The Best Laser Tape Measure That You Can Buy And Why You Need One

by ered222

Learn what you can do with a laser tape measure and why they make your life easier. Learn where you can buy some of the best and what to look for when buying one.

Using a laser to make measurements sounds futuristic and can only be found watching a sci-fi movie. But in this day and age using a laser to measure things like distance, area, and volume is very practical.

And using a laser for measuring is more accurate than using a regular tape measure. The reason is because a regular tape measure usually warps over time, giving you inaccurate measurements. But with a laser tape measure it is accurate the first time you use it and will still be accurate from ten years from now.

If the batteries in the device are good then you will get an accurate measurement every time you use it.

The most common application when using a laser tape measure is installing trim, like crown molding.  Installing crown molding involves you to make tedious measurements that take a while before you can start cutting the trim for a room. 

But if you use a laser, the process involves you to only push a couple of buttons and then let the device work for you, taking all the measure you will need.  Most lasers take the measures in four seconds or less, which is a lot faster if you were to take those measurements manually. 

Using a laser to take measurements is so precise that the accuracy in most of them is within 1/16 of an inch, up to 130 feet.  Some of them even have a greater distance than that.  If you were to use a regular tape measure you probably will be a lot more off of 1/16, believe me, from my own experience. 

To get anywhere near that you would have to double check every measure you take, just to make sure, and even then you would probably be 1/8 of an inch off.

The Best Laser Tape Measure That You Can Buy

When looking to buy one of these devices you have to look at the company that manufactures them and also look at which one is the easiest to use.  Some of these lasers are sometimes hard to understand how to use because the device has too many buttons and you will get confused. 

So its important to buy a laser that has straight forward instructions on how to use it so you can get measuring as soon as possible.  With that in mind let’s look at some of the best lasers with that criteria.

Bosch Digital Distance Measurer Kit

With 4.6 stars out of five this is one of the best lasers you can buy.  Bosch is known for it’s incredible tools that will last you for years.  This laser has very straightforward instructions with a limited amount of buttons, so it wont be hard to understand how to use it. 

It comes with a laser on two sides of the device, so you can measure at both ends at the same time, which is a feature that comes in handy.  It even comes with the batteries that you need to power the device you don’t need to buy anything else. 

The thing that I like best about this device is that it has a continuous measuring feature.  Which means as you move the device, you don’t have to put in any information as you reposition the device; the laser will automatically adjust as you move it.  And probably the best thing is that it’s so small that you can fit it into your pocket.

DeWalt Laser Distance Measurer

This device is a little more money than the Bosch laser, but it is much more easier to use.  One feature that this device has is a back lit, which makes it much easier to see the digital read out, making it especially easier to see in dim lit rooms. 

This device also has a continuous measure feature.  The only problem I have with this device is that it isn’t as accurate has the Bosch laser.  The accuracy is 1/8 of an inch and can only measure up to 100 feet.  But other than that this device is great, providing a simple way to take measurements.  This device only needs two triple A batteries, which is included if you buy it from 

DeWalt is a trusted company that has been around for a while, that has never let me down.

Updated: 09/20/2012, ered222
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Rose on 01/20/2014

Sounds a lot more accurate than the tape measure method.

ered222 on 02/25/2013

I would go with the Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit.

Mike on 02/16/2013

So if money was not a factor which one would you go for?

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