forearm Muscles

There are always situations in life though, that resting just is not an option.

If that is your case and you can not give your forearm and elbow the rest it needs, you should at least make sure it is correctly supported during those repetitive movements that cause the pain.

Please note that even though wearing a support brace might seem like a great solution, it is highly likely that it will only be a short-term solution that enables you to carry on with your daily tasks. The use of braces and straps will not make the problem go away completely, simply because you are not improving your muscle structure by strengthening or stretching.

Tennis Elbow Straps, Bands and other Supports

BandIT Therapeutic Forearm Band

The BandIT arm band aids in the relief and prevention of pain associated with Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injuries and Cumulative ...

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Aircast Tennis Elbow Brace

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Body Glove 90167 Breathable Neoprene Elbow Sleeve with Compression Strap, Black, Small

Mueller HG80 Tennis/Golf Elbow Support

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