The Benefits of Having Long Hair

by katiem2

Why you don't want to cut your long hair and if so why taking off just a few inches is best. The hot new trend in braiding hair is a great option for a fresh new look.

Could trading my long locks for a shorter hairdo change my life, make it new and improved? Long hair is beautiful and functional. There is so much you can do with long hair. You don't have to style it every day. You can wear it in a sophisticated up do or a sloppy bun. The up do is very trendy and an extremely versatile style. The options are endless.
However once you have short hair it must be washed and styled daily or face the dreaded bed head look . You can't put short hair up or braid it, your options are limited. Long hair is easier than short hair.

Long hair is great for braiding. Braiding is the hot new trend in hair styles and fashion.  You can watch endless videos on how to braid your own hair in many trendy braids.

This is a great how to manual for experienced hair stylist or the newbie learning to braid for the first time.

Learn to take the frustration out of braiding.

The Benefits of Long Hair

The benefits of long hair far out weigh the option to cut it off into a short style.
  • Less frequent shampooing is required as you can mist your hair in-between washing
  • Long hair is very feminine attracting a lot of attention and adoration.
  • Long hair is great for up dos and braiding, the hot new trend.
  • The variety of styling options allows you to switch up your look often.
  • Less frequent haircuts are required to maintain the shape and style of long hair
  • Long hair offers more styling options, up do’s, braids, roller sets, free styles and more.
  • Long hair is more suitable for formal occasions, up do's and braids are highly sought after formal styles.
  • long hair can be put in a ponytail bun or simply tied back to get it out of your face during active outdoor, sporting activities or routine work, such as house hold chores etc.

Note: I personally get so many compliments from strangers on the street telling me I have beautiful hair. There is just something about long hair.  Honestly it is an easier option than short hair.

Which is Better Long or Short Hair?

Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer, long hair or short hair on a woman?

Braiding Hair - The Hot New Trend

The braiding options are unlimited offering any woman or girl with long hair a variety of trendy hair styling options.

The new braiding trend is good news for those of us with long hair.  I especially love it. I have thick long curly hair that limits my styling options.  

Hair like mine, dry, thick and curly, is hard to wear any other way than the naturally curly look. It is really hard taking a lot of work to straighten and style curly hair. When you do it most always ends up looking frizzy in no time. It's just not worth all the effort.

BUT, the hot new braid trend is a huge relief to those of us tired of styling and primping over our hair for hours. Braiding really is not hard, relax and don't over complicate it. Anyone can do it, you just have to be taught. 


For those who enjoy coloring their own hair get the latest on coloring your own hair at home.

The Benefit of Braids

Braiding hair offers many benefits.

The Benefits of Braids

  • You can add a quick braid in an other wise messy head of hair making it look amazing.
  • The time commitment is minimal compared to straightening and setting hair.
  • Braiding is far more gentle on the hair and causes no damage as do hot irons, blow dryers and ceramic rollers.
  • The braided styles can last for days and or be altered just a bit day by day.
  • Braids are more functional, you can go from school to the gym, or work to a night out on the town. 
  • The possibilities with braids are limitless.
If you're burdened with the dry frizzy appearance of split ends worry no more. Learn the best way to treat and prevent split ends once and for all.

Taking Care of Long Hair

Taking care of long hair is important, there are a few simple rituals you can follow to keep your long lock beautiful and healthy.

Long hair often feels drab and lifeless once becoming heavy and overgrown. Long hair can detract from your appearance if not maintained regularly. 

How to Maintain Long Hair

  • Put hair up at night to prevent tangles. Simply turn head upside down, sweep all hair forward to the top of your head gathering it into a high ponytail. Using a big fabric ponytail band to put hair into a secure ponytail on the very top of your head near your bang line, yes that high!  It will relax and fall further back as you sleep.  
  • Pull hair through completely one time while stopping mid way down on the second time pulling the length of the hair half way through. Watch the video below for a visual. This maintains straightened or set hair making it easy to brush out the next morning for a quick and easy style. 
  • Adding layers to long hair is a great way to add body volume and frame the face in a more complementary way. Visiting your hairdresser every 6 to 8 weeks helps maintain body and shine. This giving your hair an attractive appearance. Tell your hair dresser you want a parallel drag, this method of adding layers maintains as much length as possible making certain you can still braid your hair and enjoy the many up dos.
  • Give your hair a oil treatment every month or as needed. For dry hair add oil as needed as often as needed. See my Avoid Split Ends article for more details. 


Washing Long Hair

It's vital to brush hair carefully and gently before washing.

