The best electric leaf blower vac your money will buy

by teddletonmr

A good electric leaf blower vac is a must have lawn clean up tool for several reasons.

Many folks have this notion that an electric leaf blower vac is some underpowered, cheaply made, huge waste of money that isn’t worth bringing home. Regrettably this is far too often the case, several manufactures focus primarily on price, there by offering cheaply made bargain priced units that are heavy, hard to use and do not do what we need.
Thankfully, there is the Toro Ultra 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and leaf shredder that really works well. Follow along as we discuss what makes the Toro the best electric blower vac your money will buy.

Toro 3-in-1 electric blower vac features

Powerful, variable air speed, and air volume (CFM) provides plenty of cleaning versatility,

When we find ourselves shopping for a new leaf blower, we need a good reliable way to compare one model, or type blower to everything else out there. After all, once we get past the looks of something we want to know how and if the thing will work for us, right. With that in mind, to make sense of how powerful a blower / vacuum truly is. That means we should talk about where a blower vac gets it's power and what the numbers mean,.

$119.99  $88.17

Toro electric blower The thing we need to take a moment too understand, what makes one blower vac work better than another is how much air a blower vac actually moves. The thing we are looking for here is proper balance of air speed measured in MPH (miles per hour) in the U.S. and air volume measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) respectively.

After all, all a leaf blower really dose, is blow enough air to move leaves and other debris, and all a lawn vacuum dose is suck enough air to pick-up dry leaves, bits of paper, small twigs and the like. With that said, the Toro Ultimate 3-in-1 blower vacuum and leaf shrewder provides air speeds up to 235 MPH, and airflow of up to 390 CFM.  Making the Toro electric blower vac the best selling electric blower vac leaf shredder sold at

Toro electric leaf vacuum Making the Toro blower vac an extremely versatile lawn and garden tool: pick-up leaves blow off the driveway patio wood deck and sidewalks or vacuum leaves out of landscape beds and your azaleas or help clean gutters and down spouts all with this well made, reasonably priced electric lawn blower vac.

Simply change from using the leaf blowing nozzle, too the concentrator nozzle and blow debris from cracks in the sidewalk, between wood deck and fence, no tools required


Toro ultra 3-in-1 package

3 top quality lawn care tools in one lightweight, powerful easy to set-up and use package


This Toro ultra-blower vac leaf shredder package contains 3 high quality lawn care tools that will satisfy the needs and wants of any self-respecting homeowner. That enjoys working in and showing off their beautiful lawn and gardens.

Powered by a variable speed 12amp electric motor, selecting the proper air speed for a particular task simple, for instance start using the low motor speed of 112 mph and concentrator nozzle. Adjusting the power viva the variable speed motor makes this electric blower easy to use for all sorts of cleaning jobs.

At the lowest speed, ranging all the way up to the maximum 235 mph. Suitable for the best results when blowing dust and debris off garden benches, lawn furniture, cleaning tight spaces on the patio, driveway, and potting bench / workbench in the garden shed and garage.


Blow leaves, vac and mulch

When the lawn clean up task is picking up and mulching leaves. Demanding maximum power, worry not the Toro electric blower vac is up to the task. Using the high-speed setting of 235 mph and leaf blowing nozzle you will find, blowing leaves into windrows, or piles kids of all ages love to play in, easy. Equally so, converting from the variable speed blower function, to the hand-held electric leaf vacuum / leaf shredder function, extremely easy, best of all no tools required.


Save money and help environment

Toro blower vac metal impeller When the kids are finished playing, and the time comes to pick up, and shred leaves. The Toro has a durable metal impeller especially designed to vacuum and mulch leaves, and small twigs without fail. Using the mulched leaves as landscape mulch, food for the com-posters in the compost bin, or simply take up less space in the trash is good for the environment and save money.

Let me leave you with this recommendation, when your needs require buying an electric leaf blower vac. The Toro ultra 3-in-1 electric blower vac is by far the best electric leaf blower vac your money will buy.

Go ahead and click on the view on amazon link I have provided you in this article. Buy one for yourself, as a gift for someone you care about, or better yet how about both. You will be glad you did, after all like-minded folks like you and me all enjoy working in the lawn and garden when we have the proper tools.

Thanks for stopping by, check out and join in the chat. Best wishes and happy gardening, teddletonmr  


Buy your Toro Ultra electric blower vac here!

See for yourself why you should buy the Toro Ultra electric blower vacuum

Updated: 09/11/2013, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 09/13/2013

ologsinquito, yes the Toro electric blower vac well built, and will absolutely last the homeowner with the passion for working in the yard and garden. Many trouble free years of picking up leaves, and other such lawn care tasks. All at a good price, no expensive fuel to buy, and none of that smelly exhaust fumes and noise from a gas motor.

WriterArtist, The Toro electric blower vac works well in large and small yards equally well. On low speed, the electric blower makes sweeping and dusting out the garage quick and easy as well. Blowing out the dryer vent, sweeping the front stoop, wood deck, and as an added bonus, blow drying the car after a wash.:)

WriterArtist on 09/13/2013

The electric leaf blower definitely looks powerful and useful especially if you have a big lawn to clean.

ologsinquito on 09/11/2013

This looks sturdy and the price is right. Just in time for fall.

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