The Best Chest Workout

by ered222

A great chest workout program that builds muscle and increases endurance.

Building chest muscles for most people can seem a little hard at first. No matter how many sets of bench press they do, they seem to never gain any muscle in their chest. This may be because of their workout.

For every guy that lifts weights, building their chest muscles is their main concern.  They are so concerned about their chests muscles because whatever they do, they can’t seem to build any muscle in the chest.  They may get a little definition, but their overall chest isn’t fully muscular. 

This is because many people don’t know how to workout their chest properly.  Many of them think that doing three sets of bench press is all their chest needs in order to get a good looking chest, but this is not the case at all.

Bench Press
Bench Press

In order to get a strong chest and build muscle on it, you have to do exercises that targets every area of your chest.  This includes your upper, lower, and middle chest muscles.  If you can fully workout all of these muscles you will get great results and you will be able to bench press more as a result.

The Best Chest Workout That Gives Great results

This is a workout that I personally used before and saw my chest develop pretty rapidly, with proper resting periods in between workouts.  If you have a workout bench, a barbell, some free weights, and dumbbells then that’s all you’ll need to get started.

Chest Muscle
Chest Muscle

Regular Bench Press

I think anyone who lifts weight has benched press at least once in their lifetime.  But it is a bit more advanced for this workout.  This exercise may be a little bit different than your used to because I suggest you do slower reps. 

What I mean by slower reps is every time you go down with the barbell, you will want to count 5 seconds and as you bring the barbell up, you will also count for 5 seconds.  The reason why I suggest you do this is because you will get better results and it will increase your endurance as you do your other exercises in your workout. 

You are going to do three sets of regular bench press with about a minute in between every set.  This will work your middle chest muscles and a little of your biceps.

Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

In this exercise you start by putting an angle on your bench at 45-degrees.  You will then get some dumbbells and perform a bench press with the dumbbells.  To determine the right weight for you test out a couple of dumbbells.  If you can do six to ten repetitions, that is the perfect weight.  Anything below or higher than those reps, then adjust the weight of your dumbbells.  

It may seem a little awkward if you have never down this exercise before, but with practice you can get it right.  Make sure that your arms aren’t bent and you are pushing the dumbbells to the ceiling. 

This is the best exercise for your upper chest muscles.  You will also want to do this for three sets, with a minute rest in between the sets.

Incline Bench Press

Decline Bench Press

The decline bench press is when you perform a bench press like you normally would, only that, the bench is at a declined angle.  This will workout your lower chest muscles, which is a weak area in many male weight lifters.  This will make your overall chest look bigger and make it “pop”.  Do this exercise for three sets.

Once you get the handle on the decline bench press then I suggest you try fly’s.  Fly’s work not only your lower chest muscles, but they also workout your mid chest muscles.

Decline Bench Press and FLy's

Updated: 03/28/2012, ered222
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