The 2 ultimate gourmet treats for children’s birthday parties

by Marylol

Whether you use these delights to hand out or choose to let the kids have a go at preparing them, these treats will be a guaranteed success. ;)

Children’s parties are a great opportunity to try out your gourmet baking skills. You want to make something tasty and fun but also stand out from the other mothers. Try something new and let the kids help you prepare their own treats. Your kitchen might become a mess but you will have a house or garden full of happy children that are proud of their home made treats. However you can also opt to prepare them yourself off course.

Gourmet cheesecake pops

These funky and trendy treats are great for children. Cheesecake pops look festive and are easy to hand out at any occasion. Because you can decorate the treats however you like, they are perfect for a children’s birthday party. This is especially true when the children want to help baking them.  Let them roll the cheesecake in to small balls and let them add the decorations. Make sure you bake the necessary gourmet cheesecake on beforehand so you are good to go from the start. Place the gourmet cheesecake in the middle of the table and hand out some spoons. Make as many round balls of the cheesecake as you like. Put them in to the freezer, covered in baking paper and leave them there for thirty minutes. Meanwhile you melt the white sugar and prepare a few plates with decorations. When the cheesecake pops are completely frozen you take them out and dip them in to the melted chocolate and decorations. When you have made the pops look lovely you place them on a baking tray and leave them in the fridge to cool down. The pops will be ready in about fifteen minutes after that.

Preparation time:

Ninety minutes including the entire preparation time.


675 gr. cream cheese

150 gr. sugar

75 ml. sour cream

3 tbsp. flower

1 tbsp. vanilla extract

¼ tbsp. salt

3 eggs

24 popsicle sticks

280 gr. white chocolate (for the coating)

500 gr. dark chocolate

100 gr. roasted coconut powder

Chocolate covered apples

A great festive alternative to the standard sweet treats. You could even try to call it a healthier alternative. Chocolate covered apples are easy to make. All you need is a few apples, chocolate, wooden sticks and a lot of cake decorations. Prepare a plate with decorations and set it aside. Slowly heat the chocolate up au bain-marie style. Penetrate the apples with the skewers and dip the apples in the chocolate. Wait until the chocolate stops dripping and roll the covered apple through the decorations. Leave the apples to cool down for twenty minutes on grease proof paper and enjoy.  

Preparation time:

Forty minutes including preparation, decoration and waiting.


Ten medium- sweet apples

Two pounds of plain dark chocolate

Fifteen wooden sticks (in case you break a few)

Cake decorations

Would your children like to bake for their own party?

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Updated: 07/06/2012, Marylol
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Tereza on 07/10/2012

Definitely gonna use this once I have children:)

JaneG on 06/15/2012

Those cheesecakes pops do look colorful. I am sure the kids will love them.

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