The 5 Steps for eCommerce Marketing Success

by RobertKeith

eCommerce is a booming industry, however most merchants don't know how to market their businesses effectively.

There is no denying that eCommerce is a booming industry. Over the last few years it has averaged 10% growth year on year in the USA. This has lead to a rapid influx on business owners looking to cash in on the eCommerce gold mine. Some have struck it lucky and have built successful businesses online, while others still struggle to get enough traffic to their website to turn a strong profit.

Regardless of whether you are booming or struggling online, the 5 advanced growth tips that you’re about to discover will help you out.


They are tips that I’ve learned by working with dozens of eCommerce merchants over the past 7 years, and they are proven to work today. They aren’t profound in the sense that you’ve never heard of these 5 methods before, but what is profound is the order that they are in.

You see, most merchants rush in and try to get sales from day 1. But the trouble with this is that you fail to build a strong foundation for your website. So instead these 5 steps will help you grow your sales in a steady approach to ensure long term success.

1. SEO comes first.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a the practise of helping websites rank in Google. I personally run a company that specialises in SEO on Sunshine Coast. It’s through helping clients in this business that I learned that eCommerce businesses should be starting with SEO first - not last.


Yes its true that SEO takes time to get traction, however it also builds a solid asset that you can profit from long term. You see if you start with PPC like many people do, you’ll find yourself burning your money before you know if your website converts or if your products are a the right price point.


So instead have some patience and get your SEO campaign under way.

eCommerce Growth Marketing
eCommerce Growth Marketing

2. CRO Comes Second

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is the practise of refining and split testing your website to convert better. The reason that this is the second step of your eCommerce growth is because it directly boosts your sales, making each visitor to your website more valuable for you. This long term leads to you being able to pay more to acquire visitors.


Using tools such as Optimizely and VWO can be helpful for you when it comes to split testing. And I highly recommend you check out ConversionXL for some great techniques and tops for your CRO campaign.

3. Remarketing comes third

Once you’ve got some solid traffic coming to your website and you know it converts its time to invest in remarketing. You most likely know remarketing as the ads that follow you around the internet like a puppy dog. However to those of us in the marketing world we know them as the highest ROI form of advertising you can do.


You see, everyone who sees your retargeting ads has already been to your website. They have already taken the time to find you and have shown interest in what you have to offer. Plus you have built authority with them by showing them in their first visit to your website that you know what you are doing.

4. Email Marketing comes fourth

Next its time to speed up your growth with email marketing. From the moment you launch your website you should be capturing emails with a pop up like those from optin monster. These pop ups convert well, and they can transfer your browsers into leads on your email list.


Then by using a email marketing platform you are able to directly contact them. I recommend emailing your list at least once a week to stay fresh in their mind and to also see great returns.

eCommerce SEO Tactics
eCommerce SEO Tactics

5. And PPC comes last

You’ve probably been wondering when I’d speak about Adwords and here it is - last. Adwords and PPC advertising is a great way to send your eCommerce sales into overdrive. When you get professional adwords management you’ll see your cost per conversion drop dramatically making it very profitable for you.


So why is PPC last not first like most others recommend? Simple. By saving your Adwords until last when you have a very profitable and high converting website & follow up marketing system in place, you can bid more than your competition because you know the value of a visitor to your site.


As a result you can maximise your traffic and scale your adwords spend consistently, providing you with rapid growth online.



As you can see, by following these 5 steps you’ll position your eCommerce business in such a way that within 12 months your sales will be dramatically up from where they are today. If you follow these steps and put in the hard work you can have the eCommerce business that you’ve always dreamed of - it just takes you to put in the work!

Updated: 03/04/2016, RobertKeith
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