The Best Olympic Souvenirs

by whitemoss

London 2012 is now a memory, but many of us will want to remember this amazing experience. You can still buy souvenirs of this wonderful event.

The London Olympics 2012 are now a memory. Did you enjoy the London Olympics? I loved every moment.
We Brits were very proud of London 2012. There were many who preditced chaos, but in the event everything was superbly organised, the competitors enjoyed the experience, and how even the weather smiled on London 2012 Olympics.
Many people said London 2012 were the best Olympics and Paralympics ever. You can still buy souvenirs to remind you of London 2012. Here is my pick.

Find the best souvenirs from London 2012 Olympics.

The classiest Olympic 2012 Souvenirs.


If you're looking at buying some London 2012 Olympic souvenirs to remember this great event, but I don't want a load of junk,  I've taken the trouble to look out the best souvenirs I can find.With the wonderful London 2012 Olympic games now a happy memory, a London 2012 souvenir would make a great  gift for a big sports fan.

I've chosen cute little toys that remind us of London. Use them as toys, or keep them in case they become iconic collectibles.I like  the official mug ( it's smart). There are also games for your console- games about the Games that is!

You might want to visit the London 2012 Official Auction site to see what memorabilia you can pick up.

How about buying a classy enamel pin? There is a huge range to choose from- I've picked my favorites.

I'm also fascinated to see that you can buy games for your games console, featuring the London 2012 Olympic games. It seems a little strange that there are lots of people sitting indoors at their computers, thinking they are taking part in  the Olympics . Maybe it's no bad thing if they actually do get out and play an active part in sports as well. The London 2012 Olympics are all about getting the right balance!

London 2012 was a great event, so why not  get your Olympic souvenirs to remind you in years to come. Celebrate London 2012 Olympics with me!

Did you watch the London 2012 Olympic ceremonies?

I loved this- take a look to remind you of these great events.

Here's the perfect gift for sports fans- the London 2012 Olympics captured for you for ever.

I'd pick the BBC DVD- the official broadcaster was outstanding and this DVD is a treasure trove of memories.
London 2012 Olympic Games BBC [Blu-ray]
Games of the XXX Olympiad (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) ...
London 2012 Olympic Games [DVD] (Region 2)

Find all the sporting information from the London 2012 Olympic Games

The BBS is your place to go to for all the news and information. It has a great Olympic Games archive.

The BBC's Official London 2012 Olympic webpages
Te full record of London 2012 can still be found on the BBC website

The Official 2012 Olympic Website

London 2012 at your fingertips.

Find out everything about London 2012 right here
The official London 2012 website.This is still the heart of the London 2012 Olympic Games legacy. Take a look at all the official site has to offer.

See what Olympic Items you can find on ebay.

Beautiful Little toys for your Olympic 2012 Souvenirs

These are my favorite Olympic souvenirs. I love these little models of iconic British designs. Here we have the famous red London Bus, the fabulous Concord plane ( now sadly no longer in use) and the Mini car, that icon of the Swinging Sixties, now reborn and in fashion again. These could simply be used as toys, or maybe a present for a child to keep as a souvenir. I'll be putting them on my shelves. They are fun, not expensive to buy, classy souvenirs.

All these models are decked out in the London 2012 colors.

These can be used as toys, or they might become a collectible in time.Perfect!

Iconic British designs in Olympic Colors. Great Olympic Souvenirs.

The London Bus, the Mini, and Concord. Three great models in their Olympic colors
Corgi London 2012 Olympics Great Brit...
Only $26.01
Corgi London 2012 Olympics Great Brit...Corgi TY82280 London 2012 Great Briti...
$24.98  $14.98

This is for those of you who love their console games

Olympic 2012 games to play at home

Is this the first Olympic games with their own home computer games? They look great! I know a few of my relatives who would love these Olympic Games games!

Two great Olympic 2012 games for you to play. One old favorite, and one specially licensed for the Games.
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olym...
$66.98  $57.89
London 2012
$14.0  $67.95

Here is my own, personal, unique Olympic 2012 souvenir

The Olympic torch comes past my home on an open air bus.
The Olympic Torch passing White Moss House, Grasmere, Cumbria, England
The Olympic Torch passing White Moss ...

Which Olympic pin will you pick?

There are some quirky , jokey pins here that would make great souvenirs

You might like the USA dual flag pin. Maybe the London phone box pin appeals? Phone boxes are now hardly used since cell phones took over, but they look great.

I like the events pins. I've given you some great choices here.

I like my souvenirs discreet and classy

An Olympic 2012 pin is "just the ticket" as we say in London. These are really cute
Olympics London 2012 Olympics Mascot ...London 2012 Team USA Olympic Team Dua...
Only $6.95
London 2012 Team USA Phone Booth Pin

You'll be spot for choice of great London 2012 Olympic souvenirs

I live in the UK, where we're really proud that London is hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. We're hoping that everything will run smoothly, and that it will be a great games, remembered for all the right reasons.

Take a look right here to see even more fun and quirky London 2012 Olympic souvenirs.

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I really enjoyed the London 2012 Oylmpic Games. How about you?

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DerdriuMarriner on 05/16/2017

WhiteMoss, Events in the United Kingdom tend to impress me with the crowd-pleasing thoroughness of their organization. Just from media coverage, I'd rate the London 2012 Games as among the all-time top.
Me too, I agree in the appeal of the souvenirs as collectibles, mementos and toys. Are there any Bobby-themed souvenirs? The British police always play such a role in the calm order and safe conduct of successful public events.

Tolovaj on 06/16/2012

Some very nice Olympic souvenirs here. Such cute little things can help us to organize all, not only sports related memories and certainly add some charm to our homes. Thanks for the selection. We really couldn't think of London without red double decker or phone box, right?

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