How to Wash Long Hair

  • Once you've gently combed all the tangles out it's easiest to wash long hair in the shower while standing up.
  • Stand facing away from the shower allowing the tepid water to run along the front and back of hair, do so by tilting head back slightly.
  • Allow hair to be completely saturated with water, wet through and through.
  • Maintaining this position, never piling hair up on top of head,  pour a small amount of shampoo into hand, rub it around till it is evenly distributed all over both hands.  Run hands over the wet hair concentrating mainly in and around the band and face area slowly moving backwards to the crowns of the hair.
  • Once you've applied the shampoo to this area only gently work it in by massaging your scalp with your fingers tips.  
  • After you've worked it into this area well, tilt head back into the water again to loosen up the lather allowing it to run down the back and length of your hair. 
  • Pull head back from water gently work the shampoo in with gently squeezing movement, never ruffing up the hair.  You want to maintain the downward sweeping motion to avoid damage and tangles. 
  • Finally rinse well till all the shampoo has been rinsed away.
  • Apply a good conditioner and leave on hair while you take a shower and follow all your remaining beauty and hygiene routine.
  • Leaving the conditioner on as long as possible.  You may need to wrap your hair up into a sort of a bun fashion and clip with a large hairdressers type clip to hold hair on top of your hair so you may continue your shower without rinsing the conditioner out.
  • When you've completed your shower let hair down and rinse with cool to lipid water. Don't over rinse stripping your hair of the conditioning benefits. 
  • Wrap hair in a towel or hair wrap allowing all the excess water to be absorbed gently. 
  • Air drying your long hair as much and as long as possible is best for the health and maintenance of long hair.

Note: Enjoy the videos below for tips and tricks on braiding and caring for long hair. 

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The Butterfly Hair Clip

This is the clip you want to use in the shower or any other time you need to hold all of your hair or some of your hair up and out of the way.

The Most Popular Shampoo for Long Hair

Use a good shampoo on your long hair after all it is going to be around for a long time.

Which is Better Short or Long Hair

Do you feel long hair or short hair is better and for what reason?
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YES, long hair is better for this reason...
DerdriuMarriner on 08/21/2018

because there are inexpensive, quick stylings like braids, bun, loose and ponytail and less trim time.

Tina on 12/12/2012

I think long hair is a beautiful option no one should pass up. Your right long hair feels good. I think it's easier to take care of long hair. There is much less styling time.

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

I like it both ways, Michelle has amazing hair and can look great both ways, but longer hair does give more benefits and options... but short hair is also great...

Pinkchic18 on 09/17/2012

You can do so much more with long hair :)

BardofEly on 09/16/2012

Long hair is better because it looks more natural

Updated: 05/14/2013, katiem2
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The Benefits of Having Long Hair Chat

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katiem2 on 10/04/2012

Jerrico, Michelle has such beautiful long hair. I know, being a woman with long hair myself, she will appreciate the ideas and validation as to what looks good and is acceptable in fashion. :)

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

Another great article. Beautifully constructed too! I'll have to show Michelle this one!

katiem2 on 09/17/2012

Pink, True we often take what we have for granted and yet you are right you cannot put short hair up and out of the way. Short hair often tends to get in your face and eyes with no remedy as it is not long enough to put up or back and out of the way.

Pinkchic18 on 09/17/2012

I have long hair and sometimes it drives me crazy, but I don't know what i would do with short hair. I think i would get a little frustrated I couldn't do a pony tail or anything like that.

katiem2 on 09/16/2012

BardofEly, I agree, and as you mentioned it is very easy to trim and maintain your own hair once it is long. I do it all the time. I simply brush it out well and snip the ends as it is simple to see the ends and cut them evenly all over my head. This way I don't get more cut off than I want and I save a ton of money. :)

BardofEly on 09/16/2012

I have had long hair since I was around the age of 10 and mostly trim it and style it myself. I got into trouble in high school for having long hair but mostly kept it even though I got sent home. Personally I think men and women look much better with long hair.

katiem2 on 09/13/2012

samsara, I agree it is too easy to pull it up and into a ponytail or clip. I love my long hair. It's getting very long these days. I've just let it grow this year. I did get a fine short bang cut last week, I love it.

katiem2 on 09/13/2012

katemcbride, Thank you. This is the best time of year to grow your hair out. Keep in touch and message me if you need inspiration. :)K

katemcbride on 09/13/2012

You have convinced me-I am going to grow my hair again as it is short at the minute.There is so much information in this article it is a great read.Thanks for sharing it.:-)

katiem2 on 09/06/2012

cherylone, Thanks for the thought good food for thought. :)K

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